How Does A Bong Work?


Do you want to change how you smoke cannabis? For example, are you tired of smoking joints, and do you want to begin smoking a bong? Or, are you curious about the mechanisms of a bong and how it works? Okay, then let’s go into details about how a bong works and what you can get from them. Bongs are one of the most common ways for people to smoke marijuana nowadays. They have been popular for a long time. However, it seems that as of late, bongs are one of the go-to tools when it comes to enjoying a good hit. Let’s now talk about the mechanisms of how the bong works, so you know more about what it does and how it affects you.

Let’s Talk About How The Bong Works

There is no one-size-fits-all for a bong as they come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some bongs are basic and only consist of a chamber and bowl, and others consist of intricate art and accessories. It does not matter what kind of bong you get because they all do the same thing. Their job is to cool and filter the smoke that comes from lit-up cannabis.

Usually, bongs have a small bowl that holds dried marijuana which combusts when you light it up. When you inhale as you light up the weed, the water at the bottom of the bowl percolates, which means it bubbles up. Before the smoke goes into your lungs, it comes up through the water and the chamber. People love the bong so much because the hit they get from it is smooth, cool, and creamy instead of smoking from a joint.

When you smoke a joint, the smoking experience is less pleasant as you feel the harsh dry heat when you inhale. Therefore, you feel more pressure on your lungs when you smoke a joint than you would if you smoked a bong unless you took the hit too quickly. The key is to experience pleasant hits by inhaling the smoke slowly. You may also believe that smoking a bong is better for your lungs.

Is Smoking A Bong Better For Your Lungs As Opposed To A Joint?

If you take a hit with a bong correctly by ensuring it is slow and you have the timing right as you light the bong, you will experience a much smoother smoking experience that causes less coughing than you would with a joint. The benefit is that the water at the bottom of the bowl helps remove the dry heat that you experience with weed rolled in paper. However, even though the smoother smoke feels gentler in your lungs, you must remember that you are still smoking. The smoke still fills your lungs even though you are using a bong.

Even though some of the garbage is filtered out, it is not enough to make a difference. Therefore, you have to remember that smoking a bong may not be safer than smoking a joint. However, at the same time, you do receive so many other benefits from cannabis. You may also wonder if smoking from a bong makes you higher than smoking cannabis in different ways. Let’s talk about that now.

Do Bongs Really Make You Higher?

The short answer to that is, yes, they do make you higher. That is because bongs allow you to get a massive hit because of their chambers, even though you can get more THC from the glass pipe. In addition, you can inhale more smoke with a bong that quickly brings to your head, which means you will experience an immediate high. All you need to have is one to two hits from a bong to get you high in no time, whereas getting high from a joint takes a long time. The other thing to remember is that you will get high quicker if you smoke cannabis without anything else such as tobacco.

Now you see why bongs have so many benefits over other ways to smoke cannabis. The other fantastic thing about bongs is that you can have so much fun while you smoke with friends. So now you know how bongs generally work and what kind of benefits you can reap from them; let’s talk about how you can use a water bong.

How Do You Use A Waterbong?

Water bongs are great because they use a mechanism in which most of the work happens with easy suction. However, as you are aware, the composition of the bong involves around three to five parts. Firstly, you have the mouthpiece, which is where your lips press onto the bong. Secondly, you have the chamber, where the smoke goes after burning the cannabis, and then there is the bowl where the weed is when you light it. Finally, there is also the downstem; however, some bongs with sliders exclude this component.

You use a water bong by pouring enough water to submerge the downstem, if you have one, completely. After that, take half of a gram of freshly ground weed and pack the bowl. Then put your mouth on the mouthpiece as you light the bowl and inhale slowly. Once you see that the smoke fills the chamber, either pull the slider or the carb and inhale the last bit of smoke from the chamber. Then breathe out and go back to the slider. It is that easy.


If you want to begin using a bong or are curious about how they work, you will love it because they are one of the best tools you can use to smoke. Bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and when you place the weed‘ in their bowls, they catch on fire when you light them up. In addition, the water in the bongs bubbles up, which helps cool down the smoke to have an enjoyable experience while taking a hit. The bonus is that you will become higher quicker when smoking a bong. It takes much longer to get high when you smoke a joint. However, smoking a bong is not better for your lungs than if you smoke a joint, even though it feels gentler.