7 Best CO2 Regulators for Your Cannabis Grow Room in 2024

If you’re looking for some ways to help increase the carbon dioxide levels for your plants, you’ve come to the right place. This article will showcase some of the top CO2 regulators that will help you to monitor and adjust the carbon dioxide levels in your growing space.

Comparison Table

Product Name



Topo Grow Hydroponic CO2 Regulator

3 lbs.

10 x 7 x 8 inches

GROW1 CO2 Regulator

3 lbs.

6 x 7 x 9 inches

Titan Controls CO2 Regulator



ProLabs CO2 Regulator

2.2 lbs.

8 x 8 x 4 inches

Pro CO2 Hydroponic Regulator

3 lbs.

6 x 7 x 9 inches

The Top Seven C02 Regulators

Topo Grow Hydroponic CO2 Regulator













This regulator uses a 1.6 inch high-pressure gauge and has a PSI of 0-4,000. Its flow meter measures 0-15 scfh. This product only weighs 3 lbs. so it’s a lightweight option for your growing space. It has a 16 ft. plastic black tubing you can use and uses a 6 ft. power cord which makes it easier for you to plug it in. This product works quickly so it will help your plants to grow fast.

GROW1 CO2 Regulator










This product has a flow meter that works with 0.5- 15 cubic feet per hour. It has a solenoid valve and is pre-set. This regulator’s tubing can be attached to a fan to help make sure that the carbon dioxide is spread evenly in your growing space.

Titan Controls CO2 Regulator











This product is ideal to use if you have a hydroponic system. It has a precision accurate flow meter which can work with 0.5- 15 scfh per hour. It has a heavy-duty solenoid valve and uses an oil-less pressure gauge. It comes with 2 plastic tank washer and has a 12 ft. long tubing.

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ProLabs CO2 Regulator













This product has a 4,000 PSI gauge and can work with 0.5-15 scfh. It comes with an electronic solenoid valve system that’s made with a brass construction. This product can be used with a 120v controller. Keep in mind that this model doesn’t come with a hose line.

Pro CO2 Hydroponic Regulator

This CO2 regulator model can also be used with hydroponic systems. It has a brass adjustable flow meter that can measure 0.5-15 scfh. It also uses a solenoid valve and comes with a temperature control range of 50-115 degrees Fahrenheit. This model also comes with a CO2 dispensing line. The tubing that comes with this model measure 10 ft. which is a helpful length to have when using it with cannabis plants.

Important Accessories to Use with a CO2 Regulator

Autopilot PPM-5 Controller

This environment controller will help you to monitor all temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in your growing space. This remote sensor controller has an adjustable dial to help you control how much of these levels that you’d like your plants to receive. It has a large digital display which has a green photocell lighting in it to help make sure that it doesn’t disturb your plants during the night. This model comes with a 16 ft. detachable cable.

AcuRite 00613 Humidity Monitor











This product will help you to easily monitor the humidity and temperature levels in your growing space so you emit the right amount of carbon dioxide in it. It features a digital screen that will indicate whether the humidity is low or high. It can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius and will take a reading every 15 seconds. This product does need an AA battery to run.

ExHale CO2 XL Bag













This extra-large bag is filled with organic substances to help naturally emit carbon dioxide. It’s a large bag that has a special breather patch on it which will emit the carbon dioxide on your plants. After hanging this bag slightly above your plant, it will instantly start to emit carbon dioxide. This is a much cheaper way to help give your plants carbon dioxide, so if you’re looking for a more inexpensive option you’ll definitely want to check this product out.

What are They?

CO2 regulators work to help create carbon dioxide. They will release certain amounts of carbon dioxide depending the amounts and times that you set for it to do so. Sometimes these regulators can also burn certain things to help create carbon dioxide for your plants.

Why Do Plants Need Carbon Dioxide?

Plants need carbon dioxide in order to help them with photosynthesis. The plants will absorb the carbon dioxide through their stomates which will then help the plant to turn green and grow.

How Much Carbon Dioxide Should My Plants Have?

The right amount of carbon dioxide your plants need depend on how many plants you have and how big your growing space is. You always want to check the CFH rating of a regulator and look to check your CO2 regulator’s directions. Typically, 1 lb. of carbon dioxide is about 8 cubic feet of gas. However, always check your regulator to make sure you emit the proper amount of carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide can be harmful to your plants and if you breathe in too much carbon dioxide it can be deadly. Ideally, you should emit carbon dioxide levels anywhere from 1,200-1,500 PPM (Parts Per Million).

Overall, be sure to always check the right amount of carbon dioxide you should use. It’s best to check your regulator’s user manual to make sure you emit the proper amount with your regulator.

What is a Solenoid Valve?

As you’ll find with many of the CO2 regulator models, they use a solenoid valve. This is an electromechanically operated valve that uses an electric current to help emit carbon dioxide to your plants. It’s a helpful thing to have with one of these regulators so be sure to check to see if the model you are interested in has one.

Pros and Cons of Utilizing Carbon Dioxide in Plant Growth


  • Enhanced Plant Growth: The introduction of carbon dioxide into a plant’s environment significantly accelerates their growth rate. This not only results in faster development but also contributes to a more abundant yield.
  • Tolerance to High Temperatures: Carbon dioxide is effective in warmer climates, reducing the necessity to meticulously control temperature levels. This aspect is particularly beneficial if the ambient temperature tends to be high.


  • Necessity for Intense Lighting: Effective utilization of carbon dioxide in your growing area demands the presence of very bright lights. This requirement might entail additional investment in lighting systems.
  • Monitoring Requirements: It’s crucial to regularly monitor the levels of carbon dioxide to prevent excessive concentration, which can be detrimental. This involves a continuous check and balance approach.
  • Cost Considerations: The acquisition of CO2 regulators represents a significant investment. Hence, it’s advisable to thoroughly assess the need for such a system before making a financial commitment, considering both the initial cost and the ongoing operational expenses.

Can I Use Carbon Dioxide Regulators at Night?

It’s best to not use carbon dioxide regulators at night because it would just be wasting carbon dioxide. Your cannabis plants won’t be absorbing the carbon dioxide emitted because they only do so when there’s light available. It’s best to turn the carbon dioxide regulator off at night to give your plants a break and then restart it once daytime comes around again. If you have a temperature and humidity control management device, then this will help you sleep at ease as your harvest is maintained well.


This article highlighted some of the top CO2 regulators and accessories that you should invest in to help with growing your plants. Using the right amount of carbon dioxide can be a tricky thing to do. However, by using one of these products, you can help make a somewhat difficult task a little easier.