10 Best Stealth Grow Cabinets and Boxes in 2024

Grow Cabinets/Boxes vs. Grow Tents

Grow tents are a popular option because they are big and allow you to work on your plants easily. However, sometimes space can be limited for people and grow tents in this case wouldn’t be such a great product to use. Because of this, grow cabinets/boxes are ideal. They are often compact but big enough to store a few plants and supplies in.

Stealth grow cabinets and boxes also are more concealed. With grow tents, they are very obvious, but stealth grow cabinets and boxes look like everyday household and office products and help to hide the plants better from people’s view. You can also lock these products unlike grow tents which usually only have a zipper or two to secure the inside.

Product Name



HelloGrower Stealth Grow Box


30 x 15 x 15 inches

SuperCloset Superbox

45 lbs.

30 x 18 x 24 inches

SuperCloset LED SuperLocker 3.0

160 lbs.

66 x 15 x 24 inches

Dealzer Cash Crop 4.0

30 lbs.

24 x 16 x 9.5 inches

SuperCloset LED Trinity 3.0

450 lbs.

24 x 72 x 72 inches

SuperCloset Deluxe

250 lbs.

24 x 36 x 72 inches

Yield Machine Grow Box


4 x 17.5 x 13.5 inches

Cabinet Garden Cabinet/Box


71 x 20 x 25 inches

Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0

65.5 lbs.

36.2 x 24.3 x 19 inches

SuperCloset SuperStar


24 x 24 x 60 inches

Are you looking for a way to grow cannabis plants discreetly? If so, you’ll want to check out stealth grow cabinets and boxes. These products are designed to help make growing cannabis not as obvious by hiding the plants and preventing their odor from floating freely about. They often look like regular household objects, such as file cabinets, so they won’t be very obvious in your growing space.

Why are Stealth Grow Cabinets and Boxes Important?

Stealth grow cabinets and boxes are important because they help to prevent your cannabis plants from being out in the open. They can also help you to manage your plants much better as you can have quick access to them.

These products also help to hide the strong odor that cannabis plants often emit which is helpful to prevent others from smelling it. They also work quietly (even with all their fans) so you won’t have to worry about them being loud while in use. These are also great because they are often compact. If you have a limited amount of growing space, these grow cabinets and boxes can help to store your plants in one area as well as all of your growing supplies. These also can help to reduce your electric costs because you won’t need to be investing in many lights and fans for your plants.

How Do They Help My Cannabis Plants?

These can help your cannabis plants in many ways. One is that they have a strong light system. You won’t need to install multiple lighting systems with these as they usually have a system built into them already. These lights will help to fully cover your plants with warm lighting to ensure they grow well.

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Also, grow cabinets and boxes can help your plants throughout their different growth stages. Sometimes certain models will come with dual chambers with one chamber you can sprout the seeds in and the other chamber to help the plants flower.

The Top 10 Stealth Grow Cabinets and Boxes

HelloGrower Stealth Grow Box


This white 30-inch grow box features a hydroponic system you can use. For this hydroponic system, it comes with 6 seed slots that you can use to grow your plants in. These slots are located in its BubbleTub which comes with 6 lids, net pots, rockwool plugs, and an air pump. This model comes with practically everything you need to grow hydroponic plants in it.

The lighting system of this model uses 45W LED lights. These lights are warm enough to keep your plants in a cozy environment but not enough to overheat them. The inside of this grow box is Mylar lined. This lining will help to reflect the LED lights on your plants and make sure the inside stays warm. There is also a timer for the lights built into this model which you can use.

There are shaded rear vents in the back of this grow box that have carbon filters built into them. These carbon filters will help to prevent odor from escaping. This model is easy to use and has a locking feature so you can keep your plants secure.



SuperCloset Superbox





This black 200W stealth grow box is made with a 16-gauge steel housing so you can be sure it’s extremely durable. This model can hold up to 10 plants and also has the ability to work with hydroponic systems. It features a top feed drip which will help to drain the hydroponic system easily and without problems. This product comes with fans, filters, nutrients, a TDS meter, and rockwool cubes that you can use. The filters it comes with are made of carbon which will help to stop strong odor from escaping from it. This product is lockable and fireproof.

SuperCloset LED SuperLocker 3.0


This grow cabinet serves as a hydroponic system. It can hold up to 8 plants that can grow to be 3 ft. tall in it. It has a 12 band spectrum, 3W diodes, and 300W LED lights to help your plants grow tall and healthy. These lights are built into the LED panel which hangs above the plants. This model is made with a strong 16-gauge steel housing and features a special cloning area in it you can use with your plants. There are also circulation fans inside to help with airflow and to help prevent it from smelling. While expensive, this model comes with almost everything you would need when growing cannabis plants. It’s also lockable and fireproof which helps to give your plants extra security.

Dealzer Cash Crop 4.0

This model can hold up to 6 plants which makes it ideal for those who are just starting out. It’s an easy grow box to use and can also be used with hydroponic systems. This product has 2700K CFL flowering bulbs and 6500K CFL grow bulbs built into it. These lights are adjustable so you can move them to how you want them to be shining on your plants.

This model is made with a strong housing which helps to prevent light leakage from occurring. A fan system is built inside it as well to help cool temperatures down and prevent your plants from overheating. This model also uses carbon filters and air stones to prevent odors and air timers to help control the temperature and airflow inside. A 10 gallon air pump is also built into this box to help keep the air circulation constantly running.


SuperCloset LED Trinity 3.0


This LED grow cabinet might be expensive, but it’s worth investing in if you’re an experienced grower with a lot of plants. It features 2 16-gauge steel doors which can be locked. It can hold up to 32 plants in soil and 16 plants in a hydroponic system. For hydroponic systems, this model has a top drip feature to help make sure the plants properly drain. This model runs on K3 L600 and L450 Kind LED K3-3W lights. The lighting system has up to 12 bands which helps to ensure it will reach all areas on your plants with warm lighting. To prevent overheating, it has exhaust fans inside to help with airflow. This can also help to prevent the cabinet from smelling strongly. This model comes with fans, filters, nutrients, and a TDS meter. It’s also fireproof which helps it to better protect your plants inside in the case of an emergency.


SuperCloset Deluxe

This hydroponic grow cabinet is made with a black 16-gauge steel frame. It is already supplied with most things that you need to grow plants with and also to help make sure this grow cabinet works well for you. These things include fans, filters, nutrients, and rockwall cubes.

The inside of this cabinet has a 600W HPS lighting system. This system will shine brightly on your plants so they are fully covered with lighting. To prevent overheating from occurring, it has an exhaust fan. This fan will help to keep airflow running constantly so the inside of the cabinet is comfortable for your plants. This fan (as well as the carbon filter that comes with it) can also help prevent strong smells from occurring. The fan is adjustable so you can turn it to blow in the direction that you’d like it to. This model can hold up to 16 plants.

Yield Machine Grow Box



This 4 ft. tall stealth grow box can hold up to 9 plants. For hydroponic systems it can hold up to 20 quarts. Inside it features 150W strong UFO LED lights to help keep your plants warm. There is also a light cover system which will help it to completely cover your plants with lighting so they grow well. The LED lights are removable so if one burns out or you want to replace one you can easily do so. This model comes with an air pump to help keep the air circulation moving and carbon filters to prevent your plants from emitting strong odors. This grow box comes fully assembled and is great for both beginners and experienced growers to use.





Cabinet Garden Cabinet/Box

If you’re looking for a somewhat advanced cabinet/box to use, this is one model you’ll want to check out. This product features a black steel frame which is strong enough to protect your plants inside. You can lock this frame to add even more protection for your plants.

On the inside of this cabinet/box are 200W full spectrum LED lights. This light system is helpful with keeping your plants warm. A few LED lights are also located on the sides of this product which will help to make sure they reach all areas of your plants to warm them up so they can grow. This model comes with a net trellis, fans, removable wheels, an air pump, and a thermometer and hygrometer. These pieces of equipment will help to ensure your growing experience goes as well as possible. You’ll also find that this model comes with a carbon filter which will help to prevent odors from escaping out of it.


Dealzer Grandma’s Secret

This stealth box is great to use for hydroponic systems. It can hold up to 9 plants and comes with almost everything you need to successfully grow and maintain your plants. Inside there is a full spectrum LED lamp which is strong enough to warm your plants without burning them. This product also comes with carbon filters to help eliminate any smells. If you’re looking for an affordable hydroponic grow box this is one you’ll definitely want to check out.





SuperCloset SuperStar


This model is one of the most advanced ones on the market. It features a dual-chamber system. One side of it can be used to clone plants while the other side can be used to help your plants flower. This model is housed in an 18-gauge black steel frame that is durable and can hold up to 16 plants easily. Inside is a 150W full spectrum lighting system which will help to keep your plants warm. There are a few fans inside which will help to ensure the interior doesn’t overheat.

This product also features a SuperPonic watering system which can hold up to 16 gallons of water. This means this product is also good to use for hydroponic systems. This model comes with automated controls so you can better adjust the temperature and lighting for your plants. There is also a hygrometer on the back of it you can use. This model runs quietly so you won’t need to worry about it making loud noises and is also lockable so you are able to secure your plants inside.



Stealth grow cabinets and boxes are extremely helpful at keeping your cannabis plants out of view. These products look like everyday objects, but can store your plants safely inside and help them grow. They are also great for people who have a limited amount of growing space. The products listed above are ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike and come with many helpful features to make sure your plants grow well.