Glookies Strain Review


With its outstanding genetic characteristics, the Glookies strain has slowly made its way towards the well-loved and sought after strains. This is also a favorite among growers because of its flawless combination from both its parent strains. The Glookies is an indica dominant hybrid with a rich and musky earthiness with a hint of chocolatey sweetness.

History and Composition

The Glookies strain is a hybrid of two legendary strains: the Gorilla Glue, one of the best, feminized strains, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, therefore the name “Glookies.”This is composed of 20% sativa and 80% indica, making it an indica dominant and potent strain. Barney’s Farm is the business responsible for the birth of the Glookies strain, and this strain is composed of the most high-quality genetic characteristics from the parent strain.

With its long-lasting effects, the Glookies has a moderately high average THC level that comes for up to 25%. Glookies may be a cute and funky name, but users and growers can’t help but love this strain with its awesome effects and characteristics. In today’s market, this strain is no longer a stranger and has increasingly become a strain of choice for many.

Aesthetic and Flavor

Thanks to its great parent strains, the Glookies have very impressive and delicious flavors and aromas. During the first puffs and hits of smoke, you will notice its unique flavor that is both earthy and sweet. This strain has no harsh flavors and offers you a cookie or chocolatey flavor combined with diesel that is strong enough to leave a good kind of aftertaste. The deliciousness of the Glookies strain lasts for a good amount of time and will truly leave your mouth with a rich, sweet, and nutty scent.

If you break the nugs open, they give off a more pungent and strong flavor and aroma. It boasts a combination of earthy diesel and chocolate for an intense and flavorful experience. This strain’s taste is often compared to the combination of Sour Diesel, Key Lime, and Walnuts. The Glookies smoke is certainly a combination of unique aromas that not many strains possess. This strain will surely give you great and sensual flavors.

Glookies have large and dense buds that are filled with resin and are very tacky and sticky. They show off with rounded bright green nugs. This strain is truly attractive and boasts a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. The plants are considered to be of medium height.

Growing and Cultivating the Critical Mass

The Glookies strain is a great high-yield strain. Its parent strains are also famous among growers and cultivators. That is why there will be no reason why the Glookies strain will be less prominent. Both indoor and outdoor growing is possible for the Glookies, so it is suitable for those who what to grow to sell and those who grow just for personal consumption.

This strain is able able to produce better and higher yields when grown indoors with a hydroponic setup. Hydroponics, as the name suggests, will not need the use of soil for cultivation. But you will ultimately need to spend more time and effort in looking after the plants. The Glookies strain will still do great and produce good yields when using other methods.

When growing indoors, you must install and use the appropriate LED lighting strong enough for plants to flower and flourish. In outdoor growing, there will be not much of physical requirements and needs. This strain can grow just fine in cool, hot, and temperate climates; just make sure that the climate is not too extreme. Plants will often flower at around 60 to 70 days indoors and make a good harvest during October when grown outdoors.

Effects and Benefits

Glookies strain gives you a high that comes in slow that lightly builds a sense of euphoria that helps you become at ease. As the effect grows, it will calm your body, giving it a sense of relaxation for both the mind and body.

With its remarkably high THC level, the effects of the Glookies strain are indeed perfect for treating conditions and issues such as chronic pain, muscle pains, inflammation, and even seizure. This is also deemed effective for treating patients with insomnia, PTSD, chronic stress, and anxiety.

Wrapping Up on Glookies

With its positive effects, amazing flavors, and aroma, plus the medicinal benefits, the Glookies strain indeed has proven a good reason to become one of the most sought after strains. So if you need to have something that is both flavorful and beneficial, you should try the great Glookies strain!