5 Best Bongs To Buy in 2024

Are you searching for some of the best bong brands to invest in? If so, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find the right model for your needs. When shopping for bongs, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. They not only range in different sizes, but colors and features as well. This can make it a bit tricky when it comes to buying the right one.

However, the good the news is that you don’t have to worry about this any longer. This article will explore some of the top bong brands. These brands are known not only for their quality, but uniqueness and selection of choice. To find out more, keep reading. You’ll find some helpful information below as well as some of our top product picks from these brands.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a type of smoking tool that filters through the cannabis stored inside. The bong creates a gas that then floats to the top of the device. This gas converts into smoke that you can then breathe in. 

This smoking utensil is made up of various parts. This includes the neck, bowl, base, carburetor, and stem. To properly smoke weed with a bong, you need to cover the top so smoke develops.

Top Five Bong Brand Products

Below are some of our top picks to invest in from the best bong brands mentioned above.

Now that you’ve read about some of the important things to consider and look for in a bong, it’s time to buy one! Below are some of the best bong brands on the market today you can buy from.


If you’re looking for simple yet quality bongs, RooR is a brand you’ll want to take a look at. Their bongs are not only easy to use, but are made with some of the highest quality materials. Because of their popularity though, many of their bongs are often counterfeited. It’s important to check to make sure you’re buying a real RooR bong if you decide to go with this brand to ensure you don’t buy a fake one.

To help tell whether or not your RooR is genuine or not, you can use a few things. First of all, check the RooR logo. Every RooR logo will face the left side of the bong. If your RooR bong’s logo is not facing this direction, you more than likely have a fake one. RooR bongs also only tend to have 3-prong ice catchers and splashguards. If your RooR bong doesn’t have this, you might have just bought a fake one.

RooR Bong Ice Master

This sleek bong by RooR measures 5 mm across and 45 cm tall. It has a bistable joint and a flared mouthpiece to help ensure you get a quality smoking experience. This clear bong comes with a glass glaze on it to help keep it durable and working well.


  • It’s very durable.
  • It gives a cool taste to the smoke.
  • You’ll get a great flavor from it.


  • It doesn’t have the most creative design.
  • It’s a little expensive.
  • It’s very fragile.

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is a brand known for their creative bong designs. These bongs are practically a work of art with their unique curves and colors. This bong company even has a distinctive product with a UV reaction feature which can cause the bong to glow in the dark. While they might look pricey, they are surprisingly very affordable.

Empire Glassworks One Eyed Alien Bong

This extremely creative bong by Empire Glassworks features an alien peeking out from the interior of the bong and tentacles swarming out from the bottom of it. This bong is made of a tough glass so heavy-usage won’t damage it. The bong has a special mouthpiece which can help you to get the best smoke flavor as well as preventing splashes from happening. This product features a sidecar design and measures 6 inches tall.


  • It’s a unique design.
  • It’s a good option for those looking for a compact model.


  • This model is somewhat expensive.

Grav Labs

If you want to find a brand that sells great glass bongs, Grav Labs is one you’ll want to check out. It creates bongs out of a thick glass which helps to not only trap the flavor inside better, but ensure the bong won’t break. This sleek and compact bong is made with a helpful design as it features many different layers of filters inside it. This can help to prevent any ash from getting through and ensure the smoke you breathe in is smooth and flavorful. Grav Labs bongs also have their own unique ice pinch feature which can help to cool things down when you smoke while also preventing major messes from occurring.

Grav Labs Upline Water Pipe

The Grav Labs Upline Water Pipe is made with a tough glass material and measures 18 inches tall, so it’s pretty big. The interior of the bong has a ladder design in it which helps to filter through the smoke so you get the best tasting flavor during your smoking experience. This tall bong has about 50 mm tubing. The bong also has an angled mouthpiece to help provide a better smoking flavor and a vertical downstem which can help to catch ash from the smoke so you don’t breathe it in and or cause the bong to become dirty.


  • You can choose from many color options for it like black, green, and yellow.
  • It’s a large option.


  • This model is one of the pricier models on the market.


Grasscity boasts over 5,000 selections you can choose from. You’ll find everything from small to extra-large bongs you can buy. Grasscity bongs are colorful and even have twirling coils inside that add a creative flair to it. If you’re looking for a wide selection, you’ll definitely want to check out this brand.

Grasscity Mini Beaker Bong

This clear glass bong by Grasscity features a beaker base and a carb hole to help provide a great smoking experience. It has an attached downstem and measures 10.5 cm long. The bong also has a rubber grommet to help keep the bong durable and in place when you’re smoking.


  • It’s an affordable choice.
  • It’s compact.
  • This is a discreet option.


  • This model doesn’t have the most creative design.
  • It can be a little difficult to reach the smoke sometimes.

Pulse Glass

Pulse Glass bongs come in a variety of designs which means everyone can find something that fits their taste. Pulse Glass has their own distinctive designs which can’t be found anywhere else. There’s the barrel stemline bong which gives the smoke a smooth taste and a 360-degree unobstructed smoke flow which can enhance the flavor of the smoke significantly. There’s also the gridded tongue bong which quickly pushes air from the bottom of the bong so you get smoke quickly but without it being overwhelming.

Pulse Glass The Bubbler

The Bubbler is made with a strong layered glass design which not only helps to keep the bong durable, but give it a unique look. The bong has a reversible 18 mm joint as well as a bent mouthpiece which can help you to better reach the smoke inside to inhale it. The barrel percolator helps to filter through the smoke so you aren’t inhaling the ash. This bong measures 11.5 inches tall.


  • It has a stunning design.
  • The bong will give the smoke inside a smooth flavor.


  • It’s a little expensive.

Honey Supply

This bong brand is known for its handblown glass bongs making each one of them unique from the other. The bongs from Honey Supply are made with a thick glass and often shaped into an hourglass to help enhance the smoke’s flavor. The bongs also feature coils inside and are coated with a soft, almost pastel-like assortment of colors.

Honey Supply Stacked Swiss Recycler

The Stacked Swiss Recycler by Honey Supply is made with an inverted percolator design. It’s created out of a strong borosilicate glass which helps to ensure it stays durable. The bong has a Swiss disc body and comes with a flower bowl.


  • It’s an affordable choice.
  • It comes in color options such as teal and mango.


  • The flavor might not be as strong as some might like.

Types of Bongs

Many people are often surprised at the variety of choices they have when it comes to bong shopping. Bongs aren’t just made out of glass, but many other different materials. Because of this, it can be overwhelming to choose the right material for your needs. Below is some more information about different types of bongs and what their purposes are.

  • Glass

Glass bongs are some of the most popular options for bongs. This is due not only to their sleek design, but the ability to work well with the materials you’re smoking. The glass doesn’t hinder the flavor of the smoke which means you’ll be able to get plenty of flavorful bursts when smoking with one. Because the glass is clear, it can also help you to know when it’s time to clean it out which can be very helpful. However, glass bongs are a little more expensive because of this.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic bongs are a much heavier and fragile option, but they offer more selection so you can find one that matches your creative preferences perfectly. Ceramic bongs come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and designs which makes them perfect for those looking not only for a bong to use, but a piece of art. Keep in mind though that ceramic bongs are somewhat expensive.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a unique material to use for bongs. It’s a natural option and the bamboo wood can add a soft flavor to your smoke. You’ll also find plenty of designs you can choose from with them. Bamboo bongs are also very durable so if you accidentally drop it, there’s no need to worry about it breaking. Bamboo is also very easy to clean and doesn’t tend to invite bacteria to grow. Thanks to this, you won’t need to clean it out as often as other materials. However, bamboo bongs usually have very large openings so you sometimes need to cover the top with your hand to prevent smoke from escaping.

  • Metal

Metal bongs aren’t the most common type of bongs, but they are a good choice for those looking for a durable and cheap option. However, metal bongs aren’t often used due to them obstructing a bit of the taste of the smoke.

  • Plastic

After glass, plastic is one of the most common types weed smokers use for bongs. They are not only affordable and extremely durable, but come in a variety of design options. Plastic bongs though don’t have the best taste. If you’re not too concerned with having a little less flavor with your smoke, a plastic bong would be a good choice to use, especially if you’re just starting out with weed smoking and you regularly clean them to neutralize residual bacteria and odors.

Bong Shapes

In addition to numerous materials, bongs come in plenty of shapes. Below are a few of the most popular types. 


A straight bong features one long tube. It’s one of the simplest shapes available. This makes it perfect for beginners. 


A beaker bong has a cone-shaped bottom to hold water. 


A round bong has a round-shaped bottom to hold water. This shape tends to be a little more stable compared to other shapes. 


A multi-chamber bong features different tubes that connect together. Each tube holds something different, like water and smoke. Because of its unique design, this type of bong is somewhat pricey. 

Parts of a Bong

Before you invest in a bong, it’s important to consider the parts of it. A bong is made up of various parts, just like with pipes and vaporizers, all of which serve a different purpose. It’s a good idea to know what these parts are to ensure that you find the right bong for your needs.

  • The Base

The base is exactly what its name implies, it’s the bottom of the bong. The base will help to support the bong when put on a surface so you can smoke freely without problems.

  • Bowl

Right above the base is the bowl. The bowl comes in various sizes, usually measured in the form of millimeters, so it’s not that big. It can be very small or large, depending on your preferences. The purpose of the bowl is to help collect the smoke and water when its floats through the bong.

  • Diffuser

Also known as the downstem, the diffuser helps to cool down the smoke in the bong with water. It’s able to do this thanks to the small holes in it that create water vapor to help absorb the smoke. This ends up actually helping to create a thick smoke for you to breathe in and one that has a smooth taste.

  • Stem Hole

The stem hole’s job is to connect the bottom area of the bong, usually the base, bowl, and diffuser to the top of the bong.

  • Percolator

The percolator is one of the most important parts of the bong. This section helps to sort through the smoke created to prevent it from being too thick and unflavorful. The percolator will help the smoke to lift up through the bong and uses small water bubbles to help sort through it all. This way, you’ll get a smooth taste and won’t be bombarded with a thick smoke. When it comes to percolators, you’ll find that they come in many different styles. Some of the most common being honeycomb, turbine, and fritted.

  • Ashcatcher

This section of the bong is also located near the bowl and helps to collect the ash created from the smoke. It basically works as a cleaner to help prevent you from breathing in ash and from ruining the bong’s nice look.

These are some of the main parts of the bong, although there are many other ones as well you can usually add on to one. For instance, there are carbon filters which help to meticulously sort through the smoke to give it a healthy and smooth flavor. It can even help to prevent strong smells from forming, something which is vital for many weed smokers.

What to Look for in a Bong

There are a few key things you’ll need to think about before buying any bong. Below are some of the crucial aspects to consider.

Its Style

A good thing to consider when bong shopping is the style of it. You definitely want to make sure you’re pleased with the design of the bong you buy. This can make it not only nice to look at, but enjoyable to use.

The style of the bong can range from its colors, size, and shape. You’ll want to consider these three areas carefully to ensure that the bong you buy is right for you.

Its Durability

Durability is an extremely important thing to check when bong shopping. If a bong breaks easily, your investment wouldn’t have been worthwhile. You’ll want to check to make sure the bong can withstand heavy usage, even if made from a delicate material like glass. Many of the best bong brands often make shatter-proof bongs which can help to ensure that if dropped, the bong won’t crack or become completely damaged.

If it’s Authentic

Surprisingly, many of the best bong brands are often imitated. This is because many understand how popular these brands are to weed smokers. So, one important thing to look at when shopping for a bong is to see if it’s the real thing. Many people sometimes invest in bongs thinking they are authentic only to find out later they’ve been duped. You’ll want to look carefully at the seller and make sure they are a certified one. You’ll also want to pay close attention to any reviews and key components of the bong which can give you a hint of whether or not the bong is from the brand it says it is. By doing a careful check, you can be sure that you’ll only buy the real thing.

The Flavor Quality

When smoking, you definitely want to have only the best flavor. The way you can make sure you do is by looking at the type of bong you buy. While it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not the bong will give you the ideal taste, sometimes looking at the shape of the bong can help to indicate whether it will or not. You’ll want to look at the bong’s filtration system to ensure it can help to collect ash from the smoke so you don’t breathe it in. You should also check to see if the percolator has a special design to help keep water flowing in the bong often so the smoke’s flavor is smooth and tasty. All of this will help you to make sure that the flavor quality is excellent.

See if it Can Have Add-Ons

Add-ons can be a helpful way to make your smoking experience a unique one. You’ll want to see if your bong can have add-ons so you can upgrade your smoking experience even more. Some of the most popular add-ons to use with your bong are ice pinches, which hold ice to help cool the smoke you breathe down, and splashguards, which can help to prevent dirty bong water from getting into your mouth. These adds-ons come in many different styles as well so you can easily find one that matches the look of your bong.

The Benefits of Using a Bong

Believe it or not, there are many interesting benefits that come with using a bong.

They are Affordable

A great benefit of bongs is that they are affordable. This is unlike many other smoking tools which can run to be a few hundred dollars. While this isn’t to say there aren’t expensive bong products, most are very budget-friendly. 

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They are Durable

Bongs are meant to be used often. Because of this, they need to be durable. You’ll find that these tools are made of many different high-quality materials, like metal. This helps to ensure that the bong can withstand heavy-duty usage and last you for many years. 

They are Easy to Use and Clean

Some smoking tools might be a little difficult to use. This is because they require you to take certain steps before using them or could have too many features which makes using it confusing. The great thing about bongs though is that they are very easy to use. This makes them great for beginning smokers to try out. 

In addition to being easy to use, bongs are also easy to clean. Because they have a somewhat simple design, smokers can clean out the pieces and fully remove left-behind substances. This can help to prevent dangerous mold and bacteria from developing. 

They are Built with Many Features

Another unique benefit of bongs is that they come with plenty of features. This includes stylish beakers and filters that give you an impressive smoke. As mentioned above, bongs can be attached to a variety of different add-ons like splashguards. This allows you to create a smoking routine that works well for your preferences. 

They Filter the Smoke Well

Unlike many other smoking devices, bongs filter through the smoke impressively well. In fact, they are known for removing dangerous carcinogens, substances known for causing cancer. Besides this, its filtration also works to cool the smoke down. This helps to keep smokers from inhaling smoke that could burn their mouth or cause throat irritation. 

They Give You an Impressive Smoking Experience

Some smoking tools give you mediocre smoking hits. However, bongs (especially glass ones) can create an impressive amount of smoke in just a few seconds. This encourages you to have a substantial hit. 

What is the Difference Between a Bong and a Hookah?

Bongs and hookahs might look similar, but they are very different. Hookahs tend to be somewhat large and have a long pipe at the end of them for smoking. Bongs are compact and have a solid mouthpiece you need to move your head over. Unlike bongs, hookahs are mainly used for smoking tobacco. Because of this, they aren’t ideal for weed.

Cleaning Your Bong

Any good bong owner knows that it’s vital to clean your bong often. This not prevents a build-up of dangerous bacteria, but helps keep the device durable. To clean a bong, you’ll only need a few tools, but it’s crucial that this process is done in a specific way. 

Mix Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt Together

One of the most popular ways to clean a bong is to mix isopropyl alcohol and salt together. These not only remove grime from crevices but sanitizes the bong as well. 

Remove Each Piece 

The next step is to remove each detachable piece from the bong. This is usually the bowl and stem. You’ll want to take these pieces and put them into a separate plastic bag or container. Then, pour some of the alcohol/salt mixture together over them. Afterward, swish the pieces around in the liquid so they’re coated. Once you feel that they have been properly cleaned, remove the pieces and rinse them under cool water. If you feel that some areas might have been missed during this cleaning process, you can grab a cotton swab to wipe that area down with. 

Fill the Bong with Alcohol/Salt Mix

You’ll then want to fill the other part of your bong (such as the mouthpiece) with the alcohol/salt mix. To prevent it from spilling when you shake it, plug the top. Once you do this, carefully shake the bong so the mixture can reach all areas of it. After you do this, drain the bong and rinse it thoroughly with water. 

Tips for Bong Smoking

Bong smoking can be a lot of fun, but there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Always Keep Your Bong Clean

It’s vital that your bong is constantly cleaned out. While this doesn’t mean you need to clean it out every day, you should work to ensure that it’s cleaned out often, especially if you use it a lot. Cleaning a bong isn’t that much work though. All you need to do is make sure to rinse it out after each use and occasionally give it a deep clean.

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  • Have Fun

Many people often think they have to stick to basic smoking methods when it comes to bongs. You don’t have to do this though. There are a variety of fun smoking methods you can try. You might even try playing some games when you’re smoking to add some fun to your experience.

  • Watch Where You Place It

While a bong might be labeled “durable” that doesn’t mean it won’t break eventually if dropped often. You’ll want to take care of your bong and place it in an area where it won’t be bumped against often. By taking care of it, you can be sure that your bong will last for a long time.

If you enjoy smoking weed, bongs are a key tool to have on hand. They’ll help to give you an incredible smoking experience thanks to their unique flavors and designs. However, finding the right bong for your needs can be a little difficult. Because of this, it’s easy for many to simply buy the first bong they see without careful consideration.

The bong brands listed above are some great options to buy from. They offer quality bongs in a variety of styles so everyone can find something that works well for them. If you’re looking for some of the top bong brands to buy from, definitely keep the ones mentioned above in mind.