5 Best 5×5 Grow Tent for Indoor Growing in 2024

VIVOSUN 60″x60″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

Gorilla Grow Tent

Weed can be a bit difficult to grow, especially with the weather changes. However, there’s a much easier and more successful way to grow your weed all year long. To achieve this successful and healthy growth, you should invest in a grow tent. You’ve probably heard about grow tents or grow rooms, as they can be alternatively called. It is a room-like tent used to grow a variety of plants inside your home.

A grow tent provides all the necessary conditions needed for plants to grow, including light, air and water. It also allows you to successfully grow your plants or cannabis throughout the year with no interruptions from the harshest winters or hottest summer periods. There are many different sizes and models of grow tent, among which is the 5×5 indoor grow tent. This type of indoor grow tent is very large and can accommodate a whole lot of indoor growth equipment. This is particularly the best grow tent for you if you are looking for a much bigger room to grow your cannabis indoors.

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A 5×5 grow tent is large enough for both expert and novice gardeners; it has a large space that allows you to customize the tent to your taste. It has enough room to accommodate and organize your plants, ventilation system, grow lights and even a 4×4 flood table.

One of the best parts of using an indoor grow tent is that you have total control over the growth and health of your plants without interruption from external factors like weather.

Shopping for a 5×5 grow tent can be really tedious because of the variety available in the market. In this review, we’ll make this decision easier by providing you with some of the best 5×5 grow tent models you can find. We’ll also discuss some benefits of owning a 5×5 grow tent and ways to customize and maintain the tent.


Owning a grow tent is one thing; finding the best equipment and accessories to facilitate the growth of your plants is a different thing. For your weed to grow well and yield a large amount of product, you need certain equipment. Some of these equipment are listed and explained below

Fabric Grow Containers: A container is very necessary when growing plants inside a grow tent. Fabric containers are alternatives for plant pots. You can find these in different sizes; there are smaller containers for seedlings and larger ones of about 5 gallons to accommodate your plants when they grow tall. For excellent and more organized plant growth, you can germinate your cannabis seedlings in starter plugs and transfer them into a much larger fabric container until harvest.

LED Grow Lights: Plants get their food from photosynthesis which is usually activated by sunlight. Since you’re growing the plants indoors, you’ll need an alternative for sunlight. This alternative is an LED grow light. LED grow lights help to increase your growth and provide higher yields. LED grow lights are of different sizes; professionals advise to use at least 50w grow light per square foot of the grow tent. For 5×5 grow tents, you can use a maximum of 1000 watts LED lights.

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Fan: Plants need constant air circulation to strengthen their branches and stem and prevent mould growth. To achieve this constant air circulation, you need a rotating or oscillating fan in your grow tent.

Carbon Filters; These are very essential in an indoor grow tent. It helps to filter the dust that may be produced by the ventilation system. It is also best at controlling and keeping the odour produced by the plant and fertilizers inside the tent. Carbon filters work with an inline fan, ducting and ventilation ports.

Inline Fans: These provide fresh air and oxygen to your plants. Oxygen is needed for photosynthesis and for your plants to grow successfully. Grow tents come with at least two holes for ventilation. One hole helps to suck fresh air into the grow tent while the other hole pushes the air out. Ducting is also needed with the inline fans as the air passes through the ducting before passing through the filter.

PH Meter: PH levels are very essential when growing cannabis. PH meter measures the soil’s pH level. The ideal pH for cannabis to grow in is between 6.0 – 7.0. PH meters are very easy to use, and it makes it convenient to monitor the pH level at which your plants grow.

Other equipments used in a grow room include

  • Timer
  • Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Pruner
  • Watering Can
  • Latex-free gloves

Benefits of Using an Indoor Grow Tent

Year-Round Gardening:

This is one of the greatest benefits of using an indoor grow tent to grow your weed. With a grow tent, you can grow any strain of your choice all year round with no obstructions from harsh weather conditions. This is a beneficial reason to invest in grow tents; particularly a 5×5 indoor grow tent.

Saves time and Energy:

One of the major problems with growing marijuana is looking for the perfect spot to plant. With a grow tent, you can plant in the comfort of your home and monitor it how and when you like. Grow tents come with observation windows that allow you to monitor the plants without entering the grow tent.

Reduces Odor:

Marijuana is known to release string odor. If you want to discretely grow your weed, you need to make use of a grow tent. Grow tents are designed with mylar lining to help reduce the odor that’s produced by the plants. Grow tent works with an integrated ventilation system that filters the air that gets in and out of the tent, which helps to reduce the odor.

Adequate Ventilation System:

Plants need fresh air, particularly CO2 for healthy and strong growth. Grow tents have a sufficient ventilation system that brings in fresh air from outside, filters it and keeps the air in the room. There’s also an outlet to allow stale air out of the tent so more fresh air can get into the tent.

Protects Plants from Pests:

Indoor gardens are usually infested by insects like spider mites, aphids and flies. Grow tents protect your plants from these insects and other pests because it is completely enclosed. It is designed with zips that tightly seal every opening in the tent.

Without further ado, let’s get into the review of five of the best 5×5 grow tents for indoor growing available on the market.

The 5 Best 5x5 Grow Tent for Indoor Growing Are Reviewed Below

Here are the five best 5×5 tents for indoor growing together with their key features and specifications.


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The VIVOSUN 60″x60″x80″ grow tent is a durable and high quality hydroponic grow tent made with 98% reflective mylar which enhances your outputs by ensuring the light produced by the LED grow right remains inside the grow room. It has heavy-duty zippers that open and close very easily for easy access and are lined with black lining creating a seal that is lightproof to further protect the light in the tent from escaping. These zippers need no additional flaps or self-adhesive tapes for efficiency.

The material of the tent is a high quality 340g oxford cloth that doesn’t tear easily. The cloth is double stitched to ensure its durability and lined with non-toxic PE material for the safety of your plants. This tent is further supported by metal poles that ensure it remains well-balanced on the ground and sturdy. The tent is very easy to assemble and needs no professional know-how or additional tools. It has doors that are easily accessible with zips that unzip smoothly; it also has observation windows that make it pretty easy to monitor your plants without messing with your set-up.

This grow tent makes it very easy to grow your weed as the smell produced by the plant is kept inside the tent. It also includes a tool organizer allowing you to store your tools and gardening accessories, dual-layer ventilation and a removable waterproof floor tray for easy cleaning and maintenance of the tent.

Key Features:

  • 98% Reflective mylar
  • Inner tool organizer
  • Floor tray
  • Dual-layer ventilation opening
  • Lightproof zippers


  • Brand: VIVOSUN
  • Model: VIVOSUN 60″x60″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
  • Product Dimension: 6.3 x 11.3 x 61 inches
  • Weight: 38.2 pounds
  • Material: 340g oxford, non-toxic PE material
  • 98% mylar canvas to keep light inside the tent
  • Setting up the tent is easy
  • Easy-access door and observation windows
  • Has inner tool organizer
  • A bit expensive


TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

The TopoGrow brand is known for producing different sizes of grow tents. This 5×5 grow tent is just as strong and durable as their other products. It is a complete grow tent kit that includes an 800 watt COB LED grow light with a full light spectrum. It also includes a 6-inch fan and ducting. The tent itself is designed from 96% highly reflective mylar lining on the inside, which is completely waterproof and prevents the light from escaping the room. The material is designed from a sturdy 600D lightproof oxford cloth that also enhances its reflective abilities.

The tent has metal rods of about 16mm and plastic corners to help protect and keep the tent well-balanced. The best part about this grow tent kit is that it includes a carbon filter to help filter the air that gets in and out of the tent. The material is double stitched to boost light protection and has strong zippers that open and close very easily. Setting up the grow tent is easy and it needs no additional tools to put it together.

It is perfect for professional and first-time gardeners. The included ducting is a silver flex ducting that’s about 25 feet long and fits perfectly into the 4-inch ducting holes. The carbon filter that comes with this product is has a 950 iodine absorption value to improve its filtering property. It also has viewing windows and an easy access door to make it easy to monitor your weed.

Key Features:

  • 800 watts COB LED grow light
  • 96% highly reflective mylar
  • 600D lightproof oxford material
  • 6 inch fan
  • Galvanized steel clamps
  • Coal-based activated carbon filter


  • Brand: TopoGrow
  • Model: TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit
  • Product Dimension: 45.5 x 16.6 x 16.6 inches
  • Weight: 70.8 pounds
  • Material: 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar, heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
  • Has 96% reflective mylar material
  • Includes a 6-inch fan, carbon filter and ducting
  • Features an 800w LED light
  • Easy to set up
  • It is heavy


Gorilla Grow Tent

The Gorilla Grow Tent is a sturdy grow tent with a 100% metal interlocking bars that offer premium support and balance to the tent. The tent is professionally designed, making it perfect for both expert gardeners and beginners. It has efficient ducting ports positioned for adequate ventilation which is very important for successful plant growth. It also has wide EZ viewing windows that make it very easy to observe your plants without stepping into the tent.

It has an access door that unzips very easily and offers 360 degrees easy and convenient access to the interior of the tent. It is also equipped with a backdoor so you can choose to go into the tent through the front or back end. The tent is designed with thick and durable 1680D material and a large-sized 10-inch double cinching ducting ports to ensure that there is enough airflow inside to tent so your plants may grow strong and well.

The diamond-shaped reflective interior helps to keep light inside the room. You can adjust the tent’s height by 1 inch with its height adjusting kit. All of its poles are made of steel, including the corners; this ensures that the tent stays firmly on the ground. Cleaning this tent is also not tasking because it is equipped with a spill tray that can be removed and cleaned properly. It also has a tool pouch inside for convenience.

Key Features:

  • Diamond-shaped reflective interior
  • 1680D material
  • Steel interlocking frame
  • Double cinching ducting ports
  • Rear access door


  • Brand: Gorilla Grow Tent
  • Model: Gorilla Hydroponic Grow 5-Foot by 5-Foot Tent
  • Product Dimension: 60 x 60 x 83 inches
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Material: 1680D material, Diamond-shaped reflective interior
  • Has an all-metal frame
  • Height of the tent can be extended
  • Has a front and rear access door
  • EZ viewing windows
  • Zippers are plastic



The MARS HYDRO grow tent is a premium quality grow tent with a highly reflective diamond mylar interior that keeps the light inside the tent providing enough light for your plants. The exterior of the tent is designed from mars hydro 1680D canvas and is double stitched for extra protection; the material is also completely tear-proof which is best to further prevent the light from leaking through the material. The reflective property of the tent helps to keep the light beams inside and also ensures the plants absorb as much light as it needs. The extra thick material prevents leaks or rips.

The tent is reinforced with metal corner adapters and metal poles that support the tent and keep it balanced. The tent is sturdy, easy to install and doesn’t rust. When setting up the tent, you don’t need any extra tools, just follow the instructions in the manual. It is equipped with heavy-duty zippers that are easy to open and won’t get stuck. The zippers also have a double-layered black lining for extra light protection.

It has observation windows designed from double layers of cloth for extra protection. The observation windows also help ventilation and dissipation of air. The tent includes a removable floor tray that accommodates fallen leaves and soil; the tray makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

Key Features:

  • Thick 1680D canvas
  • Diamond reflective mylar
  • Metal poles and corner adapters
  • Removable floor tray


  • Brand: MARS HYDRO
  • Model: MARS HYDRO Grow Tent
  • Product Dimension: 13.4 x 6.7 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 43.3 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum, Fabric
  • Material is double stitched for light protection
  • Thick 1680D mylar canvas
  • Waterproof floor tray
  • Very easy to set up
  • Lacks lower vent holes


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The TopoLite grow tent is a heavy-duty grow tent designed with 96% highly reflective diamond mylar to boost its reflective effect and ensure that light doesn’t escape from the grow tent. The tent has a green window that filters the white light to further improve the growth of your plants and maintain a healthy growing environment.

The exterior of the tent is made from a heavy-duty and durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth. It features 16mm metal rods for extra support and to ensure it is sturdy. It is equipped with heavy-duty zippers that are simple to use and also protect the light in the tent. It is also pretty simple to install and can be used by both professionals and beginners. It also has strong tubes that can be used to hang heavy equipment inside the tent.

It has observation windows that make it easy to assess and monitor your plants without disrupting the growing environment. It features a removable floor tray making it easier for you to clean the tent. The tent also has vents for fan and filter output.

Key Features:

  • 96% reflective tent cover
  • 16mm frame rods and connectors
  • Removable floor tray
  • Nylon belts
  • Green tint window


  • Brand: TopoLite
  • Model: TopoLite 60″x60″x80″ Grow Tent
  • Product Dimension: 60.51 x 10.31 x 7.01 inches
  • Weight: 32.2 pounds
  • Material: 600D Diamond lightproof oxford cloth, 96% highly reflective Diamond Mylar
  • Has an observation green window
  • Zippers unzip easily
  • Double stitching for light protection
  • Metal poles firmly support the tent
  • Material is not of top-quality.

Buying Guide Questions

How many Autoflowers can I grow in a 5×5 tent?

In a 5×5 indoor grow tent, you should grow about six autoflowers. This is to ensure they each get all the nutrients required and have adequate light, air and water. Remember to space your plants to reduce the spread of disease and pests.

How big of a grow tent do I need for 4 plants?

A 4×4 grow tent should be perfect to fit 4 – 6 fill sized plants. This size of grow tent is 4x4ft inches long and 6.5ft tall, giving you enough space to work conveniently in the tent. You can also fit about 16 small-sized plants in this tent, these size of plants should not grow longer than 2ft tall. This grow tent can accommodate different growing equipment like 5×6 inch duct ports, streamlined rectangular vents, side doors and beamed roof support.

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How many CFM does a 5×5 tent need?

To provide enough air for plants in a 5×5 grow tent, your coolers and fans need to produce at least 400 CFM of air.

Do I need a grow tent to grow indoors?

Grow tent is not essential when growing plants indoors but to get the best result and high amount of yield, it is advisable to use a grow tent. Grow tents are equipped with accessories like LED light, ventilation and fans that provide the same conditions needed for outdoor plant growth.

How many lights 5×5 grow tent?

For a 5×5 grow tent, you can use one 1000 watts LED lights or two or three lights that add up to 1000 watts.

How much light do you need for a 5×5 grow tent?

For this size of tent, you should use about 1000watts LED light to provide enough light and heat for your growing plant. You can also use High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light of about 1000watts for your 5×5 tent. The most important thing is ensuring your plants get enough light to produce their food and keep the leaves green.


Grow tents are very useful when it comes to indoor gardening. They provide the best environments for your plants and improve their quality as well as yields. To use a grow tent, you don’t need expensive equipment to grow your plants. You just need to properly care for and maintain the plants and grow tent.

We hope that this review on the best 5×5 grow tent for indoor growing has given you more ideas on the best 5×5 grow tents to grow your plants inside your home.