How To Get Kief Out Of A Grinder?


You have been smoking a lot lately, and you see a powder with a sticky consistency attaching itself to your grinder’s teeth and walls. The powder that you see there is known as kief, and it is gold! That is because it’s highly potent, and you can use it. It is more powerful than your ground-up buds. If you have never heard of kief, you are in for a treat because you will learn how to use it. In addition, there are tips on how to get it from your grinder so you can make the most of it and experience another level of enjoyment that you have not yet had. There are also other benefits of kief that you may not know. Let’s talk about that now.

What Is There To Know About Kief?

Do you know those tiny crystals with that sticky consistency that are on the cannabis flowers? Those are resin glands consisting of cannabinoids and terpenes, which individualize each strain of cannabis. Some marijuana does not contain kief, but they still have cannabinoids. They also have resin glands that grow on highly potent flower buds, and that is why it is essential to grab a freshly coated resin bud.

The purpose of kief is that you can utilize it to make various concentrates, or you can add it to your bongs, pipes, or joints. That is why many users want to get special grinders to collect kief and make their smoking experience extra special.

How Can You Collect Kief?

Here is the thing about a typical grinder. It does not feature any kief catcher, which makes the extraction process time-consuming and challenging. With most grinders, the kief becomes stuck on the walls and teeth, making the collection process frustrating. It requires a lot of patience to do that. That is why other grinders can quickly grab kief, and they are known as four-piece grinders or kief grinders.

That is why investing in a kief grinder will make your life much easier when it comes to collecting the magical substance. There is a distinction between a two or three-piece grinder, and that is they feature a chamber at the bottom that catches kief. That chamber is underneath the screen as it catches the kief that drops from your shredded buds.

Therefore, there is a method to maximize kief extraction if you do not have a two- or three-piece grinder. Let’s talk about the strategy that you can utilize that will help make your life easier to remove kief from your grinder.

What Is A Great Strategy To Remove Kief From Your Grinder?

There is an effective way to remove kief with less frustration from your grinder. You can use a coin to remove that magical stuff. Before you place the coin in the grinder, begin separating the kief that comes off easily. Then you can start looking for a coin. You will want to take a coin that will fit inside of your grinder’s middle chamber, which is where your ground marijuana sits. The best type of coin to use is a dime because it does not have a copper odor, and it is small.

However, if you have a large grinder, you will need a larger coin like a nickel or a quarter. You will want to ensure that whatever coin you use for the big grinder is ideal by shaking it to determine if there is enough room for it to slide inside. If the coin is bouncing quickly in the chamber, then that is a good sign.

When you move the grinder around with the coin in it, it will vibrate more, which will help remove the kief from the teeth and the wall. Then it can fall into the chamber.

Now that you have the perfect coin in your grinder, you will want to take the next step, which is to make your grinder cold. Next, you need to reassemble it and place it in the freezer.

When you freeze it, that causes the cannabis trichomes to become more fragile, which makes it more straightforward to remove from the wall and teeth of your grinder. So you will want to place the grinder in the freezer overnight, and then by morning, you can take it out, and you can quickly remove the kief.

Removing the kief is done by shaking the grinder as it has the coin inside and is cold. Shake it so that the coin flips and flops inside the grinder for several minutes, which will help dislodge the kief immediately. Once that happens, all of the kief in your grinder should be separated and ready for you to collect. The grinder will have the appearance of green powder with a sticky consistency. That method will save you so much frustration for when it happens in the future unless you invest in a kief grinder.

Now, let’s talk about how you can use this magical substance because there are several ways to do that.

How Do You Use Kief?

There are different ways to use kief and enjoy it by either making hash or smoking it. Some suggestions can make it more potent so you can make the most of it. You can top your packed bowl or crown the bowl, which is the typical way to use kief. All you need to do is add a dusting to the top of your bowl and then corner your hits so you can make the most of it.

Burn a quadrant of your bowl at a time so you can enjoy several hits! If you smoke joints, you can add a pinch of kief to your ground weed and mix it well before you roll your joint. You will find that the mixture sticks well, which makes your joints more potent. If you prefer another way to use it and want to make hash, there is a way to do it.

When you make hash, you will want to extract the heated and pressurized kief. Add heat and pressure to the kief as it will rupture the resin glands, which will cause its composition to change. The rupture will change the taste, and the pressure added to it will make the kief darker in color. Those are a few ways you can make the most of your kief.

To enhance this information with recent and relevant methods for kief collection, additional resources suggest:

  • Using a Pollen Box: This method is suitable for small batches. By placing buds in the top and shaking, trichomes sift through the filter into the bottom tray, collecting kief without grinding the weed.
  • Silk Screen Method: For medium to large batches, a silk screen (80-270 lines per inch) over a basin can be used to sift trichomes and collect kief underneath.
  • Hashish Drums: Ideal for large batches, this method involves using a silk screen over a drum basin, covered with a plastic tarp. Beating the drum with sticks allows kief to fall through and collect in the bucket below.
  • Freezing Methods: Since THC and other cannabinoids are not water-soluble, freezing buds make trichomes brittle and easier to separate. This method involves chilling buds in a freezer and then shaking them off in a jar or container.
  • Drying Nugs: Using dry nugs rather than fresh ones can yield more kief. Methods like placing herbs in the freezer for a short duration or using a hairdryer on a low setting can help dry out the buds.
  • Cleaning the Grinder: Regularly cleaning the grinder prevents the screen from getting blocked, maximizing kief collection. A toothbrush and rubbing alcohol can be used for effective cleaning.


Most grinders do not allow you to remove kief easily, which makes the removal process frustrating and time-consuming. That is why there are kief grinders if you want to invest in one. However, if you don’t have a kief grinder, nor do you want to spend the money to get one, there is an easy way to remove kief from the grinder’s wall and teeth.

A silver one is best by taking a small coin, so it does not leave a copper flavor and odor and place it into the chamber. Ensure that the coin moves around easily, and then reassemble your grinder to place it into the freezer overnight. Then in the morning, you should be able to shake away the kief and collect it. You can have so much fun with it after!