How Do You Dab With A Bong?


If you do not know how to smoke dabs, the idea of it may scare you to a degree. However, once you learn how to do it, you will feel confident enough that you can. Dabbing, in a nutshell, is vaporizing cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, and oil as you apply them to hot surfaces and inhale them. They are incredibly potent, so you only want to use a little of these substances when you begin to dab.

The bud you smoke usually contains anywhere from 15 to 25 percent THC, whereas cannabis concentrates have 50 to 80 percent THC, a significant difference. However, if you find that daunting, you can always dab extracts with much lower levels of THC, so you gain some therapeutic effects. These extracts may be challenging to locate, however. It is also not ideal to begin dabbing if you are new to smoking cannabis. If you have more experience, then you will be a better place to learn!

If you are worried that you will have to learn how to use a rig if you are beginning to dab, you don’t need to worry about that. You can still dab with your bong if you have a small one, and I will tell you how you can do that. It is not as difficult as it may sound. Let’s go over that now.

You Can Use Your Bong As A Dab Rig

If you don’t want to invest in a rig or have one broken, you can use it as a dab rig as long as you have a small bong. However, if your bong is over 15 inches, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to dab with it. It will take too long for the vapor to work its way up, which is why you will need to dab with a smaller bong.

The only thing you require is a dab nail which would be the perfectly sized ground joint. The one you will need is a male-jointed bad nail as most bongs are female-jointed. You can also invest in a universal bad nail too which will be correct as well. The bong you will use as a dab rig cannot have a percolator because it will filter out the terpenes. Therefore, you will not get anything out of the aroma and flavor of your extract. Ensure that you use a tiny amount of it because too much to dab will become too much of a potent experience.

However, you will require other dabbing equipment, such as the dabber, carb cap, and torch that you would use to finish your creme brulee or baked Alaska. There is another way as well that you can use your bong to dab. All you need to do is put the wax, oil, or shatter into the bowl.

Put It Into The Bowl

If you want to get a more potent buzz than smoking bud, then you can still use your bowl in any bong. However, again, do not use a percolator or filter out the good stuff. That is not what you want to do. The first thing to do is to pack the bowl half-full with weed. Then collect some wax with a metal dabber and put it onto the weed. Only use a tiny amount. Then you will begin to fill the remainder of the bowl with weed.

You may wonder why you will need to pack the bowl halfway, but the reason you need to do that is if you fill it at the top, the flame will ruin the quality of the wax. A lot of the THC won’t be around as it would burn away, and the rest of the quality would make it poor. That is not what you want to happen.

When you half-pack the bowl, add the dab, and finish the packing with your weed, you can light the bud that will burn the wax without incinerating it entirely. The method to dab with a bong this way is so easy. Of course, you will want to ensure that you have access to high-quality wax, as well as high-quality cannabis and a good-quality bowl. However, if your weed is mediocre, at least you have the wax, which will give you a great smoking experience.

Why Dab In The First Place?

Smoking cannabis flowers alone can provide you with so many benefits, but if you want to take it a step further, then dabbing can be highly beneficial too. Through dabbing, you will gain the benefits from the terpenes, one of the best components of cannabis. These are the oils that form the glands of the cannabis plant.

Terpenes are great for GI disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, asthma, depression, gallstones, memory, stress, some types of cancer, and many other diseases. If you take the terpenes into your body, you will also help prevent developing those ailments if you don’t have them already. You can get your terpenes from fruits and vegetables. However, dabbing is just so much more fun. It also helps with muscle relaxation, which also helps to reduce stress.

Not to mention, if you dab, it will save you so much time if you need cannabis to function. You also do not have to worry about dab vapor clinging to your clothes and hair nearly as much as a bud does. That is why many cannabis users prefer to dab than to smoke cannabis. If they don’t smell like that, they have been smoking, which makes it even better.

Extra Insights on Using a Bong for Dabbing:


  1. Electric Dab Rigs: The introduction of electric dab rigs, or e-rigs, represents a significant shift in dabbing technology. These rigs offer precision temperature control, enhanced safety compared to open flames, consistent and reliable temperatures, and portable designs. Some notable e-rigs include the Puffco Peak Smart E Rig, Rok Electric Dab Rig by Pulsar, Puffco Peak Pro, and G Pen Roam by Grenco Science. These rigs are designed to provide an optimal dabbing experience, emphasizing ease of use, consistent quality, and portability.
  2. Using a Bong for Dabs: It is possible and acceptable to use a bong for dabbing, though there are specific considerations to bear in mind. For instance, affixing a nail to a bong may require either a male-jointed nail, an adapter, or a universal nail to ensure compatibility. It’s recommended to use less water when dabbing compared to smoking flower and to utilize a torch or an e-nail to heat the nail. While dabbing from a bong is feasible, it’s important to note that it may dilute the flavor and potency of the dabs compared to using a specialized dab rig.
  3. Bongs for Beginners: For those new to dabbing or smoking in general, several factors are essential when choosing a bong. These include the size and portability of the bong, the material it’s made from (glass, acrylic, silicone), and the presence of percolators for additional filtration. Also, considering a bong’s price range and features like easy-to-use designs, sturdy construction, splash guards, and ice notches can significantly enhance the smoking experience. Among the top recommended bongs for beginners in 2024 is the Classic Glass Beaker Bong by World of Bongs, which offers quality, simplicity, and portability, and is suitable for both smoking and dabbing.


If you want to begin to dab, you will want to learn how to use it. You can dab with wax, shatter, or oil, and you do not need to have a rig to dab. You can dab by using a bong‘, as long as it is not too long, and you will need to remove the percolator. You can place a small amount of wax or shatter into the bowl by packing some weed, then putting a little of the good stuff, and finishing packing the bowl with weed. You don’t want to light the wax too high up, or else the quality of it will disappear. You want to have the best experience when dabbing.