10 Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Hydroponic Growth Systems for 2021

We are aware that every living thing requires sufficient nutrients to survive and grow. The cannabis we grow are also plants that need to be taken care of and nourished. For beginners and newbies, being able to grow healthy and high-quality cannabis can be an intimidating task. Most especially if you are still confused with the techniques, items, tools, and nutrients to use. Appropriate nutrients are very important when it comes to producing great weed. The best nutrients should be able to enhance not only the size but also the flavor and effectiveness when smoked. Utilizing and using the right, proper, and best hydroponic nutrients is an effective way to ensure a high-quality and good cannabis yield. If you are a cannabis grower who wants nothing but the best hydroponic nutrients for them, then you are on the right page.

Best Ten Hydroponic Nutrients


General Hydroponics Flora Series

Best Hydroponic NutrientsThe General Hydroponics Flora Series is very much recommended for beginners. General Hydroponics is a trusted nutrient company and their Flora Trio works well for beginners and advanced cannabis growers. This trio can be considered as a classic when it comes to hydroponic nutrients. This hydroponic nutrient hs an innovative Building Block Nutrient System, which has been imitated several times by its competitors, but up to this point, it has never been duplicated. With this feature and system, yields can be increased and the quality of the crop will significantly improve.

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One well-loved characteristic of the General Hydroponic Flora trio is it contains tons of micro-nutrients in trace amounts that often aren’t even found in other hydroponic nutrients. This is surely a great set of nutrients for any level of experienced, from beginners to experts. These nutrients are super concentrated as well so they are able to last a long while.

FoxFarm Nutrient Trio Hydro Formula

Each of this trio has a very specific and significant purpose. You will start with Grow Big Hydro to initiate growth. After which, Tiger Bloom will be used from the first appearance of buds. Lastly, apply Big Bloom throughout the growth cycle of the weed. This hydroponic nutrient is designed to maximize your yields and produce the biggest, healthiest, most potent buds.

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FoxFarm is a well-established company, with thousands of satisfied customers who use their fertilizers for each and every grow. FoxFarm products are excellent for growing larger, thicker and greener plants. Cannabis buds will be denser over time and you can even use the products during the later part of the plant growth. Growers who have had experiences in using FoxFarm products claim to enjoy great results with it. Also, the cost and price are much lower than that of other competitor products for growing good cannabis.

Blue Planet Nutrients Elite 3-Part System

These three-part nutrients for weed system from Blue Planet are everything that your cannabis will want and need. This Elite Series is specifically made for the nutrients that cannabis requires. This nutrient is also very efficient in helping you get the healthiest buds in the biggest yields. This hydroponic nutrient system is very affordable and comes in a set of three-gallon containers.

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Blue Planet remains cheap and affordable since they are also the distributor. Because of this, there will be no need to pay for a middleman when you purchase their nutrients. You can find specially designed and helpful charts on their products with the exact and ideal ratios of the three base nutrients for different stages of growth. This system was created by a scientist with a remarkable Masters in Plant Science from Texas A&M. Texas A&M is one of the known leading agriculture institutions.

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro, and Grow

Advanced Nutrients is a reputable company with a really nice line of hydroponic nutrients and supplements for growing cannabis and other plants in hydroponics. This premium three-part nutrient system is formulated to give your cannabis crops the perfect balance of N-P-K as well as other macronutrients and micronutrients required to maximize growth, yields, and quality.

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This system offers a pH perfect formulation to reduce the need for pH adjustments. This set of nutrients boasts a wide variety of amino acids, fulvic acid, and a non-ionic surfactant. The all work together to help your plants efficiently absorb all of the nutrients they need.

Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow and Liquid Bloom

Dyna-Gro Liquid is another top favorite fertilizer for growing weed. Their blend of essential micro and macronutrients are perfect and suitable for growing cannabis at every growth stage. Also, the Dyna-Gro works very well for other types of plants. This includes trees, vegetables, flower gardens and indoor decorative houseplants. Rosebush and other flower growers love this product as do marijuana growers. The buds bloom nicely from stems to full-on flowers. Cannabis plants produce nice and thick buds and bloom into major nugs at the end of the growth cycle. Plants produce flavorful smells and quality tastes.

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Dyna Gro products provide plants with a complete nutrition plan. Great quality products at a low cost. This product line contains 16 essential minerals for maximum plant growth. The Dyna Gro is very versatile and works well with both soil mixes and hydroponic systems. This nutrient is very simple and easy to use. Special mixing and concoction of chemicals are not required. Everything you need for your cannabis is packed in one bottle.

Botanicare CNS17 Bloom 2-2-3 Formula

Botanicare has an impressive line of products made to support growing plants, cannabis included. For the price of one bottle, you can feed your whole grow room. Cannabis and other plant growers gave this product high marks and highly recommend it for any type of plant growth. This product is great for producing good cannabis yields. Unlike other nutrients, this one is a professional strength product, it has the perfect blend of 17 minerals. It is a proprietary and special blend made for every plant growth stage, starting from seedlings to ripening buds and blooms. You get immediate and impressive results in your plants when using this product in the right way.

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A good thing about this nutrient is that you can use it in any types of all grow media. It helps keep the soil in its healthiest state to support healthy root growth. The N-P-K nutrient ratio in the CNS17 Bloom is specially designed to give specific important elements. This is to support healthy and high-quality cannabis plants. With this nutrient, your plants will never suffer from any sort of nutrient overdrive or nutrient burn.

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

Humboldt’s Secret Golden Tree is a pint-size product that makes up to 250 gallons of the nutrient solution when mixed with water. It hurries your plant through the vegetation stage to increase your harvest. Humboldt’s Secret nutrients started with their Golden Tree additive, which contains all of the good stuff that cannabis plants need which is not usually found in base nutrients.

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This system is easier to use than three-part combinations, yet you will still be able to get a good degree of customization when using it. This nutrient combo can be used for plants other than cannabis as well. Humboldt also makes Base A and Base B, essentials to be used alongside Golden Tree, plus other supplements like Flower Stacker, Plant Enzymes, and CalMag & Iron.

Roots Organics Buddha Grow & Buddha Bloom Fertilizer

Roots Organics is an organic hydroponic nutrient and they offer unquestionable top of the line nutrient products, therefore making them the best organic nutrients for cannabis. Although the Grow and Bloom fertilizers are technically and chemically formulated for soil use, many customers and growers have experienced great and impressive results while using them in hydroponic systems.

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These nutrient fertilizers are very fine and smooth. Also, they do not have any turbidity or large organic particles that may clog up your watering system. This organic fertilizer is especially effective with deep water culture systems, due to the lack of sprinklers or hoses in those systems. Keep in mind that soil-based fertilizers may have a few different nutrient levels compared to hydroponics-specific fertilizers. Because of this, the need to use a supplement might be necessary. However, if you have a soil based or outdoor grow, this set of fertilizers is perfect for an all organic setup.

Growth Science Nutrients Base, Solid Start & Rock Solid Liquid Nutrients

Growth Science Nutrients three-part system is a solid and trusted nutrient solution for beginner and seasoned growers. In addition to the usual two base fertilizers, there are three more solutions that make this a complete five-part system. Base A provides nitrogen along with micronutrients, while Base B has phosphorous and potassium. Solid Start is the vegetative state formula that ensures healthy green plant growth. While Rock Solid is added in during flowering for big, high-quality buds. Strength is the final part of this five-part system.

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This helps fortify and strengthen your cannabis in adverse conditions that they may experience during all growth stages. This system was formulated and made for growers of all experience levels. Because although it may seem complex with five parts, it is actually very easy to deal with and learn how to use them effectively. This set is proudly manufactured in California and is a great solution for healthy and productive cannabis plants.

General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom Dry Nutrients

Powdered nutrients are cheaper than concentrated liquid nutrients, and are very much easier to use. This series from General Hydro is a two-part set. It comes with a separate fertilizer for veg and another for flowering stages. MaxiGro is used to encourage rapid growth of seedlings, as well as through the vegetative stage. MaxiBloom is also known to effectively promote big, healthy buds during flowering stages. Powdered nutrients are much easier to store and transport.

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Also, if you make use of powders, they do not have the same risk of making a mess when you mix nutrients. If you have a very large production, or you store your nutrients in a different location than your plants, a powder can be great. Powdered nutrients can make it much easier to transport back and forth.

What is hydroponic growing?

Best Hydroponic NutrientsGenerally, hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants without the use of soil. Most growers may think of hydroponics as growing in a water bath. However, hydroponics also includes growing your plants in pots or containers using inert growth mediums such as coco, perlite, and vermiculite. When you grow using the hydroponic method, your plants are not able to benefit from nutrients offered by soil. Because of that, you need to give them everything they need to grow through the use of hydroponic nutrients. If your preferred method is growing in a water bath style hydroponic system, you can just add nutrients directly to the water supply. And, if you’re growing in pots you can add nutrients when you water your plants.

Advantages of hydroponics

It Quickens Your Plants Growth

The most notable advantage of hydroponic growing is that it makes the production a lot quicker. When it comes to hydroponics, your plants can grow much faster during the vegetative stage of growth. In fact, it’s believed that plants grown in hydroponic systems grow up to 30% faster than plants grown in soil. This is because hydroponic systems allow you to create a unique blend for the plants so they get an adequate amount of nutrients. In addition to this, unlike soil-grown plants, hydroponic plants don’t need to worry about producing a strong root system. Because of this, they can focus more on growing leaves and buds.

You Have Control Over the Nutrients

Another advantage is that you the complete control of the nutrients that your cannabis will get is in your hands. Because of this, it is easier to fix issues by changing the composition and blend of the nutrient mix.

This is very helpful because it can be difficult to pinpoint the right amount of nutrients cannabis plants need. For instance, when growing in soil, you don’t always know the amount and type of nutrients mixed into it. Hydroponic nutrients usually come in one type so you can control how much each plant gets.

They’re Easy to Use

At first, some might find hydroponics to be daunting, but you’ll find that hydroponic systems are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fill the system up with water and apply some nutrients. After that, stick your plant into the water. It’s that simple.

Hydroponic Nutrients

Even if you are growing with growstones, hydroponic nutrients will be a crucial and significant factor to consider if you are trying to get and achieve the best yields as much as you can. We all know that soil contains a lot of the nutrients your plants need to grow. So what do we do to give them similar nutrients they could be getting from the soil? The answer is simple, we provide the appropriate and right combination of hydroponic nutrients.

Why choose the best hydroponic nutrients

With the best hydroponic nutrients, you’ll be sure to get the best cannabis in terms of quantity and quality. The nutrient solution you choose to use will then take place of the micro and macronutrients that soil can normally provide. The advantage of hydroponic growing, however, is that you can replicate a soil medium without the unpredictability. What you should look for when purchasing hydroponic nutrients is the ratio of the three macronutrients.


These nutrients are known as macronutrients since they are absorbed in the largest quantities by your cannabis plant.


This nutrient is responsible for leaf growth and pigmentation. When there is a deficiency of nitrogen, older leaves turn yellow and soft. This can lead to a lethal condition if not fixed in a timely fashion.


Phosphorus is the nutrient you’ll need so that stems, roots, and flowers can undergo proper development. The demand for phosphorus increases during the flowering stage so that your plants can produce bountiful and great yields. When your cannabis plants are experiencing a deficiency in phosphorus, the quality and quantity of your buds can be drastically affected. That is why you should be able to provide enough phosphorus for your cannabis plants.


The macronutrient, potassium, is of slightly lesser importance but still contributes to the development of the buds, stems, and roots. It also ensures that proteins are synthesized.

How to tell if my cannabis plants are missing nutrients

There are a few signs you can use to tell if your plants aren’t getting enough nutrients.

Low Nitrogen

The many way to tell if your plants have low nitrogen is if they’re turning yellow, especially toward the bottom of the plant. This usually starts at the bottom and works its way to the top of the plant.

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Low Phosphorous

If your plants aren’t getting enough phosphorous, they tend to stay small with very little development. The leaves might also take on a strange purplish-tint or have dark spots.

Low Potassium

Low potassium can be indicated by yellow or brown spots on leaves. This is evident on both old and new growth. In fact, if there isn’t enough potassium, new leaves might start to curl and become crisp. Unlike other nutrient deficiency, if your plant has low potassium, it’s usually more susceptible to pests.

Low Magnesium

Magnesium is important because it helps your plant produce energy. It also encourages them to create enough sugar for rapid growth. Some signs that your plant might have a magnesium deficiency include the leaf tips turning brown, you find you’re not getting a lot of buds, and the leaves veins are yellow.

Low Iron

Iron is one of the most crucial nutrients for plants because it helps with producing chlorophyll. You can usually tell if your plant has an iron deficiency by looking at new plant growth. If you see that these young leaves aren’t growing correctly or quickly die, there’s probably a problem with the plant’s iron levels.

Low Zinc

It’s common for cannabis plants to have a zinc deficiency. This is especially so if you grown them in alkaline soil. Some signs of low zinc include brown spots on the leaves or wrinkled new growth. Low zinc can also make leaves turn sideways.

Low Copper

Cannabis plants don’t need a lot of copper, but it’s a good nutrient for them to have because it helps with their metabolism. Most of the time, low copper amounts can be seen by strange twisting leaf motions. Sometimes the tips of the leaves will also turn brown.

Low Sulfur

Sulfur is essential for healthy cannabis plants. It not only helps with transporting fatty acids throughout the plant, but creates terpenes. If your plant has a lack of sulfur, the leaves will turn a light shade of green or be slow in producing buds.


We know that the wide range of choices may be overwhelming. But we hope that this post has helped you decide on which one will be best for you. Growing cannabis and even other delicate plants will require you to provide the best nutrients you can get. All of these products offer maximum and trustworthy support to your plants. Each of these nutrients is made with specially designed mixes and formulas. They will help keep your cannabis plants healthy while supporting a strong and high yielding produce. No matter which of these hydroponic nutrients you choose you will never be disappointed and your cannabis plants will be very happy too.

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