VIPARSPECTRA Grow Tent 48 x 24 x 60 Reflective 600D Mylar Review


One of the priorities when growing cannabis plants indoors are to be able to replicate an excellent natural environment where plants will be able to thrive. You will be able to do that by effectively controlling humidity, temperature, light intensity, and so on. To effectively do that, you should find a good and reliable grow tent.

Fortunately, the Viparspectra grow tent is a great indoor grow tent that can clearly help every grower and cultivator out there. This grow tent will be able to help you grow your cannabis plants successfully indoors since this can provide the essential functions that you would need for your plants.

A practical grow tent will provide your cannabis plants with an environment that will make them suitable for plant growth. With its reflective Maylar properties, you can be sure that your cannabis plants will be able to absorb enough light for healthy growth. The Viparspectra grow tent also works well with hydroponics, making your cannabis plants grow faster. If you want to know more about this awesome tent, then read on.

About the Viparspectra Mylar Grow Tent

The Viparspectra Mylar grow tent is a mid-sized 4′ x 2′ grow tent. The dimensions of this grow tent is 48 x 24 x 60. This grow tent will cater to three mature or grown plants or up to eight smaller plants. It is created with a hundred percent reflective Mylar that is durable, tear-proof, and waterproof.

It is a durable and robust tent made with metal frames that are protected from rust, which will surely help it last for years. The material of the walls in this grow tent is exceptionally efficient when it comes to providing the plants with enough light from your grow lights. The interior of the walls is also non-toxic and highly safe for your cannabis plants. On the other hand, the exterior part is made from heavy-duty oxford material, making it highly durable. Convenience-wise, this grow tent features a removable floor plan that helps you make cleaning a lot easier than it already is.

The Viparspectra is also very convenient to use, easy to transports, and quick to assemble as well. The frames of this grow tent can take a weight of up to 110 lbs, which means it could carry even heavy grow lights. The grow tent itself can weigh up to 19.8 lbs. Generally, the Viparspectra is a very efficient and impressive grow tent that you can surely trust.

Pros and Cons of the Viparspectra Grow Tent


The most remarkable benefit of the Viparspectra grow tent is its 100% reflection rate that is extremely helpful. A good amount of reflection will ensure that your plants will enjoy a good amount of light to speed up healthy growth. This grow tent is also big enough to cater to your cannabis plants.

The Viparscpectra grow tent is very affordable; with a good deal of money, you will surely be able to get a very durable and highly functional grow tent. A good and durable grow tent will be able to house many batches of your cannabis plants. Indeed, the Viparspectra grow tent is an excellent investment. Additionally, with the grow tent’s heavy-duty zippers and highly durable material, you can be sure that your cannabis plants are protected inside a stable and healthy environment.

This brand has good customer service as well, and the product comes with a warranty, so you will not have a problem if there are issues with your grow tent. Therefore, this grow tent is a good purchase.


The most noticeable drawback for this growing tent is that few light leaks around the zipper area. The zipper also can be a bit difficult to tug on.

Things to Consider when Getting an Indoor Grow Tent

Typically, a good and functional grow tent should let you take control and make an excellent growing environment for your cannabis plants. Besides its features and valuable characteristics, it is also essential to consider the size of the grow tent you are picking. It would help if you again thought about how much weight your grow tent can carry since you will need to hang your grow lights and other equipment. A good grow tent should also have a reliable zipper or closures and have reflective walls to maximize light usage and light absorption.

Durability and canvas density is also essential since it is the most vital part of your grow tent. It should be puncture-resistant and waterproof so that your cannabis plants will stay protected. You may also want to note accessories such as extra vents, pots, trays, and pouches since they can add a lot in terms of convenience.

Excellent and durable frames are also highlights when it comes to finding a good grow tent. You have to pay attention to the maximum capacity of your grow tent’s frames to avoid collapsing and damage as well. Ideally, growing tents should be easy to assemble and take apart; they should also be portable.

With the countless brands and products surfacing the market today, you should be able to know what you want and what you need. You will be able to do that if you know the critical factors, you will need to consider when getting a growing tent.

Final thoughts on the Viparspectra Grow Tent

Generally, a good grow tent will be able to make your cannabis growing journey a lot easier. A good grow tent, the Viparspectra grow tent in particular, can help you provide a healthy growing environment for your cannabis plants. With its very excellent and helpful features, the Viparspectra can genuinely be a good choice. It is highly recommended, and we hope that this review has convinced you to try and experience the functionality that this grow tent can offer.

Designed specifically for indoor plant cultivation, this grow tent combines durability with functionality to create the perfect environment for your plants. Here are more information about the product:

  1. Sturdy Construction: The VIPARSPECTRA grow tent is made of 600D Mylar material, offering a robust and tear-resistant enclosure. It features heavy-duty zippers and double-stitching, which ensures longevity and prevents light leakage.
  2. Optimal Light Reflection: The interior of the tent is lined with highly reflective Mylar, maximizing the efficiency of your grow lights. This feature ensures that your plants receive light from all angles, promoting even growth and robust development.
  3. Effective Ventilation: Equipped with multiple vents for fan and filter output, the tent allows for excellent air circulation. This is crucial for maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels, which are essential for plant health.
  4. Pest Prevention: A unique feature of this tent is its rectangular observation window with a mesh layer. This not only allows you to check on your plants without disturbing their environment but also keeps pests and dust at bay.
  5. Versatility: The tent’s size makes it suitable for a variety of indoor plants, from leafy greens to flowering species. It’s an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners.