GROWant G5-HiPar LED Grow Light Review

If you’re looking for a reliable grow light that will help to keep your plants warm and happy, the GROWant G5-HiPar Grow Light is one product you’ll want to check out. This product isn’t only compact, but durable and affordable. Below is a little more about this specific model and how it can help you with your plants.

What is a LED Grow Light?

An LED grow light is a device that uses light emitting diodes. These lenses don’t only tend to shine brighter than regular lights, but use less energy as well making them energy-efficient. This makes them ideal for indoor growers to use because they work well at mimicking the sun but at as low cost. LED lights come in various designs and wattages. 

What to Consider Before Buying a LED Grow Light

Before investing in a LED grow light, like the GROWant G5-HiPar LED Grow Light, there are a few important things to keep in mind. 

Its Size

You should always look at the size of the grow light. These products range in their sizes with some being small while others are very large. A small grow light is usually ideal for amateurs to start out with. It’s also good if you have only a few plants in your growing space that need light. On the other hand, a large grow light is good for spaces that house many plants. This is because it will cover them in an adequate amount of light. 

Its Durability

Another important thing to look at is the durability of the LED grow light. Most models are made of metal, although some might also be constructed out of plastic. Plastic housing isn’t always the most durable and could break easily. Because of this, it’s ideal to invest in a durable metal housing. 

You should also look at other parts of the grow light to check for durability besides the type of material it’s made of. Are the interior pieces high-pieces? What is the warranty for the product? By considering such thing, you can be sure you’ll be investing in an item that works well for your needs. 

Its Lifespan

LED grow lights can last anywhere from hundreds to thousands of hours. This amount depends on the wattage and type of model you plan to invest in. For most growers, a lifespan of around 50,000 hours is ideal. However, for those who don’t want to keep replacing the lights, a lifespan of about 100,000 hours is good.

Its Price

You should also consider the price of an LED grow light. These products will range in their prices with some being only a few dollars to others being a few hundred. While expensive options tend to have more features and are sometimes better built, they aren’t always the right option for some. If you’re a beginner, on a budget, or plan to use the light with just a few plants, a cheaper model would probably be ideal. On the other hand, if you have been growing indoors for quite a while and need a light that can support numerous plants, it might be a good idea to invest in a pricier option. 

If the LED Grow Light Can Be Used with Hydroponics

If you’re using hydroponics, it’s very important to make sure the LED light is compatible with it. Otherwise, it won’t only not work, but could be a fire hazard. Due to this, make sure the LED grow light you’re interested in can be used with hydroponics if you plan to use this system. 

How to Use a LED Grow Light: Tips for Using One

Using an LED grow light is very easy to do. While the correct way to use it will depend on the model you buy, there are some general usage tips to keep in mind. 

Check its Wattage

The first step is to always double-check the wattage of the LED grow light. If you plug the light into an outlet that might not support it very well, the LED grow light won’t work properly. It won’t only not send out an adequate amount of light, but could do so in small patches. Because of this, before you plug the light in, make sure you have an electrical outlet in the growing space that can support it. 

Watch How Long it Runs

While LED grow lights are meant to be kept on for hours, that still doesn’t mean they don’t need a break. Ideally, you should turn the lights off after about 8-12 hours of running. This way, you can give the lights a rest as well as your plants who also need darkness to grow. 

Move it Around Sometimes

Depending on how big your grow space is, you might need to move the light around sometimes. This way, the light emitted from it can reach all areas of your plants. How you do this will depend on the type of LED grow light you have. For instance, if it hangs, you can move the hanging kit to a different section of the space. On the other hand, if it needs to be screwed into a light, you can try to move the light fixture around. 

Give it a Check-Up Every Now and Then

To help ensure your LED grow light is running properly, be sure to check it every now and then. By doing so, you can help to ensure that the wires are running correctly, the bulbs are still burning, and the fans are continuing to blow. This will help you to fix any possible problems quickly so your grow light lasts you for many years. 

The GROWant G5-HiPar

This 400W LED grow light has many helpful features for your cannabis plants. These 400W lights use a Photon Engine to help them keep your plants warm. You’ll also find that this grow light has a large heat sink which will help to ensure this product doesn’t overheat and burn your plants. The LED lights of this product are specially made OSRAM Horticulture ones. These LED lights have a full spectrum of colors built into them. This means besides the helpful red and blue lights, they also will emit UV/IR rays. These lights also have a high PAR/PPFD amount per watt. The LED lights in this model can run for up to 100,000 hours.

This model is made with a black aluminum housing design. This design is durable and made with heavy-duty materials which means this grow light can run constantly without problems. This product can cover a growing area of 3 ft. x 3 ft. which means it’s ideal to use for small and medium size indoor growing spaces.

To prevent overheating from occurring, an Overheat Protection function is built into it. This function works with this grow light’s free and open air flow channels to help prevent it from burning your plants. It will help to cool the lights and the aluminum housing down to prevent it from causing your plants to wilt and burn. There is also a power button you can use to turn this model on or off. You can use this to give the grow light a break from running and your plants a break from its lighting.

As mentioned above, this model has free and open air flow channels. These will work to help cool the system down. Besides these though, there is a low DB silent fan built into this grow light. This fan will run without causing loud noises and will work with the air flow channels to cool the grow light down to prevent wilting of your plants.

The GROWant G5-HiPar is great to use on your indoor plants during all their growth stages and can even be used with hydroponics. However, keep in mind that this model isn’t waterproof so it’s important to keep it away from water to prevent it from being damaged.

What are the OSRAM Horticulture LED Light?

OSRAM Horticulture LED lights are Opto Semiconductors which means they are energy-efficient. This means that you can keep the GROWant G5-HiPar running without fears of it burning your plants and of having a high electric bill.

These LED lights often can also be dimmed which can help you to control just how much light intensity you want your plants to have. These dimmers can help these lights to work with your plants more effectively by encouraging them to produce chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Another great thing about these type of lights is that they have a wide color range. You’ll be able to shine different shades of colors like blue and red as well as UV and IR rays. These can all help to contribute to your plants growing well. Overall, this type of LED lighting will help to give you more control over how your plants grow.

What is the Purpose of the Heat Sink?

This product features a specially designed heat sink which will help to cool the lights down. This will help to prevent the lights from overheating and burning out and also from destroying your plants.

The purpose of this heat sink is basically just to make sure everything stays at a comfortable temperature. Heat sinks often work with fans to help ensure overheating doesn’t occur. To remove the heat, the heat sinks will use thermal conductors to move the heat out of the growing space area. The GROWant G5-HiPar’s heat sink is designed to work with the DB fan to make sure your plants are growing in a good environment.

What are the Benefits of LED Lights?

So, what are the benefits of LED lights? Why should you use them over other types?

They are Adjustable

LED lights actually have quite a few helpful benefits which makes them ideal to use over other types. LED lights are often adjustable. This means you can move them around to shine in a certain area or even dim them. You are able to control the amount of light your plants receive depending on your preferences. This can help to make sure your plants grow how you want them too.

They are Energy-Efficient

Besides being adjustable, LED lights are also energy-efficient. They don’t require a lot of electricity to run so they won’t generate a lot of heat. Because of this, the lights won’t get too hot so the cooling system doesn’t have to overwork to cool them down. You’ll also find your energy bill won’t skyrocket even if you run these lights for many hours. 

They Have a Wide Color Spectrum

A great benefit of LED lights is that you can get a wide variety of colors with them. Unlike many other light types, LEDs come in various shades of colors like red, blue, and white. They also often feature UV and IR lights which can help with your plants flowering stage. All of these light spectrums are important because they will work to imitate the natural sunlight that indoor plants don’t receive. This grow light model will help your plants to be in a comfortable environment so they grow well.

Insider Tip: always always always monitor the CO2 levels, this is easily done using an automated CO2 regulator

They are Lightweight

Another benefit of LED lights is that they are lightweight. Most weigh less than a pound which means you can easily move them around as necessary. This can also make it a little easier for you to hang them without fear of the light falling or being too heavy to lift.


As you can see, the GROWant G5-HiPar offers many great features to help you when growing plants indoors. It won’t overheat thanks to its unique LED lights and will help your plants with all of their different growth stages. Besides having great features, this grow light is also made with a stylish and heavy-duty design which makes it a very durable option. If you’re looking for a grow light to use in a small or medium size growing space, definitely be sure to check out this grow light model.