Kief Weed Meaning

Introduction Kief (also called Keef) is a name used to describe sticky, powdery crystals found on cannabis flower. These crystals contain a higher level of cannabinoid and are sifted from the marijuana bud or flower through a sieve or mesh screen. The crystals are then collected as lightly colored powder with high cannabinoid concentration, used … Read more

How To Make Bong Hits Less Harsh

Introduction Smoking cannabis with a bong is popular because of its hits that are known to be more relaxed. However, even that is the case, many people complain that the hits they get from the bong can be harsh. Furthermore, how can any smoke experience be enjoyable if you cough because of the smoke irritating … Read more

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Introduction Are you a pot smoker thinking about applying for a new job and worrying about the potential employer taking drug tests? The first thing is first. Cannabis is legal in many jurisdictions, as many places offer medical marijuana for those who suffer from various ailments. Therefore, you do not have to worry when your … Read more

How Do You Make A Bong Out Of Household Items?

Introduction Did you recently break your bong by accident? Those glass ones do crack quickly, which is the risk you take with them even though they are so popular. Perhaps the new silicone bong you got is not working correctly, so that means you have no bong, which is a problem! Or is it? Well, … Read more

How Do You Fill A Bong With A Percolator?

Introduction Are you tired of using your friend’s bong each time you want to enjoy the goodness of what weed can deliver? And does that mean you have every intention of getting one just for you? If so, you will want to read up because there are different types of choices of bongs. Some are … Read more

How To Clean A Grinder

Introduction A grinder is one of the essential tools that any weed smoker has, but it is a known fact that grinders become caked with debris and residue. It develops plenty of grime and can be a place for mold and mildew to thrive. That will likely happen if you don’t maintain it well, and … Read more

How Do You Use A Bong?

Introduction If you want to try smoking a bong and have never had the opportunity to do so, then you are in for a treat because you are going to love it. The first time you smoke a bong, it may seem somewhat confusing. However, the more you do it, the easier it becomes – … Read more

How Do You Clean A Grinder And Save Kief?

Introduction If you have been using an herb grinder for several weeks to at least a month, you will realize when to clean. However, even though it is straightforward to know when your grinder needs cleaning, you want to ensure that you scrub it well the best way you can. You do not want to … Read more

White Weed Strains

Introduction It is known as a hybrid marijuana strain, said to have been grown somewhere in Florida. Although this wasn’t the initial name it was known by, it was known as the triangle, and we understand that this name is because of the high that it gives. The high offers many loved sensations. Usually, this … Read more

How to Order THC Edibles online

How to purchase THC Edibles online There are two other types of purveyors you’ll come across on a search — dealers of non-specific cannabis edibles which don’t list a lot of info, both to trick law enforcement or their customers and black-market sites. Apart from an unforeseen product, ordering unlawful cannabis edibles via the mail … Read more