How Does A Gravity Bong Work?


Have you ever smoked a gravity bong, or are you thinking about it? The other term for a gravity bong is a geeb. There are so many types of bongs that the idea of this one can be confusing as you have glass bongs, acrylic bongs, silicone bongs, and those with percolators and so on. However, when it comes to the gravity bong, you will make one, and it is pretty straightforward to create. It is not going to cost you much money to get the materials for it either. So, let’s go over how to make a gravity bong and how it works! You will also learn other fascinating things about them too!

How Do You Make A Gravity Bong?

This type of bong consists of two empty plastic bottles to push the smoke through water and bring it to your lungs. Gravity bongs work by putting a smaller bottle with a bowl of weed on top in a bucket or a giant water bottle.

The materials you will need to make a gravity bong are a plastic bottle of around 16 to 20 oz, a bucket or a two-liter plastic bottle, foil: a knife, a screwdriver, and at least one gram of cannabis strain of your choice. You will want to cut the smaller bottle ends first, but don’t cut too much. Then you will cut the bottom of the larger bottle and fill it with water. If you are using a bucket, then fill it with water.

Then take the cap of the smaller bottle and unscrew it, and use your knife to make a hole in the cap. The hole should be large enough so you can inhale the air but not too large to the point that the weed and foil will fall through. The next step is to wrap the cap with foil, and you will also shape the foil into a small bowl for your weed. The foil will prevent the cannabis from going into the water. Then you will take your screwdriver and poke three to five holes in the foil for proper ventilation. Finally, put the weed in the bottle cap but don’t screw it on just yet.

Now, you will submerge the small bottle into the water-filled bottom-half of the larger bottle or bucket to the point that the cap is above the water. You will want to put the cap back onto the bottle gradually and then light the weed. As you burn it, pull progressively up the smaller bottle as it fills up with smoke. Ensure the cap is on tightly, or else some smoke could leak out, and then after that, take the cap off and put your mouth over the opening. Then you will place the water back into the water gently. You will then enjoy a potent but cool hit.

Are these bongs worth making? Let’s talk about that now.

Are Gravity Bongs Worth Making?

If you do not have a high tolerance for too much smoke or are new to smoking bongs, then it is not ideal to start using a gravity bong. Instead, you are much better off using a bong better for beginners, such as a small glass or basic silicone bong. However, if you are more of an experienced smoker and have a higher tolerance for taking in potent hits, you may like using a gravity bong. If you are the craft DIY type, you will enjoy making a geeb and even turning this into a project with friends if you prefer to do it that way.

The gravity bong will provide you with quick delivery of your favorite cannabis strain, and you can add it to your bong collection as well. Of course, if you are not crafty, you can always purchase gravity bongs from different merchants as some create them and sell them. However, they are fantastic to have and store if you are in the mood to have a potent hit and enjoy having a great time getting high with your friends. The next query you may have regarding gravity bongs is whether or not they make you higher. Let’s touch on that one now.

Do Gravity Bongs Make You Higher?

If you are wondering if gravity bongs make you higher, they certainly do. That is because geebs give you plenty of concentrated smoke that you will inhale into your lungs. Therefore, these gravity bongs will fill them up to capacity, which an ordinary joint or bong won’t do so quickly. That means when you inhale that big smoke from the bottle, and you are inhaling the smoke from a large bowl of weed in one hit. That is why if you are new to smoking or you do not have a high tolerance for taking in too much smoke at once, you do not want to start with using a gravity bong. You will end up with potent hits with it, which could make you sick. That is not the experience you want when you are smoking.

The ideal smoker that the gravity bong is for is those who like to do the DIY thing and have some nostalgia while having an extremely high tolerance for potent THC-filled smoke. As mentioned, you can always buy gravity bongs, but most smokers who want them can make them. Now, what type of bottles are safest to use to make geebs? Let’s talk about that.

Are Plastic Bottles Safe To Use For Making Gravity Bongs?

Many people use plastic bottles. However, beware that there are toxic chemicals that you will inhale, such as PET or polyethylene terephthalate. They are convenient, which is why smokers use plastic when they want to smoke gravity bongs. You should not smoke this type of bong daily, regardless. If you smoke once in a while, it will not harm you. However, if you are worried about inhaling these toxic chemicals, you can always use glass or silicone bottles to make gravity bongs. That is entirely up to you, and as long as you stay safe with them, you can have such an enjoyable experience.

Here’s how Gravity bong works:

  1. Components: A gravity bong typically consists of two main components:
    • A larger container filled with water (like a bucket or a 2-liter bottle with the bottom cut off).
    • A smaller container (like a plastic bottle with the bottom cut out) that fits inside the larger one. The smaller container has a bowl on the top where the smoking material is placed.
  2. Preparation: The smaller container is placed inside the larger one, and the water level is adjusted so that it almost reaches the top of the smaller container.
  3. Loading: The smoking material is placed in the bowl at the top of the smaller container.
  4. Ignition and Lifting: As the material in the bowl is ignited, the smaller container is slowly lifted out of the water. This creates a partial vacuum inside the container, which draws the smoke downwards into the container.
  5. Inhaling the Smoke: Once the smaller container is almost entirely out of the water (but not completely, to prevent air from entering at the bottom), the bowl is removed, and the user inhales from the opening of the smaller container. As the container is pushed back into the water, the pressure forces the smoke up and into the lungs of the user.
  6. Efficiency: Gravity bongs are often praised for their efficiency in delivering a large amount of smoke in a single hit.
  7. Physics at Play: The fundamental physics behind this involves air pressure and water pressure. When the bottle is lifted, the decreasing water level inside the larger container creates a partial vacuum, which is filled by the smoke being drawn in from the burning material. When the user inhales, the air pressure inside the container becomes lower than the outside pressure, and the water pushes the smoke up.


If you are an experienced smoker‘ that wants to enjoy having a potent hit that will make you extremely high, and you are the DIY type – you can make a gravity bong. They are straightforward to make, and you can have a lot of fun making them and, more so, smoking them. You can also buy them from merchants who make them if you are not the DIY type. However, if you are not an experienced smoker or have a low tolerance for too much TCH‘, then a gravity bong or a geeb is not the right thing for you!