White Weed Strains

Introduction It is known as a hybrid marijuana strain, said to have been grown somewhere in Florida. Although this wasn’t the initial name it was known by, it was known as the triangle, and we understand that this name is because of the high that it gives. The high offers many loved sensations. Usually, this … Read more

Colorado Weed Strains

Overview It is no secret that Colorado’s cannabis community has been widely growing since the wonder plant’s legalization. There might be variations in every region or state when it comes to the availability of the strain. Some cannabis strains can be straightforward to find in California, but they might be challenging to get on the … Read more

Psychedelic Weed Strains

Introduction There are over 700 strains of marijuana, each producing very different effects. Some marijuana strains are very potent with high THC levels that leave the user in a trippy or hallucinogenic state, while others produce less intimidating effects. The versatility of this herb is why marijuana users depend on it for various reasons. Some … Read more

Orange Weed Strains

Introduction It’s been about 50 years since the discovery of orange weed strains, and yet its legacy lives as loud as ever. Bursting with incredible flavor and aroma, this strain has gained massive popularity among users. The incredible taste of orange weed strains complemented by its blissful effect makes the strain a first choice for … Read more

Mexican Weed Strains

Introduction Mexican weed strains are the native types of Cannabis (or landraces) that grow in the Mexican region. They are often sativa both in effect and structure because of the climate condition. The climate condition is indeed a unique type that accommodates the growth of Cannabis. The Mexican region has been a perfect place for … Read more

Landrace Indica Strains

Introduction For centuries, people have consumed cannabis for both recreation and medicinal use. The green plant can be traced back to 2900 BC, our ancestors may not have sat around getting stoned, but they definitely used this plant in other ways. The cannabis that was available back then is way different than the ones you … Read more

Lemon Weed Strains

Introduction Lemon or Citrusy strains are popularly known for their intense energy that produces a sharp, citrusy scent and flavour. Ever since the Super Lemon Haze strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2008, these flavourful strains have gained the attention of weed connoisseurs. Producing a burst of aromas and flavours similar to many different fruits, … Read more

Hydro Weed Strains

Introduction One of the things you need to learn if you want to grow your own marijuana is the different genetics of marijuana strains and their growing methods. First, you have to decide on the strain you want to grow and select the right medium. Different strains have different methods of cultivation; hydroponic method is … Read more

Best Galaxy Hydro LED Grow Lights Review

Overview With the growth of the cannabis industry, the grow lights industry has leaped since many cultivators and growers have made it a better option to grow cannabis plants indoors. That is why there has been a recent surge of sales when it comes to the LED grow lights industry, and many companies, old and … Read more

12 Best 1,000W LED Grow Lights in 2021

LED light is a low heat and energy efficient light source that is famously used as grow lights for an indoor garden. These LED grow lights work perfectly for growing cannabis under a customizable spectrum of light. Being customizable is one of the most loved features of LED technology.  Because LED technology is so customizable, … Read more