5 Best 10 X 10 Grow Tents in 2021

Topolite 10 x 10 Indoor Grow Tent

Ultra Yield 10×10 Grow Tent

Oppolite 10×10 Grow Tent

You might want to grow green vegetables or favorite crops in your garden, and space you need to grow it is a problem. Grow tents help to achieve what you intend to get in a little space, without hassles or worrying over space that you might not have.

Grow growers use tents for germinating their desired crop and vegetables in a little space. These tents are known to come in different measurements. However, if you want a big tent for your space, the 10 x 10 grow tent is the one that you should be going for; in this guide, we take you through the best 10 x 10 grow tents that there is; you can choose whatever one you desire from the myriad of best choices that we have helped you to review.


Whenever you decide to buy anything from the marketplace, you usually keep it in mind, mostly to help you make a purchase that you won’t regret.

There are many options to choose from, which could cause decision paralysis, often making you buy a product that you would later get to regret. After all, this product does not give you what you intended for it to give at the purchase time.

To help you prevent this from happening, we have taken our time to provide you with a guide. Below are the things that you should consider when buying your 10 x 10 grow tent.

Space of Setup

The first thing to consider before buying a 10 x 10 is the space that this tent would take up for setup. You don’t want a situation where you purchase a net, and it doesn’t fit into the space you want it to be placed.

It would be best if you kept in mind that 10 x 10, although, it helps you in a case where you do not have the space to grow your vegetables or crops are not small regarding other grow tents, for example, the 4 x 4 grow tent. If you do not have the required space to set up the 10 x 10 comfortably, you should consider buying a smaller size.

The Weight the Tent Can Carry

Before you make an order or a purchase of the 10 x 10 grow tent, you should consider the tent’s weight. After you buy it, you would need to do the lighting of the tent and other equipment that you would be required to set up in the tent. And apart from those, you would want to know the weight of the tent regarding the weight of the crops you plan on cultivating.

Material of the Tent

It will save you time, stress, and money if you check the material of the grow tent you intend on buying before making a purchase.

Usually, a good tent material is thick and has a surface reflecting on the inside that helps with the reflection of light. It is common knowledge that the thickness of the tent material would determine to an extent the way your crops would grow.

A thick tent can be used for a long period without any damages and wear to the body. Other benefits of a good thick tent are that it helps keep unwanted light from entering into the tent space and helps prevent any from leaving—it guarantees a good lighting environment. The thickness of grow tents range from 210D to about 16800D, so getting any from the 600D benchmark and above is good enough.

Cost of The Tent

Any purchase that you make is usually within a budget. It is good that you know where the prices of the best 10 x 10 grow tents fall under so that you would know if it falls above or within your budgeted finance.

It is also good that you know the cost in such a case where you plan on saving up to buy one of the best 10 x 10 grow tents.

Best 10 x 10 Grow Tents in Review


Topolite 10 x 10 Indoor Grow Tent

Topolite as a company is known for making good grow equipment. Based on the reputation of making and creating quality products, the topolite 10 x 10 indoor grow tent is a product that offers one a quality experience in growing.

The topolite 10 x 10 indoor grow tent features are incomparable with the others in the market. A grow tent friendly to use for both beginners and professionals, and the green window feature allows you or anyone to monitor the progress that your plants are making or achieving. It helps keep the lights out and prevents the frequent coming in and going out, which could be unnecessary stress to you or anyone growing a crop.

It has a thickness of 600D made of oxford that prevents tears and is light proof. The tent has a firm and robust structure that makes it stable. The tent’s interior is made up of the Mylar reflective material, which is good for the tent’s lighting. This Mylar material is waterproof, which is also a plus as it prevents the tent from any unusual water incident. It features a zipper that adds security to your tent and boosts the safety of your crops.

It features different vents spaces. It adds to your crop’s growth by providing enough ventilation to your plants, with a mesh that prevents your plants from pests and unwanted insects.

The tent is easy to use and install a kind of tent.

Key Features:

  • 600D Oxford cloth
  • Different Vent spaces
  • Reflective Mylar interior material
  • Tool-free for convenient installation


  • Product Dimension: 120 x 10 x 80 inches
  • Product Weight: 13.4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Topolite
  • Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Color: Black
  • The tent is easy to assemble
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • A good value for money
  • It has a high material quality
  • It has a robust frame
  • A bit expensive


Ultra Yield 10x10 Grow Tent

The Ultra Yield 10×10 grow tent is an ideal choice for large scale planting of crops. The tent is easy to use; it does not need any professional help set up as it is easy to install for beginners. A beginner’s friendly tent is made of 1680D thick material, making it tear-proof and lightproof.

The tent features a height extension ability that could be adjusted to about 12 inches high. It also comes with a stable heavy-duty material that provides the tent with security and safety to the crops.

The tent boasts an interior Mylar reflective material that is about 97 percent and helps reflect the light from the lighting system to the crops. The tent has a French-designed door that allows for easy access in and out of the tent, and the easy access reduces the stress that comes with checking up on your crops.

Cleaning any dirt and maintaining the tent is easy because it has a removable floor tray and the airtight seals prevent smell or odor of any kind from leaking out of your tent

Key Features:

  • 1680D material
  • Floor tray
  • French door for easy access
  • 97% reflective Mylar material
  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable Height extension


  • Product Dimension: 120 x 120 x 84 + 12 inches
  • Manufacturer: Ultra Yield
  • Material: Mylar interior
  • Color: Black
  • A 12-month guaranty backs up the quality
  • Sturdy frame
  • Good value for money
  • Quite easy to assemble.


Oppolite 10x10 Grow Tent

The Oppolite grow tent is remarkable because of the features that it has. An easy to use tent for both beginners and experts, the tent has a 600D wall thickness, made from oxford cloth. It helps in the durability and stableness of the tent. It features a Mylar diamond lining on the interior, which is about 96 percent. The tent has an enhanced strength because of the strong zippers that it has.

The tent has multiple vents that help with the tent’s ventilation, and these vents accommodate a filter and a fan. It has green windows that you can observe from, eliminating the stress and time of going into and out of the tent to check up on your crops.

The tent has a robust frame as the metal frame is about 22mm in diameter. The tent is also easy to clean up as it comes with a waterproof floor tray.

The Oppolite 10 x 10 grow tent is easy to set up the tent with instructions in an assembly manual.

Key Features:

  • 600d Thick walls
  • Green observation windows
  • Multiple vents


  • Product Dimension: 120x120x80 inches
  • Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Color:Black
  • Manufacturer: Oppolite
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to use and set up
  • A good value for money
  • Lasts long


Vivosun 10 x 10 Grow Tent

Vivosun grow tent is also one to consider if you follow the tips that we recommend to follow when you plan on purchasing a grow tent. The Mylar reflective grow tent has a reflectivity of about ninety-eight percent and has a thickness of about 600D, which is good for growing crops.

The vivosun grow tent meets the budget if you are going for a grow tent to get the best from at a cheap price. The grow tent is of a steady and durable design because it is above 600D in thickness. The tent’s frames are made up of iron, which helps provide support for whatever load, equipment, and weight of the crop that you plan on installing or planting. The tent boasts of some features that would help you in growing your crops. There is a window for observation that allows you to inspect your crops’ progress from the outside.

It also lets you monitor your crops’ growth level and gives the entire control of the process. Apart from these, it is easy to install or the setup.

Key Features:

  • 600D oxford cloth
  • Metal Frame
  • Filter straps
  • Observation Window
  • Different vent size


  • Product Dimension: 120 x 120 x 80 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal, Polythene
  • It is not expensive
  • It allows for fast installation
  • It has a poor stretch quality


Ipower 10 x 10 Grow Tent

Also known to be one of the leading manufacturers of grow tents. The grow tent is made of a material that doesn’t easily tear, combined with double stitching, and a hefty material that prevents the light in the tent from getting out or preventing the light from the outside from getting onto the tent because it is made of a ninety-five percent reflective Mylar material

The tent has durability because of its thickness, and it is made of a sturdy frame that allows the tent to take up a load of about 110 lbs. The tent has an airtight feature that prevents bugs and unwanted insects from getting into the tent to disturb the crops.

Key Features:

  • Ninety-five percent reflective Mylar material
  • Durable material
  • Tough or robust frame
  • Observation window
  • Detachable floor tray


  • Product Dimension: 120x 120 x 78 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Mylar interior
  • Manufacturer: Ipower
  • It is cheap
  • It is easy to install
  • It doesn’t last for a very long period

Buying Guide Questions

How many plants can you plant in a 10 x 10 tent

You bought a 10 x 10 grow tent in the first instance because it is obvious you wanted a bigger space to enable you to grow more plants. The grow tent is big and large enough to contain many plants of your choice. But this would depend on the kind of plant you wish to grow in the tent.

The height of the plant needs to be considered before you decide on planting any amount. However, most people who wish to grow plants in a large quantity for commercial purposes usually use the 10×10 as their preferred choice.

Apart from the plant’s normal growth height that you wish to grow, you would also need to consider what kind of lighting system you would be using. Normally four 1000 watt is fine for a 10×10 tent. It would be well to do; provide the needed light needed by the plants to be in a number from 9 to 100 with quality growth.

How much light do I need for a 10 x 10 grow room?

Light is an essential factor determining how a plant would grow and what quality it would be off. That is why you need to make do with proper lightening for the required number of crops you plan to plant.

Little lightening for crops could result in the plants not growing well or not of good quality, and too much of it could lead to a bad crop.

If you use a 10×10 grow tent for your crop, it allows you to use various methods to the figure of light you make use of in the tent. If you desire a crop with proper growth, you need to have lightning from about 1800 watts to 4000 watts. And this would depend on the number of crops, the environment, and growth space. However, when making your installation, you could use three 600 watts or four 100 watts LED lights.

What size of tent do I need for ten plants?

As explained in the tips above, we said you need to consider the number of plants you plan to grow before you make a purchase of a tent on the marketplace. However, the specific number of plants that you need to consider relative to the size of the tent you should go for was not discussed. We talk about it here.

If you wish to plant up to 10 plants, and you let them nurture up to the standard 4 square foot size, then you would need about 40 square feet for the ten plants, multiplying the 4 square feet by 10.

You might want to leave out space for adequate equipment and probably lightening, so, so that you get this, a 10×10 tent would be enough to give you this and help your plant propagate beautifully.

How many watts do I need for ten plants?

We earlier talked about lightning and how it greatly affects your plants’ ability to mature well and with good quality. Bearing this in mind, you wouldn’t want to have too much or too little light in your grow tent.

As is widely known, the number of watts used for a square foot is 25 to 50 watts. Therefore, if you will have ten plants in your grow tent, we are talking about 40 square feet. You need about 300 to 350 watts of light. This quantity would be adequate to give good products and not too little or much to give bad produce.

What is the biggest grow tent?

You might have been curious or have in your mind ever since you began to read this article, and the biggest grow tent. The biggest grow tent in the market is the Gorilla 20×10 grow tent. This model is much bigger than the 10×10 Gorilla grows tent and more scarce in the market.

The grow tent is bigger, sturdier, has more features, and can take up more plants than its 10×10 model. The same company both produces these two models of grow tent

How big of a grow tent do I need for four plants?

You might have considered buying the 10×10, and you discovered that the resource or the space needed to have it is not available and checking for a smaller and cheaper model for a few plants. For four plants, a 4×4 tent is enough to get you what you would need.

Using a 4×4 grow tent gives each plan about 4 square feet for growth, which is the standard measure for each plant.

Who makes the best quality grow tent?

A good ? that needs to be answered is which manufacturer makes the best grow tent. However, to answer this ? won’t be as straight forward as you would expect. It is as a result of there being a couple of best quality grow tents in the markets.

Among the best producers or makers of best quality tents, the Gorilla Grow Tent is among the best, followed by every other manufacturer mentioned in the review.

Are Gorilla grow tents worth it?

Gorilla grows tents are worth the money that it costs. It is one of the best grow tent in the market; although not readily available on Amazon and other marketplaces, the Gorilla grows tent is a product you don’t regret when you use it.

The features of the Gorilla grow tent is quite impressive. The grow tent has a 1680D reflective thickness, which would help keep the tent’s lights from getting out and prevent the lights from the outside from getting into the tent.

The tent’s structure is very robust, in that it can take up to 500lbs of weight, which would be a plus if you plan on having much equipment in your tent.

The height of the Gorilla grows tent is usually not limited. You can adjust or extend the height to about ten feet higher than what is obtainable.

The Gorilla grows tent is easy and friendly to use for both beginners and professionals and other features that the tent boasts of; if you plan to get a gorilla to grow tent and wonder if it is worth it, this should convince you if it is or not.


Having little space to plant whatever crop we want or desire to plant could be a headache. Grow tents helps us to be able to do this with as little space as humanly possible. However, getting a grow tent is not the problem. Getting a grow tent that is the best and worth every penny you spend is another thing to consider. 10X10 grow tents allow you to grow crops in large quantities. With the tips on how to figure out a good buy, the reviews, and buying guide questions, you can go ahead to get that 10×10 that fits your needs and budget, which you won’t regret using.

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