California LightWorks – Top Quality LED Grow Lights Review


Many growers and cultivators have considered the California LightWorks as the brand that created a breakthrough when it comes to the grow lights scene. They have created quite a fair amount of products that have the best functionality and features.

If you are a novice grower looking for a good grow light to start with or an experienced cannabis grower looking to upgrade your grow lights, you have come to the right place! We understand that there are so many considerations and features to take a look at when choosing grow lights, and if you have decided to choose LED grow lights, we strongly approve.

The grow lights from California LightWorks have been popular because of their varied spectrum ranges that allow you total control of your output. With these grow lights, you will be able to adjust the light spectrum for the different growth stages, therefore, allowing you to encourage higher yields, better potency, and better health for your plants.

This review will include the best California LightWorks, and top-quality LED grow light that includes the SolarXtreme 1000, SolarSystem 1100, and the GHPro340. And we will be reviewing them according to the best type of growing operation which the grow lights best fit.

The SolarXtreme 1000: Best for in-home growing

If you are an avid grower that aims to get your hands on a LED grow light that you mean to purchase for personal use, California LightWorks has one for you. The SolarXtreme series is an affordable but high-quality option for all the home growers out there. This grow light is a full-spectrum lighting system that features the Optigrow light spectrum with the new chip-on-board LED design. This design is responsible for making the lights highly efficient at a lower cost.

Key features of the SolarXtreme 1000

The SolarXtreme 1000 has the highest wattage that comes at 800 watts, with the highest coverage at 25 square feet. This grow light is created for all the home growers out there, so it would meet your indoor growing needs. If you desire to use a grow light with lower wattage and is generally smaller, you may check out the SolarXtreme 250 and the SolarXtreme 500.

These impressively functional and high-quality grow light features:

  • Low heat signature that effectively reduces energy costs and protects your cannabis plants from leaf burn.
  • Able to cover a 5’ x 5’ grow area.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Comes with a 500 PPFD distance of 38”, and 800 PPFD distance of 28”.
  • LED drivers are not needed anymore because of its direct AC drive technology.

The SolarSystem 1100: Best for commercial indoor growing

All the LED lights of the California LightWork SolarSystem are created with top-tier Osram LEDs for the highest functionality in the market. These LEDs feature an exclusive Digital Spectrum Control, one reason why this lighting system is one of the favorites. Certainly, the SolarSystem is designed considering the commercial growing scheme; however it is very beginner and user friendly, so you will not have a hard time working with this grow light.

Key features of the SolarSystem 1100

The SolarSystem 1100 is a combination of the greatest LED lights of California LightWorks, and they are mixed to produce only the best possible yields. This grow light unit can be used as a single grow lighting system, or you can connect several units together for more extensive coverage and operation.

This commercial indoor growing light features:

  • Fully programmable spectrum control with a zero to a hundred percent dimming capability.
  • High efficiency and effectivity that greatly contribute to healthy plant growth and maximum photosynthesis.
  • Has an active thermal management system and 4 x 4 coverage area.
  • Comes with a lifespan of 50,000 plus hours.

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The GHPro340: Best for greenhouse growing

We understand how supplemental greenhouse lighting can be taxing and complicated; that is why you must get a grow light that is versatile enough. The grow lights for greenhouse growing should be able to adapt and provide your plants with the light that they require for each season without interference to natural light at all. When talking about these light demands and special needs, the GHPro 340 has features that can definitely work for that.

Key features of the GHPro340

The GHPro340, designed exclusively for greenhouse applications, boasts a sleek design that minimizes shadowing. Despite its slender and stylish appearance, the GHPro340 is capable of illuminating a wide area.This grow light has useful features, such as:

  • This greenhouse grow light is highly efficient that boasts a maximum of 340 watts.
  • The GHPro340 is chainable or extendable with fully integrated drivers.
  • It features a passive cooling effect with no fans.
  • Has an integrated wireless photo sensor for automatic light balance and a wireless two-channel varied spectrum control.

Choosing the best LED grow light

When choosing the best and most functional LED grow light, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the grow light itself. It is important to remember that an item or unit made of only the highest quality will last very long.The reputation and brand of your grow light often indicate its quality. With the legalization of indoor marijuana cultivation, numerous manufacturers have emerged. This provided many options for growers while choosing and purchasing one more complicated and more difficult.

The efficiency and functionality are also factors that you would not want to miss since you will be using your grow lights for a good amount of time. You will want your grow lights not only to be functional but also efficient when it comes to energy as well. Other significant factors to consider are the grow tent you are using, the ease of installation, warranty, and the size and specifications. It is always good to read a review before buying, just like what you are doing now.

Final thoughts

Whether you are working with a huge commercial cannabis growing or just growing indoors for your consumption, California LightWorks has the best grow light that will definitely fit your needs. These grow light units can offer every grower and cultivator the highest efficiency and top-tier lighting systems on the market today.

We hope that this review greatly helped you in choosing the best California LightWorks indoor LED grow lights that will work for you and your cannabis plants.