8 Best Coco Nutrients Cannabis grow and bloom in 2024

Advanced Nutrients Sensi cal-Mag Xtra

Canna Continental

General hydroponics floraDuo

Just like any other living things need some specific essentials to keep living, so also the plants. To grow healthily and yield good results they need some necessities that will support them through the growing cycle. Like the soil, Coco can be used to grow plants. It can serve as a substitute for soil. It is derived from the fibrous husks of coconuts and once referred to as a “waste” in the processing industry that was therefore disposed of. But it is so effective. Simply mixing Coco with soil will accelerate the aeration of cannabis plants especially potted ones. Without mixing Coco with soil, it can be used alone or along with some aerating materials to grow even marijuana plants, the hydroponic ones. Because of the neutral PH level present in coco, it allows other nutrients to dissolve and penetrates the soil and water mixture that the plants consume. Since it accelerates aeration, it allows the rate at which water drains to be increased. Coco itself doesn’t have any nutrients which means you’ll need to mix it with some nutrients during your first use. Since it’s easy to add or mix nutrients with Coco and it doesn’t have nutrients itself, it can be used for plants of different types and stage. Simply adding the needed nutrients you can have customized Coco nutrients of yours. Fascinating right? Since any nutrients can be added depending on the type of plants, cannabis is no exception. Best nutrients for outdoor cannabis. Simply mixing any suitable nutrients for cannabis with coco will yield effective results. Since there are no specific nutrients for coco itself. Let’s assess some of the best Coco nutrients.

The 8 Best coco nutrients Are Reviewed Below


Advanced Nutrients Sensi cal-Mag Xtra

When plants are short of some nutrients, it poses a threat to their growth and thriving process. Magnesium and calcium are some of the important nutrients needed by plants to ensure flourishing growth. The right amount of iron will also play a positive part in the growth of plants. That is why sensi cal-Mag has been designed to provide plants with what they need to grow, bloom and flourish. Such as magnesium, calcium and the right calculated amount of iron. With these nutrients say goodbye to yellow leaves or any restricted growth of plants.

Key Features:

  • quality calculated components
  • Maximum effectivity
  • for Hydroponic system


  • Brand: Advanced Nutrients
  • Model:B0153FHDUG
  • Provides quality results
  • Keeps plants in perfect condition
  • Maximum assistance for plants
  • Cures stunted growth of plants


Canna Continental

Whether you are growing in pots or bags, canna coco is a very effective nutrient for your plants. It gives plants the needed support throughout the entire growing cycle providing you with quality plants. The plant’s biological system absorbs this nutrient naturally. It provides plants’ cells with high resistance and maximum balance. It provides just the plant needs making growing easy and less tiring. It’s effective not only in the vegetative stage but also during flowering.

Key Features:

  • Root development
  • Gives high resistance to plants
  • Adequate nutrients


  • Brand: Canna Continental
  • Model: B003B4P3RW
  • Effective in both flowering and vegetative stages
  • Fast growth
  • Prime balance for plants cells


General hydroponics floraDuo

This nutrient is classified into two parts namely; formerly bloom and formerly grow. It’s suitable for Coco and various species of plants. And for each growth phase, this nutrient gives out its maximum. With this, you can be assured of having healthy and flourishing plants.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all plants
  • Works with any method
  • Flexible


  • Brand: General Hydroponics
  • Model: GH1682
  • Works for all plants
  • Works well in various methods
  • Suitable for the different growth cycle


Cultured Solution

This nutrient is concentrated in magnesium and calcium which assist the rate at which plants develop and grow. It prevents plants that have fast growth from getting nutrients deficiencies. It is made to suit plants of different stages. It also assists in optimizing the nutrients in plants.

Key Features:

  • Nutrients optimization
  • Zero growth deficiency
  • Adequate mix of magnesium and calcium


  • Brand: Cultured Solution
  • Model: 733912
  • Versatile
  • Optimizes Nutrients
  • Assist plants development


Botanicare CNS17 coco bloom

This Nutrient is made of both coco formula and soil formula. It’s designed to work with coir as a developing substrate. It is effective in most substrates. Just as coco is high in calcium so also is soil. This makes it possible to give a full spectrum of elements to various kinds of plants. It’s a solo nutrient that can be mixed with supplements. It is one of the best nutrients used in the professional realm.

Key Features:

  • Adequate nutrients for the metabolism of plants
  • High in calcium
  • Quality


  • Brand: Botanicare
  • Suitable for various kinds of plants
  • Allow plants to absorb needed elements to flourish
  • Can be mixed with some other supplements


House & Garden

This nutrient contains an exact composition of a large number of minerals. Because of this composition, the water reservoir remains clean and fresh. The nutrients it provides for plants is well balanced it allows the root of plants to absorb and make plants bloom and flourish. It’s one of the best coco nutrients.

Key Features:

  • Adequate amount of minerals
  • Easy absorption in roots
  • Best for plants


  • Brand: House & Garden
  • Model: Coco A+B 5L
  • The water in the reservoir remains fresh
  • Well balanced nutrients


Humb. secret sweet and sticky

This nutrient is a high source of carbohydrates and energy which makes it the best for any kind of plants. Be it indoor or outdoor. To keep your plants in good and healthy condition feed them with Humb. sweet and sticky. One of the wonder if sweet and sticky is that I’d helps plants enhance the ability to make aroma, flavours and even essential oils. With these nutrients, you’ll have quality and a lot of yields. Thanks to carbohydrates present in it, it prepares your plants and helps maximize the nutrients which in turn produce generous yields in size and condition.

Key Features:

  • Adequate concentration of carbohydrates
  • Versatile
  • Microbial life support


  • Brand: Humb. secret
  • Model: B0751T4P2Q
  • Great impact on plants
  • Works for all type of plants
  • Provides needed energy to plants
  • It’s made of quality ingredients


Regen-a-root growth stimulator

This does not only boosts the natural defences that happen in the roots of the plants but also triggers the growth of the roots. It contains precursors which makes it sufficient not only in the flowering stages but also in the vegetative cycle. With this nutrient, you can be assured of having a healthy plant with healthy roots which produces the best yields.

Key Features:

  • Adequate precursors
  • Root stimulation
  • All-round use


  • Brand: CX Hydroponics
  • Model: B003VNASAK
  • Effective growth
  • Boosts immune defense
  • Keeps plants healthy throughout their cycle

Buying Guide Questions

Common Q’s will be answered in this section. When choosing which coco to get which coco nutrients to use some query pops up in your mind and you may get curious. Carefully examine this section as answers will be provided to some asks.

What nutrients are in coco?

Coco is very effective in growing plants. It has a balanced PH that ranges from 5.2.to 6.8, making the use of lime for treatment be needless. You may wonder if Coco itself contains nutrients. Yes, Coco has some essential natural nutrients. But there’s a need to add other needed nutrients depending on the plants for maximum results. Lignin is one of the many nutrients present in coco. The woody fibres of coco are made of lignin and carbohydrates. Lignin makes coco full of needed structure. Carbohydrates and lignin present in coco is a good combo. As they both prepare a place for bacteria, microorganisms and fungi to breed and inclusively get rid of the destructive ones.

Another set of nutrients present in coco is potassium and phosphorus. Just about a significant amount of potassium and phosphorus is present in coco. On the part of phosphorus, it strengthens the root of plants and also blesses the plants in the flowering stage. A regulated metabolism in plants is important and that’s what potassium does. It also balances the pressure of water in and out of plants. It doesn’t end there, coco contains various nutrients such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and some others. But remember that these natural nutrients in coco will not be enough to grow plants. So adding the needed nutrients with coco will give maximum results.

Should you water coco everyday?

It might be confusing to decide how often you need to water coco. No worries. This part will answer that.

Growing cannabis in coco will require you to water it once a day in the early few weeks. It is recommendable, however, that you increase it to 2 times a day while the plants are in the pots. Also, you should pay close attention to the coco. If it dries in no less than a day, consider watering it from time to time. Changing pots or container of the plants too should be reckoned. It on the other hand, however, the coco takes long before taking in all the water and takes about 72 hours an equivalent of 3 days before drying up. Then it can only mean that you’re feeding it too much water. So, consider reducing the water. Small plants consume little water so give a little le amount of water to your Small plants. And as they increase in size, you can as well increase the water you give. Below are some additional tips

When you see green on the coco, know that the water is too much.

The coco shouldn’t go thirsty or have a dusty texture

Plants in fabric pots dries up quickly and will require more water

Do not overwater; coco must not get too wet

Is growing in coco better than soil?

To begin your planting course, you might find it hard to choose whether to go for soil or coco. You might ask “which is better? Soil or Coco?”. To find answers to that. Let’s assess some differences and similarities between the two.

One of the things that makes soil beneficial is that some soil already comes with nutrients. This means you can start planting using the soil only and watering your Plants with just water. But the truth is within about a month or less, the nutrients will have been consumed by the plants. And you’ll need to get more nutrients. Coco also shares quite the same structure. Some coco have already been mixed with nutrients and this will feed the plants to the period it starts sprouting and after that, you’ll need to get more nutrients.

Some soil contains way too many nutrients. And when there are too many nutrients, your plants can only get affected negatively. Plants could get burnt, in terms of nutrients. On the other hand, coco gives you the chance to worry less. Coco even with nutrients will not give plants any burns.

Watering: when it comes to soil, it very easy to water the plants excessively. Why? Because the soil has quite meum dense. And when there’s too much water, you know what happens. The roots could get rotten and choked up. And the growth will be affected. While coco has an airy medium making it almost impossible to overwater the plants.

Like humans, each root requires air. And because of the dense medium of the soil, plants do not get enough air and will find it hard to breathe. This is yet another important reason coco seems to be better. Coco provides sufficient aeration for the roots making the plants bloom and flourish maximally.

Does coco need calMag?

Adding calMag to coco will aid the efficiency of coco. It corrects any deficiency in plants. There’s about 0.1 percentage of iron, 3.2 of calcium, 2.6 of nitrogen and 1.2 of magnesium present in calMag. All these are a great source of strength and nutrients for plants.

The most common deficiencies when growing in coco is magnesium and calcium deformities. When coco lacks enough magnesium or calcium its proficiency to dispense to plants will be affected. No doubt cannabis plants contain magnesium and calcium which might make you think you do not need calMag. But, know that coco itself requires an adequate amount of magnesium and calcium to work maximally. Coco breaks down and when it does, new surfaces gets exposed and magnesium and calcium from coco will be sucked out which in turn gives way too little nutrients to plants.

What is the best coco?

Choosing the best coco is one of the imperative things. Quality coco that will give plants the required necessities. Above in this post are some of the best coco

What are the best nutrients for coco?

Coco nutrients are a great source of energy for plants. Everyone wants good yields. After working to grow your plants, after all, good yields is one of the best rewards.

Can you use advanced nutrients in coco

For plants to thrive, coco needs to get maximum nutrients. Calcium and magnesium are some of the important nutrients that coco needs to have flourishing plants. Good coco ensures well flourishing plants. Advanced nutrients just about the adequate amount of calcium and magnesium that coco needs and in turn reach the plants. Which in turn keeps plants in good condition and produce encouraging yields. It keeps the PH le level in shape. Advanced nutrients are known to curtail the risk of plant deficiency. Advanced nutrients allow you to drop the worry of your plants having stunted growth. Yes, you can use advanced nutrients in coco. It’s one of the best things that your plants require.

Can you use Biobizz in coco?

Biobizz is made of organic nutrients and ingredients that are fed to plants that are at the vegetative level. It’s made of natural components with no chemicals Biobizz gives soil adequate nutrients which then produces needed nutrients for plants. At the vegetative level, Biobizz is the right choice for plants. It contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

But the key consideration is, Can Biobizz be used in coco? Yes. Biobizz is favourable not only for soil but also for coco. Biobizz is indeed much more suitable for soil and so using some other nutrients in coco is much better and will yield more results.


Everyone wants a flourishing garden filled with healthy plants. Growing in coco is indeed recommendable but choosing the right nutrients is very imperative. The nutrients are numerous. This article has talked about the best coco nutrients that you need to have great yields. When coco gets needed nutrients the plant also benefits and in the long run is rewarding. Careful examination of the listed coco nutrients will help you come to a conclusion of which to choose and which will work for you.