Last updated: March 20, 2019

The HyberGrow LED Grow Light Review

Published 4:36 am

Review of the HyberGrow LED Grow Light

Are you looking to find a great LED grow light to use with your plants? If so, you’ll want to check out the HyberGrow LED Grow Light. This product works fantastically at helping your plants grow quickly and without problems. Below is a little more about this product and how it can help your plants.

The HyberGrow LED Grow Light

This grow light runs on 1500W and uses a 300 x 5W SMD board. This board will help to ensure its lights burn brightly and cover all areas on your plants with warmth. These LED lights also have a large PAR value which will help to keep your plants warm during their various growth stages and prevent bacteria from growing in the case of a moist environment. The red lights have a PAR value of 50%, the green lights 46%, and the blue lights 4%. Besides these colors, the HyberGrow LED Grow Light also has a UV/IR light spectrum to help ensure your plants receive an adequate amount of light. These LED lights can run for up to 50,000 hours.

You’ll also find that this product comes with an adjustable hanger. This hanger is made with a zinc alloy housing that features gears inside. These gears can help you adjust the various heights you’d like it to hang from easily. To do this, you just simply need to press the gear switch (located on the bottom of it) to move the hanger up or down and release it to lock the gears in place. This hanger measures 79 inches so you have a wide range of hanging heights available.

This grow light also has 3 UL-Certified fans built into it. These fans will work to help prevent the grow light from overheating and also help to make sure your plants are in a comfortable environment. Because it won’t overheat or burn extra electricity, this grow light is also an energy-efficient option.

This product will reach an area of 5.5 x 5.5 ft. and comes with sunglasses, a power cord, and a stainless hanging kit.

More Information About This Product

Do I Need to Use the Sunglasses it Comes With?

It would be a good idea to use the sunglasses provided to help protect your eyes from the UV and IR rays that the LED lights emit. These lights can bother your eyes which can lead to them eventually becoming irritated or even diminishing your eyesight. The sunglasses will help you to keep these lights on for your plants without having to worry about your eyesight being damaged.

How High Should I Hang this Grow Light? How Long Should It Run?

There are various heights you should hang this grow light from and times to let it run, all which depend on the growth stages of your plants. It’s recommended that you hang this product about 50 inches above your plants and let it run for 17 hours during their early growth stages. As your plants reach their vegetative stage, you’ll want to lower it to about 45 inches and let it run for about 15 hours. When it’s time to help your plants during their flowering stage it’s ideal to hang it about 30 inches above your plants for about 11 hours.

What Does SMD LED Mean?

SMD LED is just a fancy way of saying that this light panel is a surface-mounted device. In other words, it’s a large unit that contains many LED lights in it. Because this product is a SMD LED it will be able to cover a large area over your plants so they are warm. It also helps the lights to be energy-efficient because it is one large LED panel rather than multiple LED lights burning separately.

PAR Values

This grow light model features PAR values. So, what exactly is a PAR value?

A PAR value, which stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation, is a way to measure the light intensity of your grow lights over a certain amount of time. As you read above, this model has various PAR values for each of the light colors which will help you to see what color is more intense and how long it should be running. PAR values are a helpful way to let you monitor the type of lighting your plants receive and how much of it they get.

How Will the UV/IR Light Spectrum Help My Plants?

The UV/IR light spectrum included with this grow light will help your plants a lot. The UV lights (ultraviolet lights) work to help mimic natural sunlight for your plants. This is helpful because if you’re growing plants indoors, they won’t receive the sunlight that they need in order to grow. UV lights will be the sunlight for your plants and help them to grow tall and strong, just as if they were outdoors. Also, UV lights can help to influence the taste of your plants, which is important when growing cannabis.

IR lights (infrared lights) are intended to help with your plants flowering stage. These will help them to bloom quickly and fully so you get a lot of buds and flowers. However, IR lights can be very strong which means they can end up causing your plants to wilt if they shine on them too much. For this reason, it’s important to be careful when using the IR lights.

As you can see, the UV/IR light spectrum that comes with this grow light will help your plants immensely with their various growth stages.


The HyberGrow LED Grow Light is one of the top models on the market and for good reasons. It includes some of the latest technology, such as PAR values, and also features a wide color spectrum which will help your plants to grow well. It won’t overheat and comes with various hanging accessories so you can easily hang it over your plants to warm them. This product is great for both beginners and experienced growers alike and will help to make your job of growing cannabis plants much easier.