10 Best Aphids Control For Cannabis in 2024

Mallet 75 WSP Imidacloprid 75% Check Latest Price Garlic Pesticides (allicin) Check Latest Price Diatomaceous Earth Food Check Latest Price Growing plants is a form of art, and caring for your plant is very important. However, pests can make that very difficult to achieve; that’s why you need to learn the technique of controlling pests. ... Read more

VIPARSPECTRA Grow Tent 48 x 24 x 60 Reflective 600D Mylar Review

Overview One of the priorities when growing cannabis plants indoors are to be able to replicate an excellent natural environment where plants will be able to thrive. You will be able to do that by effectively controlling humidity, temperature, light intensity, and so on. To effectively do that, you should find a good and reliable … Read more

5 Best PH Meters For Growing Cannabis in 2021

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9 Best Indoor Heaters For Your Grow Room in 2021

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7 Best Soils For Growing Marijuana Indoors in 2024

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6 Best Grow Light Movers in 2024

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5 Best Cloning Machines in 2024

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4 Best Mars Reflector Grow Light Series in 2024

Mars Reflector Series is one of the most popular of Mars Hydro’s lineup. This series comes in a variety of sizes. Each is perfect for the grower who is value-minded. Because, not only are Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights budget-friendly, they are of top quality too. We wrote this review of the Mars Reflector Series … Read more

Ideal Light Cycles for Growing Cannabis

Overview Light cycles are often neglected when growing cannabis since many novice growers are not knowledgeable about how cannabis plants can be sensitive to light. Lighting and light cycles is a crucial and significant factor in successfully growing your marijuana – and this applies to both indoor and outdoor growing. With this, it is very … Read more