11 Best Bud Trimmer Machines in 2024

After you grow your cannabis plants you’ll want to find a bud trimmer machine to help remove the buds and leaves from your plants. There are a few different types of trimmer appliances you can use to do so. This article will tell of the various ways you can trim your plants and highlight some of the top machines on the market that will help you do so. To find out more about them, keep reading!

Product Name Weight Dimensions
iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 13.8 lbs. 16 x 14.5 x 16 inches
Etemproof Model X 22.1 lbs. 13.7 x 17.01 x 17.01 inches
Tenwell Bud Trimmer 12.2 lbs. 16.5 x 9.8 x 16.5 inches
CenturionPro Mini Leaf Trimmer N/A 25 x 10 x 35 inches
WooStar Classic Bypass 0.65 lbs. 1.1 x 4.09 x 8.9 inches
Gonicc Pruning Shears 0.3 lbs. 0.5 x 4 x 11 inches
Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors 0.4 lbs. 1.4 x 3.2 x 9.6 inches
Triminator Mini Dry 32 lbs. 21 x 13 x 18 inches
Origin Automatic Trimmer 25 lbs. 19.5 x 19.1 x 8.4 inches
Growtent Hydroponic Bowl Trimmer 13 lbs. 16 x 14.5 x 16 inches
Risentek Bud Trimmer Machine 22 lbs. 14.2 x 17 x 17 inches

The Benefits of Using a Bud Trimmer

There are many benefits that come with using a bud trimmer. Below are some you’ll find when you use one. 

They Work Quickly

 Bud trimmers will work very quickly thanks to their unique build. This means you won’t need to spend a long time waiting for the buds to be chopped up well. 

They are Durable

Another great benefit about bud trimmers is that they are durable. Bud trimmers are usually constructed out of a heavy-duty plastic or metal which means it can withstand heavy usage. They also contain thick blades which can cut throughout numerous buds at once without eventually dulling. 

They are Sharp

These machines feature extremely sharp blades which are very beneficial to have when it comes to chopping up the buds. These blades will not only make this process quick, but ensure the pieces are evenly chopped. 

Things to Look for Before Buying a Bud Trimmer

If you’re on the search for a bud trimmer, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. These aspects will help to ensure you buy the right model for your needs. 

Its Size

An important thing to look at before buying a bud trimmer is the size of the machine. The size will determine how many buds you’ll be able to pour into the bowl and safely trim. If you only plan on using a small amount, a smaller option would be ideal. However, if you need to trim a large amount of buds, you’ll want to look for a machine that is somewhat big, such as 16 inches. 

How Easy the Handle is to Spin

Another thing to consider is how easy the handle on the top is to spin if you buy a model that has this feature. The handle is what will activate the blades which is why it’s important that it’s located in an easy-to-reach area and can be twisted around with hassles. Otherwise, it might be too difficult to move which can result in the buds not being trimmed properly. 

If it’s Detachable

If you’re short on space or just want to make sure you can discreetly put your bud trimmer away, look to see if it’s detachable. Many of these models can be detached, starting with the handle and the bowl. This can help to save you space and protect your bud trimmer from possible scratches and other damages if put away in one piece. 

How Easy it is to Remove the Buds

You should also look at how easy it is to remove the buds. Does the machine have a special grate where they fall through? Does it come with a grill where the buds will rest once they’ve been chopped? If the machine doesn’t have a feature such as these, it might be a little difficult to remove the buds by hand. It could also be dangerous as your hands will be near the blades. Due to this, check to make sure that there is an easy way for you to safely remove the buds from the bud trimmer.  

If There’s an Adjustable Blade

An adjustable blade can be very helpful when it comes to trimming buds. With this feature, you’ll be able to choose the angle as to how the buds will be cut. This means you’ll be able to choose whether you want them trimmed to be a little large or very fine.

Product Reviews


This 16-inch bowl trimmer is created with a twisting spinner to help you cut your plants. Its clear plastic bowl top will allow you to easily see inside this trimmer as it works to chop your plants up. You can move the handle on the top of it to spin the bowl so this product can start to cut your plants. When you want to remove or add things, you can twist the top off to do so.

This product features 30 scissors inside which work to cut your plants to a small size. These blades are sharp so they will cut the plants quickly. This model can work with hydroponic systems without problems.

When you’d like to store this model away, you can remove the handle on the top. This will help to make it more compact for storage. This model comes with a wire blade and 2 replacement straight blades.




Etemproof Model X


This bud trimmer measures 16-inches and is made with a ceramic housing and non-stick silicone wipers. The ceramic housing will help to make sure that this product doesn’t damage easily and the non-stick silicone wipers will ensure that nothing gets left behind. This product uses metal gears and a CNC center grate with a ¼ inch slot to help you when cutting your plants. You can start this machine by spinning the handle on the top of it. This will activate the 20 scissors inside. The cutting blades are adjustable so you can easily move them to the height you’d prefer. Keep in mind this is an expensive model. If you’re just a beginner starting out with drying and cutting cannabis buds, it’s best to try a different option before investing in something like this.





Tenwell Bud Trimmer

This model is great to use for plants from hydroponic systems. It is made with a bowl design and features a clear top on it so you can see the plants being cut inside. The gears will run once you start to twist the handle that is located on the top of this model. This handle is also removable which helps make it easier for you to store away when you’re done using this machine.

The stainless housing this trimmer has helps to make it more durable and the steel blade will help it to cut more efficiently. This product has plastic gears and a metal gearbox that will also help to cut your plants up. It also features a rubber grille mount which you can lay your plants on. It’s a simple and easy bud trimmer to use and is great for beginners.





Origin Automatic Trimmer

The Origin Automatic Trimmer is an expensive model, but it’s one that’s very large and works quickly to trim the buds you put in it. Measuring 18 inches across, this trimmer works well with hydroponics and has three speeds you can choose from. In addition to this, it comes with six replacement blades. As you pour the buds into the top portion of the trimmer, they will fall into the small bag below it. This allows you to easily remove the trimmed buds when you’re done with the machine. 

Growtent Hydroponic Bowl Trimmer

This bowl trimmer by Growtent is designed to be used with hydroponics. Because of this, it can be used with both wet and dry materials. The trimmer measures 16 inches across and has a handle at the top which you can turn to activate the blades. These blades are extremely sharp and will work quickly to trim the buds you put in it. The blades can also be adjusted to cut the buds at a certain angle if you desire. This bowl trimmer is constructed out of durable metal and plastic materials and has a non-slip mat on the top to prevent it from moving around when you turn the handle. Keep in mind though that this product might be a little pricey for some. 

Risentek Bud Trimmer Machine

While one of the more expensive options available, the Risentek Bud Trimmer Machine is also one of the best products on the market. Created with a sleek green and silver design, this machine is constructed with a stainless steel cylinder that features a plexiglass lid. This lid allows you to look into the bowl as it’s moving around to see the status of the buds being trimmed. On the bottom of the bud trimmer is silicone which helps to keep the machine secure as you spin its handle. 

This bud trimmer measures 16-inches and can be used with both wet and dry buds. The interior features 5/16-inch slots into which the buds fall through after being cut by the 20 built-in scissors. Besides these, there is also an adjustable blade inside.

CenturionPro Mini Leaf Trimmer

While very expensive, this model is a good one to look at if you have a lot of experience with growing cannabis plants or don’t want to do a lot of the hard manual work yourself. This model is made with a black design that features red trim. It uses 11 D2 hardened steel blades to cut your plants. These blades can cut up to 30-40 lbs. of wet cannabis to 6-8 lbs. of dry cannabis per hour. This model also uses a suction power feature which will help it to closely cut your plants so they are small.

This bud trimmer has a leaf collection bottom which will store the cut leaves from the buds and also has a solid frame hopper. It comes with micro outer bags and micro non-stick inner bags you can use when cutting your plants. This model is washable so you can easily clean it when you’re done using it.



WooStar Classic Bypass


These pruning shears feature a stylish green handle and a steel blade which is made with a special curved design. This curved design allows it to sharply cut your plants without damaging them. This blade has a cutting diameter of 3/5 inches.

This model also features a safety lock so you don’t have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself with it. It also features a shock-absorbing spring which will help to make cutting your plants easier.





Gonicc Pruning Shears



These 8-inch pruning shears are made with SK-5 steel blades. These blades are extremely sharp which makes them great to use with dry plants. These shears are made with a silver and black style and were created with a special design to help make cutting your plants easier. The blade of this product has a cutting diameter of ¾ inches. It also features a safety lock and a handle made with a comfortable material so you can easily hold it.




Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors

These trimming scissors are made with a blue/black design and come in a 2-pack. They are made with a unique curved tip which helps to make sure they give your plants a close trim. The blades are made of titanium-nitride which also helps to ensure that cutting your plants isn’t a hassle. These scissors have a safety lock, a special spring to help them work better, and an ergonomic rubber grip. If you’re looking for a comfortable trimming scissors product to use, this is a good one to try.


Triminator Mini Dry

This model is made with a sleek silver and red design. It runs on 120V and features a narrow drum container to help make trimming your plants go much faster. It doesn’t use metal which helps to reduce friction and prevent overheating while it works. This automatic trimmer can work with hydroponic systems and has a removable trim bin on the bottom. If you’d like to move it around, you can easily do so thanks to its carrying handles. This model is a pricy trimmer, but it practically does all of the work for you.




Types of Trimmers

As you can see from the product reviews, there are a few different types of bud trimmer machines available for you to use. You have the bowl bud trimmer which is basically just one large round machine you can fill with your plants and then spin around with its handle to cut them. This is a faster method than having to closely cut each bud off yourself, but requires some work from you in order for the machine to cut them.

The next type of trimmer you have are shears. These are for those who want to meticulously cut each bud to make sure they are all cut to perfection. While this is extremely time-consuming compared to the other types, you have more control over how your plants are cut.

The last type is an electronic bud trimmer machine. These machines are often very expensive but they will cut and sort through the plants themselves. You won’t have to do much work yourself with them except filling and emptying them. They often can be cleaned as well so you can remove any leftover pieces of the plants from them easily.

Wet or Dry Trimming?

You have different ways when it comes to trimming cannabis leaves/buds: wet and dry. The wet process is much easier compared to the dry process and helps to make the buds look nicer once they’re ready to be smoked. The dry process is a little more intricate, but you don’t need to worry about doing much trimming beforehand when you dry them.

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Overall, the wet trimming process is probably the most ideal way to trim your cannabis plants, but both ways work well. However, make sure that the model you choose works with wet buds. Otherwise, your bud trimmer could become damaged.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What does a bud trimmer machine do?

It’s a specialized device used for efficiently trimming the buds and leaves from cannabis plants.

Why should I use a bud trimmer?

Using a bud trimmer saves time, is built to last, and provides precise, even cuts for your plants.

What should I consider before buying a bud trimmer?

When buying a bud trimmer, consider the size of the machine, how easy it is to use, whether it has detachable parts for easy storage, how safely you can remove trimmed buds, and if it has adjustable blades.

What are the different types of bud trimmers?

There are three main types: bowl trimmers for bulk trimming, handheld shears for precise manual trimming, and automatic trimmers for high-end, less manual effort.

Is wet or dry trimming better?

The choice between wet and dry trimming depends on your preference; wet trimming is generally easier, while dry trimming requires less pre-processing. Make sure your trimmer is compatible with your chosen method.

Do I really need to trim my cannabis plants?

Trimming is not mandatory but is recommended to improve the appearance and potentially the THC content of your buds.


When it comes to trimming your cannabis plants you don’t have to worry about it being a complicated and time-consuming process thanks to bud trimmer machines. You have a variety to choose from and all will help to make sure your cannabis is trimmed properly so you can enjoy it.