Indian Weed Strains


There are different weed strains that you can get in the market, and as we know, some of them are peculiar to a particular location. It can be said for the Indian weed strains, too, these strains are unique to these locations.

One of the things that people do when they use a cannabis strain is knowing that the THC content will be on the high side or at least enough to create the euphoric feeling they want. Different strains offer you this, and they all have their positives and negatives. However, if you take it in moderation, this won’t be a problem for you as you will benefit from it.

Apart from taking them, some people are interested in the seeds; however, there are ways to know that the one you will plant will be high-yielding for you. One of the most helpful pieces of information that you can use is the soil type you intend to plant it on, and you want to be sure that the yield isn’t airy as regards your buds.

There are different strains that you could use, and we look at them below.

Mango Kush Strain

One of the famous Indian weed strains is the Mango kush strain; the good thing about this strain is the high THC content, and it is indica dominant. The effects of the strain kick in immediately you take it in, and the effect you get is euphoric feelings which do nothing but helps with uplifting you.

You can use this strain to0 help with stress, chronic pain, and when you have insomnia. The adverse effects are only gotten when you use it to an extreme, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, etc. It combines two potent strains, the mango strain and the Hindu Kush.

Idukki gold (Kerala) Sativa Strain

It is the name given to a strain that is grown in the southern part of India. The strain is sativa dominant, and it has a good percentage of THC which means that the euphoric you get from it will be worth the experience. You get different effects when you use this strain, depending on how it is taken and the quantity.

The positives that you get are arousal, focused attention, and a feeling of creativity. It also serves medicinal purposes, and you can use it for anxiety and ADHD.

North Indian Sativa

This weed strain can be found in the Northern part of India, and they are usually indica dominant. The effects are relaxing and thrilling because of the feeling of euphoria that comes with it. In addition to this, it can be used for medicinal purposes because it helps with stress and chronic pain.

The negatives that you might get will be from taking in too much of the sativa, and the symptoms will be dry eyes and mouth; other than this, you are good, and we advise that this is taken in moderation to avoid the effects.

Malana Kush

It is a strain that is native to the northern part of India. It is a one hundred percent sativa strain, and the effect takes place immediately after you take the strain. Due to the immediate effect that it has, it is advised that you take it in moderation. The THC level is as high as twenty-five percent, which says a lot about the euphoria when taken.

Apart from all of these, it has medicinal use and is helpful for those who suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines. The aroma is something that those who make use of it love because it smells like toffee.

Manipuri Strain

Another strain that is peculiar to the region of India is the Manipuri strain, and it is most enjoyed by those who use it; this is because of the good feeling that is gotten from taking it. Apart from that, the aroma isn’t spicy but is bearable and has a sweet smell that you will love. If you plan on growing it, the rate at which it grows is quick.

South Indian Sativa

It refers to the different kinds of cannabis that are grown in the southern part of India. The aroma isn’t intense, and it has a fruity taste to it. It is known to help with pain, regardless of where it is located or where you feel it. Also, it helps with stress and depression.

Taking it has a euphoric feeling because of the THC content, plus people who take it tend to get energetic and creative.

Here are some additional some of the best-known Indian weed strains in the market:

  • Mysore Mango, Karnataka: Known for its clean, green, and practically seedless nature. It has a distinct aroma resembling the King of Fruits but doesn’t taste like mango.
  • Idukki Gold, Kerala: A legendary strain, although the original Idukki strain has disappeared, there are new variations in Kerala.
  • Shillong Mango, Meghalaya: Considered the cleanest weed in India, found in Shillong.
  • Golden Weed, Assam: A clean, Bhutanese weed that is readily available and affordable.
  • Jungla, Northern India: Refers mostly to hashish from wild-growing cannabis, enjoyable if clean though not very potent.
  • Super Cream, Himachal Pradesh: High potency hash from a fully cultivated cannabis plant, quite expensive.
  • Malana Cream, Himachal Pradesh: Highly esteemed among cannabis enthusiasts, found in the village of Malana.
  • Manipuri Weed: Available in Manipur, offering clean and effective weed.
  • Bombay Black, Maharashtra: A notorious type of hash, advised to avoid.
  • Gourbhanga Weed, West Bengal: Not the best but widely available and affordable.
  • Afeem (Opium): Available in various parts of India, especially from Nagaland and Manipur.
  • Bhang, North India: A traditional preparation from cannabis leaves and seeds, typically consumed during Holi.


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