How To Hide A Bong


You have a bong or several of them, and you have some guests coming over who are not smokers. Or, perhaps you have a professional meeting or a job interview that you will be having via Zoom, and the last thing you want the interviewer or anyone else to see is that you have bongs in the background while you have your meeting. That would be the worst possible thing to happen. Therefore, what do you do if you don’t want your bongs to receive unwanted attention? You hide them! But is hiding them as simple as it sounds? Yes, it is, once you learn how to hide a bong. Let’s go over several ways you can do that. The first way that I will talk about involves keeping old boxes from previous Amazon deliveries or a move.

Check To See If You Have Some Large Old Boxes

A large chunk of North Americans and Brits subscribe to Amazon Prime, which is why they would likely have plenty of old boxes that they get from Amazon. However, a small box containing a small gadget or item will not work. You would need to have a large box that fits a small piece of furniture or a large game console. If you have a box that contained items like that for your delivery, you can use them to hide your bong.

All you need to do is place your bong into one of those boxes, and then you can put the box back where you had it. If you had the box in storage, put it back in storage. You don’t want to leave the box out if you have visitors because they will be curious about what is in the box. Do you want that type of attention either? No! You will want to put the box back where you found it.

Don’t worry if you are running into this predicament because you got rid of all of the boxes you had, or you are not an Amazon subscriber. There are other methods you can utilize when it comes to hiding your bong. There is a good chance you have a duffle bag in your closet, right? Let’s talk about that.

Duffle Bag Or Backpack

Everyone has a duffle bag or a backpack. It does not matter whether you are the type to go camping. If you go on trips, even day trips around town, you would have a backpack or duffle bag likely in storage or your closet. If you are also fresh out of school or college, you would likely still have them. Therefore, that is another way you can hide your bong, and that is by placing it in a backpack or a duffle bag. You will also want to put either of them back into your storage or closet if you have guests coming over. Chances are they would not ask you what is in the bag, but if they see it, they may ask you about it. Examples of those are wondering if you went on a trip or are going on one.

Those inquiries are not a big deal, but if you do not want any unwanted attention around the bag with the bong, then it is best to hide it. Because if they ask you about why you have the bag out in plain sight, you will become nervous, and they will wonder if you are hiding something nefarious. That is the last thing you want.

However, what if you find that your duffle bag or backpack is too small? Or, what if they have too many items in them? Then, you can use your luggage to hide your bong.

Your Luggage

Everyone has at least one suitcase, even if they are not known to travel often. When you are not traveling or don’t have a reason to use it, you will have your luggage in storage. Therefore, if you don’t have any large empty boxes, suitable duffle bags, or backpacks, then you can always hide your bong in your luggage. Don’t forget to put the suitcase back into storage or wherever you usually keep it because you once again don’t want any inquisitions from guests about it that will make you nervous.

However, what if you are not expecting guests but have a Zoom meeting with a professional? Do you need to go through all of that trouble to hide a bong in that case? Let’s talk about that now because there is a simple solution for that situation.

You Can Hide Your Bong In The Closet

If you are not expecting guests coming over, but you want to hide your bong if you have a video call, you need to put it in the closet. Why would you need to go through the trouble of having to place your bong in a box, duffle bag, backpack, or luggage and then put them back into storage if you are only having a virtual meeting? But, of course, you would have to do that if you have people coming over to your place because you never know who will snoop into your closet. That is why you never want to put your bong anywhere where someone visiting your home could potentially find it. But, if you are having a virtual meeting, and the only worry is that the bong would be visible in the background to the viewer, then no one will know anything if you put the bong into the closet and shut the door.

If that is the case, you can put your bong anywhere in your home that is out of sight. But, of course, that is if you are living alone. You could even hide it in the bathroom if you want. You get the point!



If you have guests coming over who are not likely smokers‘ or having a professional virtual meeting, you will want to hide your bong. The last thing you want is for it to have any unwanted attention. Fortunately, hiding your bong is straightforward. If you have visitors coming over, you can place your bong into an old empty large box, empty duffle bag, backpack, or luggage, and then put them back into storage or a closet. Therefore, no one will know anything. However, stuff it in the closet if you are having a virtual meeting and do not want the viewers to see the bong in your background. If you live alone, you can put the bong in any other room as long as it is out of sight in that case.