Roleadro 2nd Generation – LED Grow Light Review


All the supplies needed for successful indoor cannabis growing are critical, but nothing can be as essential as the grow lights that you put into and set up in your grow area. These grow lights are vital since they are responsible for replicating the natural environment to which your cannabis plants will be able to thrive and thrive.

Generally, your cannabis yields will be affected by the LED grow lights that you are using; that is why it is vital that you will get a good one. LED grow lights have a long list of benefits when it comes to indoor growing. The most appreciated one is its energy-efficient, highly-functional, durable ability while keeping a very reasonable and affordable price.

If you are still at the stage where you are looking for the best LED grow light for your cannabis plants, you may want to consider the Roleadro LED grow lights. The brand is known for producing highly efficient and functional LED grow lights at a very affordable price. The Roleadro LED grow lights is a reasonably famous brand for a good reason, and that is because their lighting systems are genuinely great and functional.

This post will review the best-seller among the Roleadro 2nd Generation LED grow lights, which is the Roleadro 600 Watt 2nd Generation LED grow light.

Things to consider

It is given that before buying something, you have to be able to identify the things and factors that you may want to consider. The same goes when purchasing LED grow lights, there are still important things to consider, and you may want to identify the distinct and unique features of the LED grow lights that you would like to have.

To get your hands on the best LED grow light, you must get familiarized with the characteristics and features that can make a specific LED grow light good for you. First things first, you must consider your budget; when it comes to buying your grow light, you have to make sure that you are getting something that you can afford. It is also significant to look at how energy the LED grow light may consume and the area that you will need your grow light for. Other important things to consider are the grow light’s lifespan, technology and materials used, overall brightness, spectrum, and coverage, as well as the value provided for your money.

Considering the factors mentioned above, the Roleadro 2nd Generation 600 watts LED grow light is definitely a good choice since this grow light will offer tons of excellent and premium features.

About the Roleadro 600W LED grow light.

The Roleadro LED 600W grow light is very suitable for indoor cannabis growing since it can provide full-spectrum light to your cannabis plants. This grow light has been known to be one of the best ones out there, and it is easy to see why. The Roleadro 600W features three built-in cooling fans that are very effective in air and heat regulation, making sure that your plants will thrive in a well-ventilated area with the proper temperature as well. This grow light is also known to work efficiently for all growth stages of your cannabis plants, so there will be no need for switching to different lights for the growth stages,

The Roleadro 600W LED grow lights work with a ratio of 7:1 for the red and blue lights. This ratio tends to be the best for cannabis plant growth in all growth stages since the grow light can utilize all good bands required for plant growth. This LED grow light features premium quality of 120 pieces of 5 watts chips, therefore providing a higher lumen compared to other 600 watts, but with lower power consumption. This grow light boasts the use of aluminum heat sinks that significantly expands the lifespan of the LED grow light.

This awesome LED grow light also makes use of both ultraviolet and infrared lights. The ultraviolet lights mainly contribute to the disinfection of the growing area by getting rid of bacteria that might be harmful to plant growth. On the other hand, the infrared lights are responsible for promoting cell division within the cannabis plants to boost growth during the different growth stages.

Generally, the grow light utilizes a 9-band light spectrum that can quickly provide your plants’ light needs. It also uses modernized technology for a more efficient functionality to promote faster and healthy cannabis plant growth.

Pros and Cons of the Roleadro 2nd Generation LED grow light.


The Roleadro 600W LED grow light is a very efficient model that is functional and helps you a lot when it comes to saving energy. Additionally, you will be able to use this lighting system throughout plant growth, in all growth stages, because of its full-spectrum light. There is no need to switching from one mode to another as well. The cooling fans of this lighting unit are also very impressive, built with three high-quality fans and aluminum heat sinks. The features and specifications of this LED grow light is genuinely a good investment for your indoor growing.


Despite its excellent pros, the Roleandro still has a couple of drawbacks. This grow light system is not water-resistant, so you have to be mindful of the water around the premises. You also have to limit exposure when using these grow lights since the blue lights in the Roleadro are not very healthy for humans.

Here are additional aspects and information that can complement the review of the Roleadro 2nd Generation 600W LED grow light:

  1. Comparison with Traditional Grow Lights:
    • Energy Efficiency: LED lights are generally more energy-efficient than traditional HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lights. This can be quantified by comparing the electricity bills over similar usage periods.
    • Heat Emission: LED lights emit less heat compared to HPS or MH lights, reducing the need for extensive cooling systems in the grow area and minimizing the risk of heat stress to plants.
  2. Longevity and Maintenance:
    • LEDs typically have a longer lifespan than traditional grow lights. It would be useful to provide information on the expected lifespan of the Roleadro 600W LED light and any maintenance or replacement requirements.
  3. Light Spectrum Specifics:
    • The 9-band spectrum, including UV and infrared, closely mimics natural sunlight, which is beneficial for plant growth. Expanding on how each band of the spectrum contributes to different growth stages (vegetative, flowering, etc.) would be insightful.
  4. Area Coverage and Light Penetration:
    • Information on the effective coverage area of the light and its penetration capabilities can help growers optimize their setup. For instance, knowing how high to hang the lights for maximum efficiency and how it affects the area coverage.
  5. PAR Values:
    • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) values indicate the effectiveness of the light for plant photosynthesis. Including specific PAR value data for the Roleadro light at various heights would be beneficial for growers to understand its efficiency.
  6. User Experiences and Grow Results:
    • Incorporating testimonials or case studies from users who have successfully grown cannabis using the Roleadro 600W LED light can provide real-world evidence of its effectiveness.
  7. Cost Analysis:
    • A detailed cost analysis comparing the initial investment, running costs, and potential savings over time when using the Roleadro LED grow light versus other lighting options.
  8. Safety and Certifications:
    • Information on any safety features, certifications, and compliance with industry standards can be reassuring for potential buyers.
  9. Warranty and Customer Support:
    • Details on the warranty period and the quality of customer support provided by Roleadro can be a deciding factor for many buyers.
  10. Environmental Impact:
    • Discussing the environmental aspects, such as the carbon footprint associated with the production and usage of LED lights compared to traditional options, can appeal to environmentally conscious growers.

Adding these details would provide a mo

Final thoughts on the Roleadro LED grow light.

Roleadro might be a smaller brand when compared to its competitors, but we know that it is a brand that can deliver. This grow light is truly energy-efficient, very functional, durable, and will definitely last a long time, and this Roleadro 600W LED grow light‘ is very affordable. Hopefully, this review has made you understand what this grow light can be capable of, and we hope you have already decided if this LED grow light is a perfect fit for you.