Blue Dream Strain Review


The Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that hails from Northern California and made waves in the medical marijuana spotlight. This strain is a true crowd-favorite and even considered a holy grail for many because of its impressive combination and balance of soothing full-body relaxation with an uplifting cerebral invigoration.

Because of the balance buzz, this strain can offer, the Blue Dream is generally a favorite for both beginners and veteran users. Its effects of bringing an energized mood followed by a gentle and calming euphoria make this strain easy to use and work around with. Its potent effects are a very much appreciated sweet berry and fruity flavors and aroma of the Blue Dream.

History and Composition

It is known that the awesome properties and characteristics of the Blue Dream strains are from its parent strains, which are the Santa Cruz Haze and DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 Indica. The Blue Dream has built a reputation and achieved legendary status among the West Coast marijuana strains – so it is safe to say that the Blue

Dream is indeed a popular and famous strain. This dream strain is one of the most sought after and top-selling marijuana strains in Washington, Colorado, and California based on statistical reports.

The Blue Dream buds typically appear as a popcorn-shaped nugget that is dense and fluffy covered with white trichomes and tacky resin. They appear in bright green nuggets coated in amber and blue hairs with very rich and deep blue undertones. This strain is not only good-looking but also comes with a good deal of THC content too. It has quite a high THC content that reaches up to twenty-four percent, making it a very potent and stellar strain.

More reasons for the Blue Dream’s popularity are that this is a clone-only and non-proprietary strain, making it more accessible and easy for both growers and buyers. This strain also does not demand much and is easy to grow with a remarkably short flowering time. Blue Dreams can also be grown both in indoor and outdoor settings and is fairly resistant to mold, making it root easily and consistently.

Experience and Feels

The Blue Dream is perfect for users who aim to achieve both a relaxing and energizing experience, basically just the best of both worlds. Because of its balanced and well-blended effects, this strain triggers various effects and a decent body high, making it truly versatile and fit for any smoker.

Happiness and euphoria are the two most notable effects of the Blue Dream strain. It is uplifting and energizing as well. These positive effects often result in productivity and creativity while giving you a well-rested body and mind right after giving you relaxing and enveloping sensations.

Despite this strain’s great and awesome characteristics, there are still notable side effects. The most common is dry eyes and dry mouth, so it is recommended to keep a bottle of water near you, or maybe some eye drops too. Some users also experienced slight paranoia and dizziness, so you must give strains a try before you go full-on them. It would be best to choose the strain that will work perfectly for you while addressing your wants and needs.


The Blue Dream strain is sought after by medical users for its ability to alleviate various symptoms without causing significant sedation or paranoia. It is particularly effective in managing chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, severe exhaustion, and can also be beneficial for individuals with eating disorders. However, it is typically not advised for those with anxiety, as numerous users report experiencing increased nervousness and anxiety with its use.

For the best outcomes, it’s crucial to seek advice from healthcare professionals. Final Thoughts

Because of its impressive characteristics and ease of growing and cultivation, read more about growing here‘, no wonder why the Blue Dream strain is extremely popular. This is indeed a good sativa dominant strain for both novice and enthusiasts because of its great and balanced effects it can offer. They may be few but minor drawbacks with this strain, but it is generally a reliable and fantastic strain that is definitely worth trying.