6 Best COB LED Grow Lights in 2024

Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light


AGLEX COB 2000 Watt LED Grow Light

LED grow lights have gained significant popularity among indoor cannabis cultivators, owing to their effectiveness in providing essential light and energy for plant growth and food production. However, the traditional LED lights’ large size often poses a challenge in smaller spaces and grow tents. Addressing this issue, a more compact yet equally efficient variety of LED grow light, known as COB LED grow light, has been developed.

So, what exactly are COB LED grow lights? “COB” stands for Chip-on-Board, a technological approach in LED design. In this method, numerous small LED chips are densely packed and mounted on a substrate to create a unified module. These chips are interconnected, forming a singular, potent light source, typically placed on a copper or ceramic board. This arrangement makes the chips appear as one cohesive lighting panel rather than individual lights. COB lights, distinguished by their compactness and higher intensity, offer several advantages over traditional LED grow lights, which will be explored in more detail in this article.

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Difference between COB LED and SMD LED Grow Lights

SMD grow lights represent Surface Mounted Diodes, and it explains how a standard LED grow light is built. It is a single patch LED lamp with one light-emitting diode. This type of LEDs is arranged on an aluminium substrate and covered in epoxy resin. On the other hand, COB are multiple tiny chips wired and packaged to form a single module, making them function as a single light source. Both LED grow lights are quite similar in terms of lifespan, efficiency and light spectrum.

The significant difference between the two is how they are built and designed. Another difference between these lights is that COB has a much stronger light intensity than SMD because it is built with more LED chips than the regular LED grow light. Also, the compact size of COB light also makes it different from SMD LED grow lights which are much bigger and bulkier. COB lights also produce denser and more focused light beams because multiple LED chips are packed together in a single area, with the help of a reflector. COB LED grow lights are also known to produce less heat than the SMD LED grow lights.

Advantages of COB LED Grow Lights

    • High Lumen Density

: COB is made up of many tiny LED chips which causes them to have a high light density. The intensity of the light is strengthened, and they require much less space to produce more light.

    • Incredible Light Spectrum

: Most COBs have a warm white and cool white color which are very important for plant growth. They are also available in other colors providing an excellent spectrum for your plants.

    • Deep Penetration

: COBs are more powerful and penetrate deeper than a single diode because all the diodes appear as one large LED chip. They penetrate your plants beneath the canopy, enhancing their growth and providing every part of your plants with enough light.

    • Focused Light

: The light energy produced by COBs is more focused than other types of grow light. The LED light chips are condensed into a smaller space because of the reflectors, which supports them. This is why the light produced is focused and very dense. The reflectors support the LED chips and boost the light spectrum, making it stronger and ideal for your plants.

    • Compact Size

: COBs are much smaller than SBD LED grow lights and other types of grow light. They require less space and are of high quality.

    • Less Heat

: COBs produce way less heat energy because they are built with fewer components, and the thermal sink is directed towards the circuit board, enhancing its cooling effect.

Disadvantages of COB LED Grow Lights

As great as COB LED lights are, they also have a few shortcomings. These disadvantages don’t lower their efficiency; it simply gives other LED lights an upper hand.

One of the disadvantages of COB LED lights is the lack of versatility. While other LED grow lights give you the option of green, red and blue lights; COBs can hold only one light which is most commonly a warm or cool white light. If you are more interested in other wavelengths of color, this type of light may not be the best for you.

The other setback is that if one of the LED chips fail, it’ll significantly affect the entire lighting system. Unlike SMD lights that are barely noticeable if one fails; the failure of one LED light chip in COB LED lights can cause a loss of a large portion of light.

What to Look Out For in a COB LED Grow Light

Quality of Material: This is an essential feature to consider the quality of material used to build the COB light. You have to get your money’s worth when shopping for this light. The quality of the material determines its durability and how long it may last. COB LED lights are supposed to be used for a very long time, you don’t want to purchase one that breaks or damages after using for a short time. Ensure you check the materials used in manufacturing the product before going ahead to purchase it.

Energy Consumption: LED lights, including COB LEDs, require electricity to power them, which is why the amount of energy it consumes is something to factor in. An average grower use LED lights for about 10 hours a day, this makes it essential to get the light that consumes low energy, so you don’t have to worry about increased electricity bills.

Type of Plant and Grow Room Size: Before you buy a COB grow light, you have to consider the strain of cannabis you’re planting and the area it is grown. You should factor in the requirements of each type of plant and the grow room being used, so you don’t end up at a loss. LED lights can generally be used for all kinds of plants, but various plants have different requirements which need to be considered.

Emission of Heat: COB LED lights to produce less heat than other LED grow lights but nonetheless, they still produce some amount of heat. Some low-quality COB LED grow lights may emit a huge amount of heat that overwhelms your plants. This still balls down to the quality of light you purchase. Ensure that the heat being produced by the grow light is suitable and not harmful to your plants, so it doesn’t negatively affect your plants.

Ease of Use: The LED grow light you choose to purchase must be very easy to use, install and adjust. The light intensity must be easy to regulate to suit the type of cannabis and stage of growth your plants are. Plants require a different level of light exposure at various stages of their growth. Whichever COB LED grow light you choose to buy must be smooth and convenient to adjust and regulate to meet the needs of your plants.

Why Purchase COB LED Grow Lights?

Higher Light Intensity: Light intensity is one of the main factors that affect the growth of your plants. Your plants need enough light to produce food and germinate, the higher the light intensity, the faster they grow. COB LED light has a very high light intensity which is much higher than SMD LED grow light. For your plants to grow fast and produce more yield, you should opt for this light.

Elongated Lifespan: COB grow lights last about 30,000 to 60,000 hours. This means that you can use this grow light for a very long time.

Size: If you are keen on having enough space in your grow room for your plants to grow, the COB LED light is the best for you. It is very compact, light and doesn’t take as much space as other grow lights. This is definitely a reason to purchase this type of grow light.

We believe you have decided to purchase COB LED grow lights to facilitate the growth of your plants. To make your search for the best more effortless, we have put together a guide containing ten of the best COB LED grow lights available on the market.

The 6 Best COB LED Grow Lights Are Reviewed Below

The six best COB LED grow lights have been listed below; their key features and specification has been included.


Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light

The Phlizon CREE COB grow light is a top-quality grow light known for its high power and maximum stability. The grow light produces higher brightness, less light attenuation and smaller thermal resistance. It is built with durable and high quality material that makes it last longer. It has a full spectrum of light with high PPFD value which helps to facilitate faster and more successful plant growth. The grow light has a very high PPFD of about 941 umol/ m²/s. PPFD stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density; it’s a measure of PAR amount that reaches your plants. A high PPFD helps your plants grow better and faster. This particular COB LED light is more efficient and much brighter than other traditional LED grow lights.

The Phlizon CREE COB LED grow light is a full spectrum light that is combined with design bead. The additional light beads come in various bands to ensure lamp produces the full scientific spectrum. It features 4pcs of COB, UV, IR, 3000K and 6pcs 6500K. It uses up about 400watt of power which helps you save energy. The grow light is best hung at the height of 24 inches.

It has a max. coverage area of 4.1×4.1ft and a core coverage area of 3.9×3.9ft. It is designed to be more efficient than HPS, HID and MH. The company offers 2 years warranty and 30 days cash back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Core Coverage 3.9×3.9ft
  • Maximum Coverage 4.1×4.1ft
  • Additional light beads
  • 400watt power
  • PPFD output of 941 umol/ m²/s
  • Full spectrum


  • Brand: Phlizon
  • Model: Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 3.15 x 21.26 inches
  • Weight: 15.51 pounds
  • Material: UV protection and fire-proof PC Cover + metal frame
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Wattage: 400w
  • Lifespan: ≥ 50,000hours
  • Has a large coverage area
  • Light is very bright and powerful
  • Has a full light spectrum to facilitate plant growth
  • 2 years warranty with 30 days cash back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight



In the COB LED light market, the CANAGROW brand is one of the top brands. The CANAGROW 400W CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light is an expensive, high quality grow light built with durable materials that give it a long life. It produces a broad spectrum with a wavelength of about 380nm – 780nm, which provides your plant with everything it needs for successful growth. It has a lot of incredible feature like a light control dial that helps to dim the light or increase its intensity when required. The light intensity output can be regulated as low as 10W and as high as 200W. This is best if you have young plants that need a regulated lighting system as strong light intensity tends to burn the plants leaving you at a loss. This grow light offers maximum stability and excellent performance; it would sufficiently provide your plants with enough light for a very long time.

The COB LED grow light features a built-in fan and a heating system that cools the light when it overheats. The fan operates very quietly and effectively. It uses about 400 watts of power and has a PPFD of about 1120 umol/ m²/s. It covers a large area of about 3x3ft which is large enough to cover a medium to large grow room. It is best to hang the grow light about 8 to 59 inches above the plant canopy depending on the type and strain of plant being grown.

It is equipped with a 90 degree 97% light transmittance that boosts its efficiency and can cover an area of about 7.5 to 70 sq. ft. The CANAGROW Company offers a 3-year warranty on their product and 30 days cash back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Wavelengths of 380nm to 790nm
  • Maximum coverage 3x3ft
  • 400w power
  • 1120umol/ m²/s PPFD
  • Light control


  • Brand: CANAGROW
  • Model: CANAGROW 400W CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light
  • Dimension: 17.72 x 17.72 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 22.05 pounds
  • Wattage: 400w
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Light control allows you to control the light intensity
  • Has a great light spectrum
  • Built with high quality LED light and driver
  • 3-year warranty with 30 days cash back guarantee
  • Lacks UV and IR
  • Very expensive


AGLEX COB 2000 Watt LED Grow Light

The AGLEX COB grow light is a high quality grow light features a high precision 90-degree lens that enhances the efficacy of the grow light and designed from a reliable COB tech system. The COB light ensures a high PPFD that facilitates the growth of your plants and ensures that a huge percentage of the light gets completely absorbed by the plants. This grow light is specially built to sure your plants get the best light to make them healthier.

The LED grow light has a veg and bloom switch that lets you switch the lights on/off at every point of their growth. The lights can be controlled and regulated to suit the plants at their different growth stage. It also helps to conserve energy by reducing unnecessary electricity waste. It features a daisy chain that makes it easier to connect two or more lights, so you don’t have to stress about your wires tangling.

The COB grow light system features a large-sized aluminum heat sink with high speed big fans that cool the lighting system when it gets too hot. This helps because the full spectrum offers off little heat that needs to be cooled often. The included fan operates very quietly, improving its efficiency and is built with durable materials that extend its lifespan. The grow light offers a full light spectrum for all your plants.

It uses two-chip LEDs and COB, which mimics the natural sunlight, which produces greater yield and reduces the growing time of your plants. The grow light kit includes a 2000W COB LED grow light, hanging kit, power cord. The company offers 3 years warranty if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Key Features:

  • High precision 90-degree lens
  • 98% light absorbance
  • Veg and bloom switch
  • Aluminium heat sink
  • Big fans cooler
  • Full spectrum


  • Brand: AGLEX
  • Model: AGL-2000W-C02
  • Dimension: 16.54 x 16.54 x 2.17 inches
  • Weight: 14.12 pounds
  • Power: 408watt
  • Shade Material: Aluminum
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Produces full light spectrum
  • Has veg and bloom light switch
  • Light can be dimmable
  • 2 years warranty
  • There may be issues with the power cord


Beelux 3000W Grow Lights

The Beelux 3000W grow light is made from high quality LEDs that don’t burn regardless of how long it is being used. It is designed with durable materials that make the product last longer. It is equipped with 12pcs Cree COB LED grow lights which is much brighter than most LEDs. It is a very efficient grow light that supplies your plants with the amount of light needed for their healthy and successful growth. It uses about 600watt of power and can be replaced with 3000watt HPS/MH. It has a very high PPFD of about 3012umol/m²/s and 24399 lumens which is ideal for a grow tent or room of about 5×5. It is best installed at the height of 30 inches to ensure your plants get enough light.

This COB LED grow light is built with a high-grade Aluminum alloy; the material is fall-proof and has a very efficient heat dissipation. Its edges are passivated to prevent injury or burn when touched. The corners of the grow light are wrapped with plastic making it safer to install and transport. It also has an anti-slip design that makes it easier and more convenient to install.

It provides a full light spectrum which is very close to sunlight. This full spectrum light promotes plant growth by facilitating photosynthesis. It includes UV, IR, red, blue and white LEDs; it also utilizes 6x3000K and 6x5000K high par value COBs which are designed for the benefit of the plant. The full light spectrum has a wavelength ranging from 380nm – 780nm, which is best for plants at different stages of growth and helps produce greater yields.

The Beelux 3000W grow light is equipped with four high-speed fans that keep the grow light cool and operate quietly. It features an inbuilt aluminum heat sink and a heat-conducting aluminum shell that extends the life of the grow light by keeping it cool. The grow light kit comes with a hanging hook kit, adjustable rope, thermometer humidity gauge and a US power cord. The company offer a 3-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • 12pcs USA Cree CO LEDs
  • 3012umol/m²/s PPFD
  • 24399 lumens
  • UV, IR, red, blue and white LEDs
  • 380nm – 780nm wavelength
  • 4 cooling fans
  • Built-in aluminum sink and heat-conducting aluminum shell


  • Brand: Beelux
  • Model: Beelux 3000W Grow Lights
  • Dimension: 26.57 x 14.37 x 2.55 inches
  • Weight: 20.6 pounds
  • Wattage: 600w, 220v
  • Shade material: Glass
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Has full spectrum light
  • Includes UV, IR
  • Includes 4 high-speed fans
  • Operates quietly
  • Expensive
  • Power cord is short


Hipargero 800 Watt COB LED Grow Light

The Hipargero 800 Watt COB LED grow light is a top-rated grow light that produces an optimum full-spectrum with wavelength ranging between 380nm to 730nm. It uses 4x3000K high power COBs which are designed specially for the development of your plants at all growing stages. It is best for all types of indoor plants at various stages of their growth. It features 16pcs 3W Osram LEDs which produces enough light for all your plants and helps increase you’re the yield. The grow light is designed with high-quality LEDs that don’t burn out and can be used for a very long time.

It produces a true full light spectrum with the help of its 3000K COBs. It has a high PPFD and lumens to promote the growth of your plants. It has double switches to produce more energy; it consumes about 240 watts and can be replaced with a 500watt HPS/MH grow light. It has a large coverage area of about 3x3ft vegetative coverage at the height of 24 inches and flowering coverage of 2x2ft at 18 inches.

This grows light is perfect for a 6x6ft grow tent or room. It is straightforward to use and convenient to install. It is equipped with high-speed cooling fans that prevents it from overheating. It also has a built-in aluminum heat-sink and a high-grade heat-conducting iron shell that keeps the lamp cool by transferring the heat from inside the lamp to outside. The company offers excellent Costumer service and 30 days money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Optimal full light spectrum
  • 380nm to 730nm wavelength
  • 4x3000K high power COBs
  • 16pcs 3W Osram LEDs
  • 240watts power
  • Cooling fan system


  • Brand: HIPARGERO
  • Model: Hipargero 800 Watt COB LED Grow Light
  • Dimension: 11.42 x 9.06 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 7.92 pounds
  • Wattage: 240watts
  • Material: Aluminum, Iron
  • Has optimum full spectrum
  • Ideal for plants at all stage
  • Has daisy chain
  • Small coverage area
  • 1 year warranty


Macegrow Led Grow Light-MG900 Grow Lamps

The Macegrow Led Grow Light-MG900 grow lamp is a very powerful grow light with a unique whole-lens design and reflector design making it safe for use and giving it a beautiful appearance. It has a 3000k full spectrum which is great for the health of your plants. It has more than 6 single LED chips in each module, providing lights very similar to natural sunlight and providing your plants with everything they need.

It features a double switch for the veg and bloom stages of growth. It consumes about 260watts of light and can be replaced with a typical 260w HPS or HID grow light. Its PPFD is 1256umol/m²/s and maximum coverage of 4.5m. It is equipped with daisy chain to make set up easier and convenient. It also has simple channel switches that are very easy to use.

It produces comfort for your plants, doesn’t overheat and helps to reduce the mess in your grow room. It is equipped with a built-in high-speed fan and a two-side aluminum shells to keep the lamp cool and also improves the lighting in the room as well as the heat dissipation. The company offers 1 year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • 3000k full spectrum
  • 6 single led chips per module
  • 1256umol/m²/s PPFD
  • Maximum coverage 4.5 m
  • High-speed fan
  • Two-side aluminum shells


  • Brand: Macegrow Led Grow Light-MG900 Grow Lamps
  • Model: Macegrow
  • Dimension: 11.5 x 9.2 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Affordable
  • Full light spectrum
  • Includes high-speed fan
  • LEDs may burn out after a while

Buying Guide Questions

What is a COB LED light?

COB LED, standing for Chip-on-Board LED, is an advanced LED technology. This design features numerous tiny LED chips closely grouped on a substrate to form a single module. These chips are interconnected to create a robust light source, typically embedded in a copper or ceramic board. This setup results in them appearing as one unified lighting panel rather than individual lights. COB LEDs are known for their compact size and higher intensity compared to standard LED lights.

Are COB LED grow lights superior?

COB LED grow lights excel in efficiency and effectiveness for cannabis cultivation. They are compact, easy to set up and use, and emit brighter light covering a full light spectrum. They also have a long lifespan of around 50,000 hours, outlasting other grow light types.

What is the top brand of COB LED grow lights?

Phlizon is a leading brand in COB LED grow lights, according to reviews. Their Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED Plant Grow Light is noted for its high power, stability, and quality. It offers superior brightness, reduced light attenuation, and efficient heat management. Its full spectrum and high PPFD value are effective in enhancing plant growth.

Which is more effective: SMD or COB LED?

COB LEDs generally outperform SMD LEDs. They are smaller in size, emit more intense light, generate less heat, and have deeper light penetration, making them more suitable for a range of applications, including plant growth.

How long do COB LEDs last?

COB LEDs have an average lifespan of about 50,000 hours, equivalent to approximately 6 years, offering long-term durability.

Do COB LEDs require heat sinks?

COB LEDs may sometimes need a heat sink to maintain an optimal temperature and prevent overheating. High-quality COB grow lights typically come with a heat sink.

Are drivers necessary for COB LEDs?

COB LEDs need LED drivers to convert power from electrical outlets into a form usable by the lights. These drivers are crucial for the proper functioning of COB LED grow lights.

Can COB LED lights be dimmed?

Yes, COB LEDs are capable of dimming. High-quality models often feature a switch or dial for light intensity adjustments to better accommodate plant needs.


Grow lights are a vital part of indoor cannabis growth. It provides the plants with enough light needed for their growth. COB LED grow light is a new and improved technology; it is much brighter than other LED grow lights.

Finding quality COB LED grow lights can be a problem; this is why we have put together a few of the best ones to make your search much easier. If you have not decided on the best one for your plants, we recommend the Phlizon CREE Cob Series 2000W LED grow light as it’s the best out there.