5 Best Digital Scales for Weed and Measurement Charts in 2024

AMIR upgraded digital kitchen scale

American Weigh Digital Scale

Hochoice pocket digital scale


Whether you’re buying your weed from someone or growing it yourself, you will feel at ease using familiar terms for the amounts you are buying. If you are a novice to the world of weed, you will be astonished if you hear the number of slang terms used for various weights of cannabis. Commonly, the smallest weight of a weed is an ounce; however, people have craved numerous subdivisions of an ounce and gave them names, though these names are not official, they are still well known to those in the world of cannabis. Though weeds’ purchase depends on the person, the country, and other factors, certain weights of weeds are commonly purchased by individuals.

Below is a short note of some of the most commonly purchased cannabis weight in ounce and grams:

  1. 1/28 of an ounce which is equivalent to 1 gram, also known as a dime bag
  2. ⅛ of an ounce which is equivalent to one eight or 3.5 grams
  3. ¼ of an ounce, also called one eight, which is equivalent to 7 grams
  4. ½ of an ounce, also called a half which is equivalent to 14 grams
  5. One ounce, which is equivalent to 28 grams, also called a zip.

The above mentioned weights are the most known and most purchased in the industry standard, however, some countries have certain weights that are popular among them. Also, their prices vary from place to place, depending on the legalisation of weed in a country, it’s availability and it’s quality.

The cost of weeds depends on certain factors, including the country you are buying (whether cannabis is legal or not) and the amount you are purchasing (generally, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets).

The cost of cannabis will be less in a country where it is legalized than in a country where it is prohibited. This is because, in a country where it is legalized, many will readily jump into farming it, and therefore weed will be readily available in markets. However, in countries where it is prohibited, few people will manage to smuggle it into the country or plant it on a small scale; therefore, it won’t be readily available.

Also, in countries with a regulated weed supply, you’ll pay higher in a black market than in a dispensary market. This many said, is because the black market cannabis has better genetics, and it’s more superior.

In big cities, a quarter of an ounce (7 grams of weed) will cost an average amount of $50-$60. Half of an ounce (14 grams of weed) will cost about $100-$120 and a full ounce of weed (28 grams) will cost about $200. The cost, however, varies from place to place. Okay, guys, let’s dive into the world of cannabis measurement:

Weed Measurement

Most weed sellers used grams and ounce as the base unit of their measurements. A single gram of weed is enough for you to make two or more joints, depending on how you roll.

A Gram

A gram of weed is the smallest weight you can buy; usually, sellers don’t sell less than that. As we have earlier said, a gram is equivalent to 1/28 ounce and can easily fit into your palms.

As we all know, the world of weed is filled with slat; there’s a whole language related to cannabis. This helps a lot when you’re to purchase a weed. A gram of weed has many nicknames, but the one that’s commonly known is A dime bag. At times, people refer to a dime bag as the smallest increment of weed that you can purchase.

A Dub of Bud

A dub of bud or a bud sack is the second to the smallest increment of marijuana you can buy. Though many think the two are similar, there are many differences between them in the industry standard. The significant difference is their weight.

While a dime bag weighs about 1 gram, a dub of bud is usually 2 grams depending on the region, but 2 grams is its standard weight.

Just like a dime bag, the quantity of dub isn’t enormous; it’s roughly the size of two nuggets of a weed.

Eight Of a Bud

The eight of a bud (⅛ of marijuana), is where the big sizes of weeds started, it’s bigger than a dub and comes at a lower price.

Eight of a bud has 3.5 grams of weed in the industry standard. Though the weight might vary slightly depending on your country, the change isn’t much significant.

A quarter of a Bud

As we go to the quarter of a bud (¼ of marijuana), we’ve started talking about the larger sizes of marijuana. A quarter of a bud is more preferable for those like marijuana and those who prefer to save money by buying bulk.

One-quarter of an ounce (a quarter of a bud) is equivalent to 7 grams of cannabis. Here, you will have something roughly equal to ten blunts to fifteen joints.

The price of a quarter usually depends on the place you get it and the weed quality.

Half Ounce (½ of marijuana)

Half of an ounce, otherwise known as half a zip or ½ of marijuana is a relatively large increment of weed. Half of an ounce should last for a while, depending on how you roll it.

A zip of weed is exactly 14 grams, roughly thirty joints and twenty-eight blunts, which is enough to last for two to three weeks.

One ounce ( A zip)

And finally, we’ve come to the end of the road, in many countries, an ounce is the last weight a person can bud legally at a time.

Authorities enforced this law because they believe if a person is allowed to bud more than an ounce of marijuana at a time, the person can have the intent to distribute it.

An ounce weighs 28 grams, roughly close to 56 blunts and 100 joints depending on how to roll it.

Though an ounce is commonly called a zip, few others call it a lid or an Ozone.

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Digital Scales for Weed

To get the appropriate weight of the weed you are buying or selling, you will need to have a scale to measure the weed weight. This is more crucial, especially for those using weed for medical purposes. And also in States with weighing limitations of the marijuana you can acquire, having a weed scale will save your breaking laws.

We can now define a weed scale as a scale used to measure the appropriate weight of a weed no matter how light it is. However, these scales aren’t invented to measure weed alone; they’re usually kitchen scales or jewelry scales with great accuracy and specific features. One of which must be the ability to measure hundredths of grams, which makes it more accurate than most kitchen scales. Rounding to the nearest whole number when weighing whole grains might not make much significance, but the difference in a ¼ of a weed and a half zip is very significant.

But an excellent digital weed scale should be able to handle weighing Outside weeds, which is why we choose to review the best digital scales that can convert to small units beyond your standard weed units of ounces. Some of the digital weed scales we will be reviewing are fully equipped with the Tare function; thus you can measure the weight of a weed in a container in a way that nullifies the weight of the container, thereby giving you the accurate weight of your cannabis! Isn’t that amazing?

Benefits of Using a Digital Weed Scale

Using a digital weed scale is a unique way to measure the accurate weight of the cannabis you have.

Having an accurate digital weed scale will enable you to measure the amount of weed exchanged in a bargain to ensure every part is treated fairly.

If you are a weed buyer, and you have your own handy digital weed scale, you can easily measure the weight of a weed when you buy it; this will keep your mind at rest that you have not been ripped up.

If you are using weed for medical purposes, a digital scale will give you the exact dose you require to take at a time. It will also enable you to know the amount you have left and the amount you will use.

While others might see a digital weed scale as an insanely small tool, the machine has a lot to offer to weed users. Therefore, as an avid smoker or someone who uses weed for medical purposes, you are supposed to get your digital scale to use the same precise amount every time to get the same single result.

What to Consider When Buying a Digital Weed Scale

Whenever you are buying a digital weed scale, there are certain things you should consider before choosing one. These things include price, functionality, durability, size, and others. Let’s take a look at these factors:

  1. Price

Although digital scales’ prices vary from $1 to $15, the little change can significantly. As we all know, prices speak a lot about quality; most cheap scales don’t have high quality. Some scales cost less than $10, and others cost more than $50, this depends on your financial capability and how you will be using the scale.

  1. Functionality

Some people buy digital scales to measure weed alone while others, especially shop owners, will buy the scale to measure many things like fruits, vegetables, grains, jewelry, and others. So, when buying a digital weed scale, make sure you choose the one that accommodates all the things you want to be measuring. If you intend to be measuring many items with your scale, buy the one that can measure all the items, this will save some cash for you.

  1. Usage

Like how you need to be conscious of the different types of items your digital weed scale can measure, you also have to be aware of its measurement metrics before purchasing. Commonly, digital scales have the following measurements, ounce (Oz) grams (g) troy ounces (oz), and diamond total weight (DTW). For weed measurement, you will probably use the gram or ounce metric for measurement. This is why we choose to review scales that show as low as .001 measurements.

  1. Appearance

You might be wondering, does this matter? Yes, it does! Especially if you’re weighing weed for others, there are people that judge quality by appearance. If you measure weed for others, make sure your digital weed scale looks polished, presentable, and high-tech don’t buy a custom weed scale that looks old fashioned. However, if you measure yourself, you can go for any scale as far as it gives accurate readings.

  1. Warranty

We can’t have you replacing your digital weed scale a few days after buying it. This is why you need to choose not only a high-quality digital weed scale but also one with a good warranty. Many weed scales come with extended warranties to prove the integrity and confidence of the company. When buying a digital weed scale, look out for the guarantee each scale offers, this way you will be assured that the scale will at least last that long and be qualified for repair or exchange if it faults within the warranty frame.

  1. Durability

Like any other product, some scales are more durable and strong than others. Durability depends on how frequently you will be using your scale, and if you will be carrying it around or not. If you are using your weed scale frequently, choose the more prone to wear and tear.

  1. Size

Apart from quality and price, the size of a weed scale is the most important thing you need to consider. This depends on whether you will be carrying your scale from one place to another and the amount of weed you need to be measuring.

Digital weed scales come in different sizes and shapes if you intend to use your scale in a shop, and you measure a huge amount of weed, consider a big size. On the other hand, if you’ll be carrying your scale from one place to another, you can consider choosing a portable pocket-size digital scale.

I believe by now, you’ve made your mind to purchase a digital weed scale, for the fact that there are thousands of these scales both in the traditional and online market, we have decided to make your search effortless by providing you with the ten best weed scales that are sold at a fair price, and measure with a 0.01-gram accuracy.

The five Best Digital Weed Scales Are Reviewed Below

The five best digital scales are reviewed below; we shall look at their key features, specifications, pros, and cons.


AMIR upgraded digital kitchen scale

The Amir upgraded digital weed scale is the most popular on Amazon right now. Despite having thousands of competitors, Amir’s digital weed scale stands out because of its reasonably low price, a 12-month warranty, many available versions, and colors to choose from. The brand has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

The upgraded Amir digital weed comes in different versions, with accurate precision of 0.1g to 3,000g, 0.1g to 500g, and 0.01g to 500g. The 0.1g comes in Silver and black colors, while the 0.01g comes in red, black, green, and silver colors. The scale’s surface is made from stainless steel, giving the version a high quality and sleeker look. And they’re highly qualitative. The Amir digital scale provides plenty of room to weigh cannabis without taking much space. All three versions of the upgraded digital weed scale come with two plastic trays used as weighing containers, multiple units to choose from, super uneven protection, and a tare and PCS functionality.

The digital scale also has a low battery warning technology that shows when its power is about to drain.

Despite having only two months of warranty, the Amir upgraded digital scale is the most durable, high-quality, accurate, and high-tech digital weed scale on the market. So if you’re going to buy a digital weed scale, consider purchasing an Amir upgraded digital scale.

Key Features:

  • Accurate precision from 0.01g up to 3000g
  • A stainless steel surface
  • Two plastic trays serving as measuring containers
  • PCS and Tare functionality
  • Low battery warning technology
  • Modernized design and space saver
  • Smart button functions and multiple functions.


  • Brand: AMIR
  • Material: An ABS plastic frame and a stainless steel platform
  • Versions: 0.01g to 500g precision version, 0.1g to 500g precision version, and 0.1g to 3000g precision version.
  • Weight of scale: 159 grams
  • Dimension of item: 6.4×5.1×1 inches
  • Fairly cheap price
  • Accurate measurement
  • Many available versions
  • A stainless steel surface
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Low battery warning technology
  • It accommodates little space
  • Can be used to measure different types of items.
  • Highly durable
  • The scale has a sleeker and stylish look
  • The warranty period is not long.


American Weigh Digital Scale

If you are the type that likes dealing with famous brands, then the American weigh digital scale is the best for you. Despite producing its scales in China, the brand is still known for manufacturing high-quality, accurate scales. Another unique thing about American weigh scales is they offer a ten years warranty. If a problem pops up within the time range, you will have someone to talk to.

The American weigh digital scale comes in two versions, the 0.01g to 100g and the 0.1g to 1000g. The only difference between the two versions is the precision they offer, their sizes, and their maximum capacity.

The American weigh digital scale is made from high-grade plastic, stainless steel, and an integrated flip open lid that provides maximum portability and convenience. The model comes with two AAA batteries, a tare button, a PCS functionality, an LCD, and bells and whistles.

The American weigh digital scale also offer precision and comes with excellent durability and high-quality.

Key Features:

  • Portable scale that measures 3″ × 5″ × 0.8″, thereby it’s the perfect size for measuring small amounts of items
  • It quickly makes conversions between grams, ounces, and troy ounces
  • Made from stainless steel and high-grade plastic
  • Have two AAA batteries
  • A tare button and a PCS functionality
  • Have a built-in cover
  • Offers 0.1g to 1000g precision


  • Brand: American weigh scales
  • Material: High-grade plastic and stainless steel
  • Weight of scale: 0.07 pounds
  • Limit of weight: 1 pound
  • Dimension of item: 6.5×6.5×1.7 inches (L×B×H respectively)
  • The brand offers long term warranty
  • The scales are portable and durable
  • Accurate precision
  • It doesn’t come with weighing containers.


Hochoice pocket digital scale

If you are the type that likes to walking around with your weed scale in your pocket, then the Hochoice pocket digital scale is the perfect option for you. The scale portable but not too small, and it offers all the required functions.

It comes in four different versions: 100g, 200g, 300g and 600g, each of the versions mentioned above offer 0.01 accuracy.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a tare and PCS functionality
  • Offers six different measurement units
  • A large LCD screen
  • USB chargeable batteries
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • A cover tray that doubles as a weighing container.


  • Brand: Hochoice
  • Material: Silver
  • Dimension of scale: 4.8 × 0.4 × 2.7 inches (L×B×H respectively)
  • Its small and portable
  • The price is relatively low
  • It is durable and compatible
  • It doesn’t come with any warranty.


CGOLDENWALL High Precision Lab Scale

The CGOLDENWALL high precision lab scale is another hot selling digital weed scale on Amazon. The lab-scale comes in 8 versions: 200g, 300g, 500g, 600g, 1,000g, 2,000g, 3,000g, and 5,000g, all with a precision of 0.01g. The price of the scale is also favorable.

The high tech model comes with a single-chip microcomputer, a fast response time of one second, and high stability sensors. It comes with a power supply cord and can also work with a 9-voltage battery.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a tare functionality
  • It has a power supply cord and can work with a battery
  • Have a precision level of 0.01g
  • Responds within one second
  • Comes with a single chip microcomputer


  • Material: A durable metal
  • Weight limit of scale: 17 pounds
  • Dimension of scale: 10.24 x 7.88 x 2 inches (L×B×H respectively)
  • There are different versions
  • It can weigh a large amount of weed
  • There’s a 12-month warranty
  • It doesn’t come with a weighing container


Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen and Food Scale

If you are looking for a digital were a scale that offers multiple functions, then the Ozori Pronto is the best option for you. It comes with five units of measure and offers great precision. It also can nullify the weight of the container you used in weighing your cannabis. It’s proven to be of high quality and it is made from stainless steel, also the price is friendly.

Key Features:

  • Weighs up to 5000grams
  • Comes with an LCD Screen
  • Automatic shut down feature for power buttons
  • Easily converts ounces to pounds and vice versa


  • Brand: Ozeri
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight of item: 5.6 ounces
  • Dimension of scale: 8.25 × 1.75 × 6 inches (L×B×H respectively)
  • Highly durable
  • Accurate measurement
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy conversion from ounce to pounds and vice verse.
  • It is a bit big therefore takes space.

Buying Guide Questions

What is a digital scale?

A digital scale is a device used to measure the mass of items. by utilizing an internal strain gauge. The scale is designed so that the object’s load is evenly distributed on the strain gauge to give an accurate mass of the object. Digital scales come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms.

What are the best digital scales?

The best digital scales offer accurate precision in a short time and can convert different measurement metrics simultaneously. These scales are also of high quality, very durable, and high-tech. The best digital scales come with a long warranty and are sold at a fairly low price.

What does one gram look like on a digital scale?

One gram looks relatively small on a digital scale. Especially when the scale is significant, when you put one gram of weed, sugar, or anything on a digital scale, it will look small and packed on one side.

What does one gram look like on a normal scale?

Just like on a digital scale, one gram will look relatively small on a normal scale. However, this has to do with the scale’s size and the 1g mass object you’re weighing. For example, the cap of a ballpoint pen weighs 1g, and a quarter teaspoon of sugar also weighs one gram, so if you put the cap of a ballpoint pen, it will appear smaller and occupies less space than a quarter teaspoon of sugar.

Can you weigh weed with kitchen scales?

As we’ve earlier said, you can weigh weed with kitchen scales. Most of the scales reviewed above are kitchen scales that are used in weighing weed. But there are kitchen scales that weigh only a kind of item or foodstuff; these scales can’t weigh weed.

Can you weigh weed with kitchen scales?

As we’ve earlier said, you can weigh weed with kitchen scales. Most of the scales reviewed above are kitchen scales that are used in weighing weed. But there are kitchen scales that weigh only a kind of item or foodstuff; these scales can’t weigh weed.

Are digital scales correct?

Yes, most digital scales are correct and accurate, especially the ones we reviewed above.

Which scales are the most accurate?

Recent research has shown that digital scales are more accurate than traditional dial scales.

Can a digital scale be off by 10 pounds?

Yes, a digital scale can be off by 10 pounds. So if your digital scale registers something other than 10 pounds, it has to be quickly calibrated or replaced.

Why does my digital scale give different weights?

A digital scale gives different weights for many reasons: uneven distribution of load, unstable battery or power source, exposure to water or moisture, and others.

Is an analog scale better than a digital scale?

No, a digital scale is by far better than an analog scale. Digital scale gives a more accurate measurement in a brief period.

What scale is better? Digital or manual?

A digital scale is better than a manual scale in every aspect. Digital scale is high-tech, more durable, and gives more precise measurement.


There are certain features a digital weed scale has to have before it becomes the perfect scale for you to measure your weed; these factors include, durability, ability to measure small weight, and portability.

The best digital scales will last for years and continue to give accurate measurements of weed and other items in a short period.

The above mentioned digital weed scales are the best you can find in the market because they are high-tech, durable, offers 0.01 accuracy, have a versatile usage and look modernized. So if you want to buy a digital weed scale, consider buying from one of the above.