Galaxy Hydro 300W – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review


We all know how plants need light and specific light cycles to grow healthy, mostly the cannabis plants. If you choose to be an indoor cannabis grower, you should understand how grow lights play a significant role in the success of your growing journey. If you are starting your grow room and are still a bit puzzled about what grow light you should be getting, we assure you, LED lights will be your best bet.

Nowadays, countless growers and cultivators have chosen LED grow lights and relied on them as the primary light source for their indoor cannabis plants. There are indeed tons of options available today when it comes to grow lights, but if you are after high functionality and impressive efficiency, LED grow lights are indeed a way to go.

This review will give you a good glimpse of how the Galaxy Hydro 300W works and help you decide if this LED grow light will be suitable for you and your growing tent or area.

Key features of the Galaxy Hydro 300W

The Galaxy Hydro 300W is a product that is genuinely tried and tested by many, making it a brand you can trust. To help you know more about this super grow light, we have prepared the outstanding features that make it worth buying.

Optimum light spectrum

The Galaxy Hydro 300W is a full-spectrum LED grow light that includes 430 nm, 450 to 470 nm, 620 to 630 nm, and 740 nm. In cannabis photobiology, most sunlight spectrum is useless when it comes to plant growth. The most important ones include the red light and blue light, which made an immense contribution to the cannabis plants. The red and blue lights have also been proven to aid in producing higher and better yields. The GalaxyHydro 300W PAR value is at 453 umol at 18″ height which allows deep penetration to support plant growth effectively. The GalaxyHydro LED grow lights, because of their full-spectrum capability, have been proven to work very well in the healthy growth of cannabis plants.

Light efficiency for better plant growth

The Galaxy Hydro 300W holds only the best, high-quality, and premium LED lights. This lighting system works with a hundred pieces of only the best LED lights with 3W Epileds chips to ensure efficient and highly functional lights. The efficient luminosity of the Galaxy Hydro 300 works to provide adequate light penetration to maximize the light absorption of your cannabis plants.

Ultraviolet and infrared

Both UV and IR are vital for cannabis plant growth. The ultraviolet light functions and helps in the sterilization of the plants and the grow area as well. Sterilizing the plants will hamper the bacterial growth that can seriously have a negative effect on your cannabis plants. Exposure to ultraviolet light will also improve the plant’s ability to produce healthy and heavily flowered plants. On the other hand, infrared light can be very useful in improving both vegetative and flowering cycles.

Impressive heat management

The Galaxy Hydro 300W lighting unit features two cooling fans with a Sunflower Radiator System, which will provide excellent heat dissipation and effectively reduce noise. The whole lighting unit will not a bit generate heat even on an 18/6 schedule. The cooling system built in this LED grow light can effectively help the lifespan of the grow light. The Galaxy Hydro 300W is perfect for a 2′ x 2′ grow tent with maximum coverage of 3′ x 3′ area.

Pros and Cons of the Galaxy Hydro 300W

Despite the Galaxy Hydro 300W being a really awesome LED grow light, it still has its pros and cons.


  • Has many useful and beneficial features.
  • The Galaxy Hydro 300W has excellent ultraviolet and infrared functions that are very vital for growing your cannabis plants.
  • Offers very efficient lighting for smaller grower areas.
  • Has a very reasonable price.
  • This frow light gives you guaranteed efficient plant growth.


  • The Galaxy Hydro 300W has a limited or smaller coverage area.

Things to consider

Before getting a grow light for your cannabis plants, there are some factors and things to consider. We have noted the most important factors that many growers would like to think about before getting a grow light.


It is good to know that LED grow lights function very well if you need a better and brighter lighting system for vegging and flowering. Various grow lights can also be designed to work for specific types of plants or stages of plant growth. You may want to know what your plants need before getting a LED grow light of your own.

Light spectrum

One of the crucial things that you need to look at when getting an indoor grow light is the capability of giving off a suitable light spectrum and the ability to control the output spectrum. You have to look at these factors since managing output according to your plants’ needs is extremely necessary. Changes and varied light output will be effective in stimulating seasonal changes that can be appropriate for the plants’ respective growing cycles.

Heating and cooling system

In getting a good LED light, you must be particular that they have excellent and functional cooling systems and heat sinks. LED grow lights generally work well with high power, so they need to have efficient cooling systems and function well. It is imperative that you get lighting systems with excellent cooling or heating units that are of high-quality.

Let’s delve into some of its key features:

1. Wattage: This LED grow light offers a powerful 300W output, ensuring your plants receive an ample amount of light for robust growth.

2. Full Spectrum Lighting: It provides a complete spectrum of light, including blue, red, and white wavelengths, which are essential for all stages of plant development.

3. Energy Efficiency: Unlike traditional lighting options, LED grow lights are energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity costs while minimizing your carbon footprint.

4. Durable Build: The Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light is designed to last, with a sturdy construction that ensures longevity and reliable performance.

Final thoughts

The Galaxy Hydro 300W LED grow lights‘ are indeed one of the best grow lights out there and the best solutions for indoor growing. With its extremely outstanding features, this grow light can undoubtedly help you and provide you with every lighting you need for your cannabis plants.

We hope this review has dramatically helped you get the information you required about the Galaxy Hydro 300W. Moreover, we hope that this review has helped you decide that this grow light system is the best one out there and is definitely worth trying.