What are Cannabis Edible Gummies? Are they good for you?

According to NPR, the cannabidiol (CBD) industry is now worth $200 million. These stress-, pain-, and anxiety-relieving products are becoming a unique gateway drug—leading straight to health and happiness.

CBD products come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. For the sweet tooth crowd, medicinal marijuana edibles are the way to go.

Here are five reasons cannabis gummies are so darn good (and good for your body!). With these yummy edibles, you can lie back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

1. Non-Psychotropic

If you’re worried about the trip, CBD actually doesn’t cause a high. CBD doesn’t even contain THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana.

Instead of a trip, weed candy and other edibles have a soothing effect.

That also means that you can make edibles part of your daily routine (though consult your doctor first).

2. Little Side Effects

While higher doses of CBD can cause a few side effects, they’re generally well tolerated.

However, it is suggested that you “start low and go slow.” Since tolerance depends on the person, this smaller dosage to start with will minimize side effects. This is especially beneficial if you’re taking medications.

While cannabis gummies can cause dry mouth, that’s a minor side effect compared to the pain it can help relieve.

3. Long-Time Relief

CBD gummies might need 30 minutes to an hour before they take effect.

However, once they do, these gummies give you lasting relief.

That’s because the CBD is released as your body digests the gummies. Lasting two to four hours after the gummies are ingested, CBD can:

  • relieve anxiety
  • relieve migraines
  • soothe joint pain
  • decrease nausea and increase appetite
  • relieve swelling
  • aid sleep
  • and more

This long-lasting relief makes cannabis gummies and other edibles a choice treatment for a variety of issues.

4. Discretion

Unlike a vape pen, taking cannabis gummies is very discrete. Whether you decide to take them as part of your daily vitamin regimen or right before bed, they’re a fast, practical option to pain relief.

That way, you don’t have to take a smoke break. This also reduces the risk of lung irritation and other vape pen side effects.

If gummies aren’t your deal, you can also make your own medicinal marijuana CBD oils.

Marijuana edibles are a discrete (and delicious) alternative!

5. It’s Easy!

In addition to being discrete, cannabis gummies are also easy to take. Instead of struggling to down pills or having to smoke, you just chew and swallow.

It’s that simple.

According to Forbes, many states are seeing increased sales of medicinal marijuana edibles.

Since these gummies are available online, they’re also easy to buy. You’re even given a suggested dosage.

Unlike a vape pen, that means you don’t have to worry about how much CBD you’re actually getting.

With edibles, it’s so much easier.

Time to Try Cannabis Gummies!

We have one last reason cannabis gummies are great: they’re yummy, too!

With these benefits of edibles, you can reduce your anxiety and pain, then take on the day with long-lasting relief.

For more information about cannabis, check out our marijuana for beginner’s guides.

Additional informations on Cannabis Gummies:

  • The Rising Popularity and Variety

In 2024, THC gummies come in enticing flavors like Blueberry Pie, Pina Colada, and Sour Cherry Lime, offering a gratifying experience to the user. Their potency varies, with some gummies containing a robust mix of THC, CBD, CBC, and CBG, offering a range of effects from mood elevation to relaxation and pain relief. Consumers can choose from a wide array of products, each tailored to different preferences and needs.

  • Quality and Safety Considerations

When selecting cannabis gummies, the quality of ingredients and third-party lab testing are crucial factors. Reputable brands typically provide Certificates of Analysis, ensuring the product’s cannabinoid concentration and purity. This transparency is vital for consumers seeking a reliable and safe experience.

  • Legal Landscape

The legality of THC gummies varies by location. While some regions have legalized THC for both medicinal and recreational use, others maintain strict prohibitions. Understanding the legal framework in your area is essential before purchasing or consuming these products.

  • Storage and Usage Tips

Proper storage of THC gummies is key to maintaining their efficacy and flavor. They should be stored in cool, dark places in airtight containers, away from direct sunlight and heat. For extended shelf life, refrigeration is recommended. It’s also crucial to start with a lower dose, especially for beginners, to gauge individual tolerance.

  • Benefits and Potential Side Effects

Cannabis gummies offer a natural alternative for pain relief, improving sleep quality, promoting relaxation, and enhancing mood. However, potential side effects like dry mouth, red eyes, and increased heart rate can occur, and they may interact with other medications. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before incorporating them into your routine, especially if you’re on other medications.