How Do You Grind Weed If You Do Not Have A Grinder?


One of the best investments that any weed smoker should have is a grinder because it makes life so much easier when grinding down buds to a powder. However, don’t fret if you look forward to smoking later but don’t have a grinder. The good news is that you can still grind your weed even if you don’t have a grinder. For example, maybe you have one but don’t want to use it because you are tired after having a very long day. Or, perhaps you are at a party, but you want to act fast so everyone can have a chance to smoke. Either way, if you don’t have a grinder or can’t use it for whatever reason, there are several ways you can grind your bud. Let’s go over those now.

If You Have A Coffee Grinder, Use It To Grind Weed

Do you have a coffee grinder? Then there is some excellent news. You can convert your bud to smaller particles by using that handy apparatus in your kitchen that you usually use for your coffee. So how do you possibly grind down your buds? It is straightforward. All you need to do is throw your weed into the grinder the same way you would use it for your coffee beans. Turn it on, and watch them crush.

However, before you use this appliance, you will want to clean it out or taste coffee when you smoke, which is not what you want. You will also want to ensure that you clean it out after using it for your weed, or else your coffee will make you high the following day. That will be bad news if you are working.

It is also critical that you do not use large or tiny buds and not pack the weed tightly. That will only overwhelm the grinder. Instead, adjust your settings and make sure that it doesn’t crush your bud too much to turn into fine powder. Do you not have a coffee grinder? No problem. If you have a pepper grinder, then you can use that too!

A Pepper Grinder Works Wonders

Did you know that weed and black pepper share one thing in common? They both contain cannabinoids, and you can use the pepper grinder easily for either. First, you need to remove the peppercorns, put them into a clean bowl, clean the grinder, or else you will end up with a peppery taste when you smoke. Then replace them with your buds. You must use dried cannabis, or else if it is damp, it will clog the grinder. Ensure that you do not leave any THC in the grinder after finishing, or else the next time you use it for pepper, you will become high. What if you do not have a pepper or coffee grinder? There is no need to worry because you can use a cheese grater.

A Cheese Grater Works Well

Most people have a cheese grater, and you can use this instrument to grind your bud. The only thing to remember is that you will need to spend more time grating your bud than you would if you had a coffee or pepper grinder. Also, make sure that you wash your grater well, or else when you smoke, you will taste the cheese. That does not sound appetizing, so clean it well. Then grab a plate so you can allow the shavings to fall onto it, and then begin grating the bud.

Don’t forget to watch your fingers as you do it because you will encounter those sharp points. You will want to use the ends with smaller openings because that will give you the consistency that you want. Also, it will be hard for you to remove the weed out of the crevices, so you will want to keep a knife or something to poke them so you can get them out. After finishing, ensure that you wash your grater so that you don’t have the scent of weed on there. If you are one of the few people that does not have a cheese grater, in addition to not having a coffee or pepper grinder, you can chop your bud on the cutting board with a knife.

You Can Chop Your Weed On The Cutting Board With A Knife

You can go the old-fashioned way by using a knife and a cutting board to cut your bud, even though it will be time-consuming. First, clean off your cutting board and blade and start getting to work. Keep cutting it until they turn into smaller ground particles, and the best type of knife is the chef’s knife. However, any blade will do as long as it’s sharp. If you want to make this quick, you will want to allow your buds to dry and watch your fingers cutting each bud. You could be in for a severe injury if you don’t. After finishing, you will want to clean and wash your board and knife thoroughly. If you don’t like this idea, there is one more grinding method to attempt!

Use A Hammer And Paper Bag

Everyone has a hammer and everyone has paper bags lying around somewhere. So if the other methods to grind weed don’t appeal to you or have some appliances needed, you can grind your bud using a hammer and paper bag. You do not want to use a plastic bag because the bud will stick to it.

Before starting, you will want to cure and dry your marijuana. If your weed is wet, a hammer will not do anything to it. Instead, choose a firm surface such as your kitchen counter to get working. Put your weed into the bag’s bottom and begin to hit it with your hammer for a few minutes. After completion, tear the bag open and then scrape the resin from the paper so you can enjoy that THC.

Recent updates from multiple sources have introduced a range of new and innovative methods:

  1. Pill Bottle and Dime: Clean a dime with hand sanitizer, drop it in a pill bottle with your cannabis, and shake. The dime will help break apart the buds.
  2. Sharp Knife and Cutting Board: Similar to the method mentioned in the original article, but emphasizes the need for a sharp knife for efficient cutting.
  3. Shot Glass and Scissors: Place the cannabis in a shot glass and use scissors to snip it into smaller pieces. This method is praised for being clean and efficient.
  4. Blender: For larger quantities, a blender can be used, but it should be operated on a low setting and watched carefully to avoid over-grinding.
  5. Razor: Using a razor on a cutting board or flat surface can effectively grind cannabis, though it requires careful handling.
  6. Using Your Hands: Simply breaking the buds apart with your fingers, a traditional and straightforward method.
  7. Pestle and Mortar: This method is effective for well-dried buds, using the classic tool for grinding various substances.
  8. Compressing Instead of Grinding: Using a hair straightener to make rosin by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the buds.
  9. Making Bubble Hash: Using an ice washer machine to turn weed into hash without the need for grinding.
  10. Shaking in a Pollen Shaker: A method to sieve trichomes from the buds, turning them into high-grade hash. It involves shaking dried buds in a shaker after freezing them.
  11. DIY Shaker with Pill Bottle and Coin: A homemade version of the pollen shaker using a pill bottle and a coin to shake the buds.


Are you looking forward to having a smoke, but you do not have a grinder, or do you not have the energy to dig it out and prepare it? There is some good news. You do not need a grinder to grind your weed. You can use a coffee or pepper grinder. If you don’t have either, you can use a cheese grater or take the time to cut your bud with a knife by placing it on a cutting board. If those methods don’t appeal to you, you can put your dry weed into a paper bag and hit it with a hammer. Either way, it is not the end of the world if you don’t have a grinder since there are other options.