How To Make A Pumpkin Bong


Autumn is the favorite time of year for many people, even over summer. That is the time of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and it is close to the Christmas holiday season. Not to mention, when you are scrolling through social media during the latter part of the summer, the one thing that you will find is people sharing memes about anything to do with pumpkins. You hear about pumpkin-spiced lattes, desserts, and everything else. You hear about pumpkins being part of anyone’s theme during that time. So why not incorporate pumpkins with your love for cannabis?

How can you do that? You can embrace the spirit of autumn even more by creating a pumpkin bong! A pumpkin bong? What? Yeah, you can make one, and you will have a lot of fun doing so. How can you do that? Let’s go over how step-by-step, and you are going to love it! First, let’s go over what you need!

What Do You Need To Build A Pumpkin Bong?

You will need to get yourself a sharpie, but you will want to use a black, blue, or deep red. Don’t use orange, or else it will not work for you. Next, you will need to get yourself a nice hand-held pumpkin because that is easy to toke. The higher, the better. Don’t worry about getting a round pumpkin because you need one that allows you the space for a mouthpiece and downstem. You will also have to have your knife, spoon, mouthpiece from a straw or old bong, bowl piece, and glass downstem. Now, let’s talk about how you can begin to work on your pumpkin.

Let’s Start Making Your Pumpkin Bong

Once you have your pumpkin, then you will want to map your cuts before cutting anything. That is why you need the sharpie to make the spots where you will insert your downstem and mouthpiece. You will also want to mark the top of the pumpkin to cut it to remove the seeds and the innards. But don’t cut it too wide, or else it can cause issues for the mouthpiece and downstem.

Now you will need to gather your knife and spoon because it will be carving time. First, you have to carefully cut the top of the pumpkin to take the spoon and remove the innards. Keep the area intact and do not cut anywhere near the mouthpiece and downstem region of the pumpkin. You will have to seal back the pumpkin with the top part again, which is why you do not want to cut it recklessly.

The best pattern to cut the top of the pumpkin is by cutting in a single circular cut as it will help minimize anyair exposure, which will cause the pumpkin to decay quickly. But, of course, you do not want to do that.

When you clean the innards with the spoon, you want to clean it well, or it will cause obstruction when you smoke. The last thing you want is a frustrating smoking experience. Next, you will want to flush the pumpkin out with water to clean it efficiently as you do not want any piece inside that can cause obstruction. Next, clean the innards off the top of the pumpkin, too. Again, the goal is that the pumpkin should be hollow. Now that you have finished preparing your pumpkin, it is time to install the mouthpiece and downstem.

Insert The Mouthpiece And Downstem

Now, this is one of the essential steps. You are about to install the downstem and bowl. You have the downstem area marked, and you will carve it out with your knife. You will want to maintain the lower part of the hole at a 45-degree angle because it will help keep the downstem down, so it will prevent water from splashing back. Then, you will put the downstem in the hole, and you will need to grab your bowl. Take the bowl and put it at the downstem’s end.

The next thing to do is to put the top of the pumpkin back on if you have not done so already. Then you will take care of the mouthpiece portion by cutting it away with the knife. Once you have the hole, insert the mouthpiece, whether you want to use a straw or an old bong mouthpiece. However, if you only have a straw, you will need a smaller instrument like a screwdriver to puncture the pumpkin.

You Can Add Water, Or Not If You Want To Dab

Now you have your bong, and then the next thing you need to do is add a small amount of water to the pumpkin. Only add a small amount to get a good-quality and smooth smoke. However, if you want to dab, you will wish not to add water to treat it as a rig.

If you want to dab, you will not use the bowl and use a titanium nail instead, and you will want to place it at the correct angle, so make sure you dab correctly. Is that all you want to do with your pumpkin bong? Why not make it fun and decorate the exterior of it!

You Can Decorate The Pumpkin’s Exterior If You’d Like

If you want to make the experience extra fun, then you can add some character to your pumpkin bong. You can draw on your pumpkin anything you’d like, whether it has to do with autumn, Halloween, or anything else that involves an inside joke you have with your friends. You can even glue some festive sprinkles on it as well if you want to get even more festive.

However, the one thing you never want to do is carve your pumpkin bong and turn it into a jack-o-lantern, or else you can imagine what will happen. That good smoke you wish to inhale will escape! What will be the fun in that if that happens?

Additional Insights and Recent Trends

  • Leafly’s Guide:
    • Uses a medium pumpkin and includes an optional mouthpiece.
    • Notes that removing seeds is optional, as some prefer them for more diffusion.
    • Highlights the importance of carving the downstem hole at a downward angle.
    • Suggests smoking directly off the pumpkin or using a removable mouthpiece.
    • Recommends adding water to cover the downstem’s percolator.
  • Toker Supply’s Guide:
    • Suggests prioritizing height over roundness in choosing a pumpkin for better space management.
    • Stresses on mapping out cuts before making any permanent steps.
    • Advises to cut the top of the pumpkin with precision for a clean seal.
    • Recommends thoroughly cleaning the inside with water for smooth smoking.
    • Suggests using a smaller tool like a screwdriver to puncture the pumpkin for a straw mouthpiece.
    • Offers an option to decorate the pumpkin’s exterior with a permanent marker.
    • Provides an alternative setup for dabbers using a titanium nail and omitting water.


If you want to find a creative way to make a bong that is fitting for autumn or the Halloween season, you will want to make a bong out of a pumpkin. Doesn’t that sound like a fun activity to do? Additionally, you will enjoy the smoking experience with a pumpkin bong. You will need a tall, handheld pumpkin that is not wide, as well as a dark-colored sharpie, a knife, a bowl, a glass downstem, and a mouthpiece. You can use a straw for a mouthpiece if you like, but you will need to follow the instructions in this article to make the best pumpkin bong so you can have an enjoyable experience with it. Have fun with your creation and smoking experience!