12 Best 1,000W LED Grow Lights in 2021

LED light is a low heat and energy efficient light source that is famously used as grow lights for an indoor garden. These LED grow lights work perfectly for growing cannabis under a customizable spectrum of light. Being customizable is one of the most loved features of LED technology.  Because LED technology is so customizable, every bulb is different, so make sure your bulbs produce the kind and color of lights necessary for your plants. 1000W LED grow lights works really best for your indoor cannabis garden or greenhouse.

Are grow lights necessary?

Having an indoor garden or a grow tent means that you should also invest in a trusty and great grow light. Grow lights play a vital role in providing your cannabis the light they need to grow. For this reason, a grow light should be seen as a necessity and not a mere luxury or accessory.  A grow light perfectly provides an artificial light source to plants that cannot be reached by the sun. this works if you are growing inside a tent or indoors. An enclosed environment emits light that is necessary for photosynthesis. These grow are also useful during extended winter or in places where it is usually cold and the sun is not usually out. If the plants do not receive the right amount of light, they can suffer from various problems, such as being spindly and not bearing flowers.

Twelve Best 1,000W LED Grow Lights

Extreme 336X PRO LED Grow Light

The Extreme 336X is one of the best 1000W LED grow light in the market today. The panel contains 336, 3W LEDs that come in six different wavelengths designed to give your cannabis exactly the types of light they need.  This 1000W LED grow light can cover 16 square feet of plants. Given that most mature plants only take up one square foot, that means you can constantly have plants at varying levels of maturity for a consistent supply of buds to suit your needs.

What growers love about this LED light and choose this over HID is because they are far more energy efficient and don’t waste so much power on heat. Another well-appreciated feature of this is that the Extreme 336X is cool enough that you can keep it just six inches or so above the plant without burning it. The need for a cooling system may also be not necessary if you are using this grow light. Even if the Extreme 336X is rated at 1000W, this only consumes 500W of electricity. And that is a great saving.

Hollandstar LED Grow Light

This high-quality Hollandstar LED grow light is not only durable but also reliable. Many experienced growers believe this product is a must-have when it comes to growing cannabis. With this LED grow light from Holland Star, growing crops indoors or in a controlled environment is easier and more convenient. There were claims that the HollandStar 1000W LED Grow Light will improve the health and growth of your cannabis plant within 14 days of using this product on the daily basis. The HollandStar 1000W LED is truly energy-efficient and environment-friendly while delivering high brightness levels to your plant. This suits it for seeding, flowering, and the vegetative phases. They also offer lower power consumption and good heat dissipation.

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light

The BESTVA LED grow light suitable for mid-sized to large indoor cannabis gardens and boasts its Dual Chip Technology. This feature makes the BESTVA brighter compared to most of the low-powered grow lights. A brighter grow light offers better efficiency. This light will make it possible to mimic the energy that sunlight is able to provide. The power and performance of this product are comparable to 600-watt HPS, with the major difference being the fact that it only has 185 watts.

Cannabis growers love that this LED grow light has full spectrum lights that will give the same effects as a natural sunshine. The BESTVA will also be great for all growth stages of the plant that you are cultivating. Moreover, this has a powerful fan cooling system that operates effectively without making a loud noise. It produces heat within the range of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the light to stay cool. This 1000W LED grow light also has a large coverage area.

Dimgogo 1000W LED Grow Light

This 1000W Led  grow light by Dimgogo comes with a wide-range of applications. It can be utilized for growing weed, greenhouse cultivation, and flower exhibition. Similar to most of the options that you can find on the market, it also has 10-watt LEDs, which are capable of providing more intense light compared to lights with lower wattage in the absence of having to worry that it will produce too much heat that can damage your plants. The Dimgogo boasts an energy-saving feature making it consumes only approximately 185 watts. It also comes with an efficient and great cooling system. There are two fans that are incorporated in the unit. A heat sink is also provided. These features allow it to manage the heat that can be generated by the LED light.

Viparspectra 1200W LED Grow light

These 1000w LED grow lights are more affordable and significantly less expensive than the Extreme 336X. Despite its lower price, it is still one with a good value and no frills lighting system. It is rated at 1200 watts, and has a veg switch for 524W lighting as the plant grows and develops. It also has a flower switch for the last phase of the grow when the plants need a boost of light to help the buds grow steadily. The Viparspectra 1200W grow light is rated for a 4×4 grow tent so you will be able to grow as many as 16 plants under the lights.

The Viparspectra allows for a consistent supply of fresh buds to suit your needs. This system comes with four cooling fans to keep the temperature down. The fans can be as loud as a desk fan but are very effective in keeping the temperature down so you will not have to water the plants too much or take so much effort to regulate the grow tent temperature.

Hi-Grow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED Grow Light

The price of this grow light can be quite high for some buyers. But this should not be an issue since it can deliver unparalleled performance to make indoor gardening so much easier for you. The Hi-Grow light comes with 200 pieces of LEDs, each with 5 watts. It is 12-band full spectrum and will be truly great during the vegetative and flowering stage. The Hi-Grow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light is loved by most growers since it is very versatile. This comes with an easy-access switch, which will allow you to choose the spectrum of the light depending on the growth stage of your cannabis. A high-speed quiet fan is also included, which is faster by as much as three times compared to what you can find in the cheaper alternatives.

King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

Many growers consider this grow light to be the “King” of all grow lights. This grow light has been known to gain so many positive reviews and feedbacks from its users. It has 100 pieces of LEDs, each with 10 watts. When the light is turned on, you can expect nothing but a great beam of grow light.  It uses a full-spectrum light, which is highly recommended during the flowering and vegetative stages of your plant. The coverage area is 3.4 x 3.8 feet. Aside from the LED grow light, this also includes a six-foot power cord and a hanging hook that makes installation very easy.

Growers love how these LED lights are very suitable for all stages of your cannabis’ growth stages. One downside is that King Plus lights can become quite hot. But worry not since it can easily be mitigated with two extractor fans. Additionally, they have holes in the LED board as well as a deliberately thicker glass. This is to keep the heat inside the unit and upwards as opposed to potentially burning the foliage. Ultimately the results are in the quality of growth and these lights are very fascinating. You will see darker greens in the stem and leaves, and the bud sites are far more intense than you might find on a lower quality growing system.

Lumigrow PRO 650 1000W LED Grow Light

The LumiGrow Pro 650 is known to be a good entry level pro 1000W LED grow light. Each unit can be comfortably utilized in a 4 x 4 tent. But you could always extend the package according to your needs. Should you wish to have more than 16 plants for example. One notable feature of the Lumigrow PRO 650  is that the light intensity can be varied. It can be adjusted as the plants develop and grow. You can also adjust the PAR values manually using the knobs on the unit. This means you can experiment and find which one from a variety of parameters. In this way, you get to choose which will be just right at each stage of your cannabis. Another cool feature is that the LumiGrow Pro 650 has a white light inspection switch. This will aid you so you can inspect the growth in human-natural light.

GoGrow V3 Master Grower

It is a very good cheap and entry-level lighting system for someone new to growing their own cannabis. This is great if you are someone who is still exploring and starting without spending too much. While the other lights we review have customizable lighting adjustments, this doesn’t. But instead, the makers claim that there is redder in the spectrum that should help create denser buds. This can also be a great cheaper alternative or back-up.

ColoFocus 1000W LED  Grow Light

The ColoFocus comes with 100 pieces of energy efficient 10-watt LEDs. Despite the high wattage the energy consumption only ranges from 110 to 120 watts. Its energy consumption makes it one of the best choices if you are after efficiency. A very helpful UV function that can be yielded from this light. As it will help to get rid of bacteria and contaminants. Those contaminants will have a negative impact on the health of your cannabis throughout its growth and development. The IR function, on the other hand, aids in cell division. This feature will come handy during the vegetative and flowering stage of the plant. The grow light boasts an impressive heat protection, which is made possible by the two cooling fans.

Giixer LED Light

The Giixer LED Light features a hard white exterior and a vast color spectrum designed to help ensure your plants grow well. The LED light chips built into this device run on 10W each. The lights are designed to not only burn brighter, but do so in a way that prevents overheating. This product comes with two switches which are designed to help you with certain growing stages. For instance, one switch can be used for the growing stage while the other can be turned on for the blooming stage. The light features vents and fans to help keep things cool when it runs. This product comes with a rope, clip, and power cord. 

Mars Hydro Sun LED Light



The Mars Hydro LED Light is designed to look like and mimic sunlight. It features a thin metal edge which contains numerous LED chips inside. These chips come in both red and blue color spectrums but shine yellow light over your plants. This device measures 3 x 3 feet making it ideal for a small growing space. It’s also an energy-efficient device as it doesn’t emit more light than necessary. It also doesn’t overwork which can prevent the light from overheating. This is due to a new type of SMD LED light chip built into this product. The fans built into this LED light help to keep things cool but run quietly. This light’s height can be adjusted as necessary depending on the growing stage of your plants.

What is an LED Grow Light?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) light uses LED chips to help cover your plants in light. This type of lightbulb was created in 1962 and works as a semiconductor by releasing energy in the form of photons. Because it works in this way, it requires no chemicals or UV rays in order to work making it a safe option. It’s also recyclable. 

How Does an LED Grow Light Work?

You’ll find that LED grow lights work in a very interesting way. Inside the light bulb there are usually two semiconductors. When you activate the light, the voltage of the semiconductors hits which helps to release the photons inside. This strong source of energy eventually turns into light. 

What is the Light Spectrum of an LED Grow Light?

An LED grow light has a vast color spectrum which is why many enjoy using them with their plants. Most are used based on their warm white, soft white, or bright white colors. These colors are exactly what their names imply, they either emit a warm, soft, or bright color in the space you burn it in. 

However, while these lights might look like they only burn white colors, they have an intense spectrum inside unknown to the human eye. In fact, in most LED grow lights, you’ll find they also include red, blue, and green. 


Red light is known for its long wavelengths which help your plants to produce more blooms and leaves. It’s often recommended that you use red light toward the end of the growing cycle as it will prevent the plants from growing too quickly. While red is a popular spectrum, there is also a far-red spectrum which is even more powerful. When red light is combined with blue, it often makes a strong match. Because of this, they are usually combined together in an LED grow light. 


Blue light is one of the most important LED light spectrums as it helps your plants stay energetic by producing enough chlorophyll. It also prevents water loss. Because of this, your plants usually need to have a lot of blue light in order to grow strong and healthy. 


Green light helps your plants to produce chlorophyll and photosynthesis. It’s also one of the only light spectrums the human eye can see.

LED Grow Lights, why choose them?

There are different types of grow lights out in the market, but the LED ones have always been famous and preferred.  LED grow lights are chosen and preferred for these number of reasons:

Smart energy costs

If you’ve grown with traditional grow lights, you know that electricity is often a grower’s largest ongoing expense. Although HPS and HID light intensity is higher, LEDs use about half the electricity resulting in significantly more light per watt. With LEDs, the energy savings alone can quickly pay off your investment, and the longer you own your system, the more you save!

Great cooling costs

Because HID and HPS grow lights run so hot (up to 600°!) both they and your plants must be air cooled with fans and, at times, air conditioning, adding even more energy demand to your system. While fluorescents are a little cooler, they still require external cooling and a watchful eye to avoid burning leaves. By contrast, LED grow lights are cooled internally so you save money on electricity and can have a quieter, fan-free grow space in the process! And, since LEDs run so much cooler, plants are happily growing closer to the fixture.

Low maintenance costs

While startup costs favor less expensive traditional grow lights, maintaining a grow room full of them can require significant ongoing costs. Apart from the need to purchase cooling equipment, traditional growers seeking peak performance must consistently invest time and money into their hardware as well. As the key statistic, compare the lifespan of an LED at a conservative 50,000 hours to the 10,000 and 18,000 hours of HID and HPS lamps. What’s more, traditional lamp efficiency begins degrading immediately and decreases quickly while LEDs maintain the majority of their potency over their long lives.

Environmental costs

While saving money on materials, LED growers are also benefiting the environment. With their quicker burnout rate, not only are HID, HPS and fluorescent lamps adding more mass to the landfill, they’re also adding toxins including mercury. And, not only is the lifecycle of traditional lights shorter, the large and fragile lamps are also easier to break during storage and handling, causing more waste and releasing yet more toxins. As we see all around us, the waste adds up. In the case of fluorescents, you need a lot of those “inexpensive” bulbs per fixture: with a max of 54 watts, a grower might need 10-20 bulbs for a 4’x4′ grow bed!

Quick setup and little maintenance

Like most traditional grow lights, LED fixtures are plug and play. However, unlike those other units that require special cooling and ventilation needs, LEDs are actually plugged and grow! And with lower electricity needs it’s much more likely that you can set up your grow room using your existing electrical outlets. LEDs offer two main advantages: One, they give off specific wavelengths of light that can be fine-tuned to the plant and its stage of growth. And two, they use way less energy, up to 60 percent less than traditional bulbs, by some accounts

Source: Lifted Led

Distance of the 1000W LED grow lights from the plants

The installation of your LED grow lights is a very important step when it comes to perfectly setting up your indoor garden. One thing that should not be taken for granted when it comes to the installation of LED grow lights would be the distance of the light from the plants. If installed too near, it can lead to some problems. One of the most serious one would be light bleaching. This will then limit the growth of the plant, which is a really bad thing. Although LEDs do not generate as much heat as the other types of grow lights, this does not mean that you can position it too close to the plant. The ideal distance should be 26 to 42 inches away from the top part of the plant.

Factors to consider

Here is a list of the important factors that you should consider when getting a 1000W LED grow light for your indoor garden:

Light Output

According to experts, 1000w LED fixtures generally have an output equal to 900 watts of HPS light. The good choices are those fixtures whose intensity is about equal to 900 HPS watts and those ones that produce better light output than a 1000 watt HPS bulb.

This is important to keep in mind as a light output that is too low or too high can drastically affect your plants. In other words, if they receive too little or too much light, it could end up making them not grow correctly. Because of this, make sure to pay attention to the light output of an LED fixture.

Energy-efficiency and actual wattage

The energy-efficiency will be determined by the wattage of the light you will choose. The wattage is directly proportional to the amount of energy to be consumed. Therefore, the lower the wattage, the lower is the amount of energy that it consumes. During the vegetative stage of growth, plants don’t need as much light as they do during flowering. A fixture that lets you turn off LEDs or dial back and customize their intensity when they are not needed will save you money in electricity costs.


If you are thinking that colored LED lights serve as a decoration or to make your garden fancier, think again. The colors of your LED grow lights actually serves a deeper purpose. The color of the light dictates the wavelength that it produces, measured in nanometers. This defines the spectrum of the light. During the vegetative phase, blue light is more beneficial. Meanwhile, red light is needed during the flowering stage. You can either choose to be Pro white light or pro colored light. Growers consider one advantage of white lights. It is that the white light is very similar to sunlight or natural light. Also, your plants look natural under white light, so it is much easier to inspect them and to notice any discolorations, and other problems. Inspecting your plant can be quite difficult under pink light.


Coverage is an important consideration, especially for large and wide indoor gardens. You have to make sure that every plant gets the right amount of light. Also, make sure that the light generated can cover the entire garden area. Otherwise, if some plants are not reached and could not get enough light, they won’t be able to maximize the benefits of having 1000W LED grow lights.

Cooling System

When used extensively or for a long period of time, LED grow lights can be prone to overheating. That is why an efficient cooling system is necessary. It is important to have cooling fans to provide ventilation in order to prevent too much heat. Having a good cooling system prolongs the life of your LED grow lights while also ensuring the health of the plant.

Insider Tip: keep an eye on the CO2 levels using a programmable regulator, we reviewed and ranked the top choices on the market

A good cooling system also prevents overheating. This will not only prevent your LED light from becoming damaged, but helps keep your plants safe from burning.


Lights that have customizable spectrum feature, gives you complete and full control. The advantage of this is a lower electricity bill. Plants don’t need as much light during vegging as they do during flowering and they need even less during cloning. Being able to dial back the amount of light means you use less power. A downside of this is that switching modes on an LED light will not cause an overly long period of stalled growth, but you can count on a few days’ delays. They can also be a bit confusing to operate for some. LED lights with only one mode are obviously much easier to operate.

How to Take Care of Your LED Grow Lights

Even if you are confident that you have the best and greatest grow lights. It is still very important that you take care of them. Still, proper care and maintenance should be given. Maintaining and taking care of your LED grow lights is important. As it will be vital in maximizing its performance and prolonging its lifespan and service.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure that the LED grow lights are properly installed, excellently wired, and connected. Pay attention to wirings and get the proper electrical materials. This will not only be beneficial for your cannabis but for your safety as well.
  • Keep your grow lights squeaky clean. Use a glass cleaner to keep it clean and in perfect condition. Before doing this, however, make sure that the light is turned off and unplugged for your safety.
  • Make it a habit to wipe the lights or dust it off. Accumulation of dust on the surface can affect the intensity of the light emitted. And it might affect the growth and development of your cannabis in the long run.
  • The right position and location of the LED grow lights will also be a critical concern. Place it in a room where there is not too much moisture. 

LED lights are a great addition to add to your growing space for a variety of reasons. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they work quickly at helping your plants to grow. If you’re on the search for a 1000W LED light to use in your growing space, definitely keep the models mentioned above in mind. They’re not only durable, but come with a handful of great benefits as well.

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