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Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Published 4:30 am

If you want to invest in a grow light but not a whole LED lighting system, you’ll want to check out the Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. This grow light model works well with its many color spectrums and even is made with a unique design which is intended to make it work much more efficiently with your plants. Keep reading to learn more about this grow light and how it can help your indoor plants.

The Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This vegetative grow light runs on 15W and is made with a special ceramic and plastic bulb housing. This housing will help the light to stay cool while running and also will protect your plants from any heat emitted that might be too much for them. The bottom of this housing is made with a special hollow design. The hollow grooves at the bottom will help this light to release heat to prevent overheating from occurring.

The LED lights in this product feature the needed blue and red spectrums for your plants, but also have many other colors mixed into each light chip. You’ll find both red and blue, but also green and far red spectrums. Because each light contains these colors the emitted light will evenly cover your plants. It’s recommended that you let your plants bask under these lights for about 11 hours at a time.

This full spectrum LED grow light is made with an E26 socket which means you can just easily screw into almost any type of lighting appliance. Each bulb weighs about 1 lb. and should be hung above your plants at a distance of about 12-20 inches, depending on their certain growth stage.

The Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light will cover an area of 2.8 square feet which makes it ideal to use if you have a small growing space. This light can be safely used with hydroponic systems and comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Importance of Even Lighting on Your Plants

Many grow light models come with a full spectrum, but often they emit this full spectrum with different bulb colors. While this can definitely be very helpful, sometimes the light chip location on the grow light means that certain areas of the plants might not be as fully covered in that color as other areas. One of the best features of the Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is that each bulb implements a full color spectrum. This means you won’t have certain light chips that are only blue and certain ones that are only red. With the Sansi grow light, each bulb has a full color spectrum. This will help your plants receive an even amount of the color spectrum so one area isn’t neglected with proper lighting.

The Ceramic Housing

This grow light comes with a ceramic housing. Ceramic is a helpful material that will let the grow light reach high temperatures without fears of the housing melting or overheating. Because the Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is made of this housing type, you won’t need to worry about it overheating. This is why this model is able to emit up to 350W without problems. The ceramic is also a durable material so if the light is accidentally bumped against, you don’t have to worry about it instantly breaking.

How is Far Red Different from Red?

One of the colors used in this full spectrum grow light is far red. Far red is similar to the regular red spectrum although it has its differences. Both far red and red work to help your plants with their growth, however, far red does this a little better than just regular red lighting.

The far red color spectrum is designed to help your plants sprout up quickly while producing strong stems and leaves. Far red has also been shown to help with the flowering stage because of its unique light emittance. Far red usually sends about 700-800 nm of light to your plants which is a good amount to help them grow well. The far red spectrum in the Sansi grow light will definitely help your plants grow a tad bit faster compared to the regular red lighting.

Is the Lighting Time Amount that Important?

The amount of time you let your LED grow light shine on your plants matters quite a bit. LED lights might not get as hot as other light bulbs, but they do still emit a lot of heat. Because of this, too much light on your plants can not only overwhelm them with hot temperatures, but also cause them to work too hard. If your plants are putting too much energy into growing they could end up slowly killing themselves because they’re working too hard to grow. To prevent this, it’s always important to use the right lighting time amount with your grow light.

While it might seem like 11 hours is a long time, it’s the right amount for this grow light to help your plants. Once the 11 hours are up, turn the light off to give your plants a break. The plants need darkness just as much as they need light because the darkness will help them to produce more roots. Also, keep in mind that as your plants grow you can lower this time amount so it best fits their current growth stage.

So, yes, the lighting time amount is extremely important to pay attention to if you want healthy and flourishing plants.


The Sansi Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is just one small bulb, but it works powerfully. It can be used in almost any lighting devices and growing areas. This grow light is filled with a wide color spectrum which will help your plants to grow strong and healthy. The unique design of this grow light also will work to prevent the bulb from overheating so you don’t have to worry about investing in many fans and cooling appliances. For these reasons, you’ll definitely want to consider using this grow light for your cannabis plants.

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