Roleadro Panel Grow Lights Series Review


The Roleadro Panel grow lights might be new to the grow lights scene but has already established a name on its own. This panel grow lights features numerous benefits for your healthy cannabis plants as well as the stimulation of their growth. Being an excellent source of light for your cannabis plants, the Roleadro panel grow lights have been proven to be very effective in promoting easy and fast growth for your cannabis plants.

These panel grow lights are genuinely efficient in giving the needed amount of light vital for the growth and life of your cannabis plants. If you are looking for a reliable grow light, you can surely count on the Roleadro panel grow light.

About the Roleadro Panel Grow Lights

The Roleadro panel grow light is created with 117 red LED lights combined with 52 pieces of blue lights. This combination of the red and blue lights is essential to provide the light needed by your cannabis plants to be able to generate and achieve photosynthesis. These panel grow lights can directly positively affect plant growth since they will be able to shorten the amount of time that cannabis plants typically need to exert a good deal of growth factor.

Setting up the grow light

This panel light by Roleadro typically comes with four stainless steel wires and a carabiner to which you can use for attachment for hanging. When using this panel grow light, you might need to be resourceful since this does not come with a hook or a hanging rod of its own. Setting up this grow light can be relatively this easy since the package comes with an instruction sheet, and it is very simple. It is recommended that you put this grow light up 12 to 48 inches above your cannabis plants. You might need to make adjustments depending on what growth stage your cannabis plants are in. The seedlings are recommended to be hung at 24 to 36 inches away; for the vegetative stage, 18 to 24 inches; while for the flowering ones, 8 to 12 inches.

Design and build

The design of this panel grow light is sleek and compact, so you would have a hard time if you have limited grow space; you will just need to find a safe and appropriate area to hang it. The Roleadro grow light typically measures 10.9″ x 10.9″ and is very lightweight at just 2 lbs. The lights are safely enclosed in a sturdy and heat-resistant aluminum casing. The panel light’s combination of different colors of grow lights makes it a very effective light source for your cannabis plants at any stage of growth. However, you might need to have a couple of units of this panel light if you have a more giant grow tent or grow area.


Aside from being an energy-saving grow light, the Roleadro panel grow light is a great light source for your cannabis plants that can offer benefits to stimulate sprouting and growth. As mentioned, this grow light is a true power-saver as well. It can efficiently promote low power consumption with a very effective result, making it a superb panel grow light. This grow light has an actual power of only 25.2 watts, which is generally higher than other brands but with lower power consumption. The Roleadro panel grow lights are produced by professional LED plant grow light manufacturers, which explains this grow light’s high-functionality and efficacy in becoming a good light source for your cannabis plants.

Price point

With its outstanding and reliable features, you may think that the Roleadro panel grow lights can be bought at a very high price. But, guess what? You’re incredibly mistaken. This impressive panel grow light comes at a very reasonable price, better yet a minimal price to pay for a successful cannabis plant growth.


  • Easy and simple to set up and install.
  • The light panel is very compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to hang above the cannabis plants and does not take a massive amount of space.
  • This panel is a semi-permanent fixture.
  • Has intense brightness and even light distribution.


  • This grow light panel has no timer.
  • This unit looks very fragile, so you have to handle it with extra care.

When considering grow lights like the Roleadro Panel Grow Lights for cannabis cultivation, there are several additional aspects and tips that might be beneficial:

  1. Spectrum Variations: Apart from red and blue lights, some grow lights also include other spectrum variations like UV and IR (ultraviolet and infrared). These can further influence plant growth, pest control, and the development of certain plant compounds.
  2. PAR Value: Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) value is crucial. It measures the light’s usefulness to plants. Higher PAR values indicate more usable light for plant growth.
  3. Energy Efficiency and Heat Management: LED lights are generally more energy-efficient and produce less heat compared to HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) grow lights. However, efficient heat management is still vital to avoid damaging plants.
  4. Coverage Area: Understanding the effective coverage area of the grow light is important. This helps in determining how many lights you need based on your grow space size.
  5. Dimming Feature: Some grow lights come with a dimming feature, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to the plant’s growth stage without changing the light’s distance from the plants.
  6. Lifespan and Durability: LED lights often have a longer lifespan than other types of grow lights. It’s important to consider the expected lifespan and warranty of the product.
  7. Water Resistance: If your grow setup involves high humidity or chance of water exposure, look for lights with water resistance for safety and durability.
  8. Compatibility with Automation Systems: Some advanced grow lights can be integrated with automated systems for timing, dimming, and spectrum adjustments, making the cultivation process more efficient.
  9. Research and Reviews: Always look for detailed reviews and research on any grow light model. Forums and community discussions among cannabis growers can provide real-world insights.
  10. Local Regulations and Safety: Be aware of local regulations regarding cannabis cultivation and ensure that your setup complies with electrical safety standards.

Final thoughts on the Roleadro Panel Grow Lights

We assure you, you can never go wrong with the Roleadro panel grow lights. It is truly one of the best choices if you are looking for an alternative lighting source for your indoor cannabis plants. The Roleadro panel grow lights will guarantee you with high-functionality and effectivity and significant savings in your electricity bill. Indeed, this grow light is not only powerful, but it is power-saving as well. This panel grow light is also guaranteed to provide you with convenience in making your cannabis plants grow faster and a lot healthier.

We hope that this review has made you understand the benefits that the Roleadro panel grow lights will be able to give you. Indeed, this marvelous grow light will be a good buy.