Orange Weed Strains


It’s been about 50 years since the discovery of orange weed strains, and yet its legacy lives as loud as ever. Bursting with incredible flavor and aroma, this strain has gained massive popularity among users. The incredible taste of orange weed strains complemented by its blissful effect makes the strain a first choice for users who love connoisseur-quality weed. If grown in advanced conditions with LED grow lights and other supplemental lights, these strains tend to have a THC level of 20%, sometimes 25%.

The Orange taste and smell of cannabis strain are mainly influenced by genetics and terpenes. Genetics are the features inherited from the parent strains, while terpenes are morphological building blocks of the plant. They are basically oil glands in weed plants that give it their flavors and aroma. The combination of genetics and terpenes gives marijuana buds their look, smell, taste and even texture. To get the best taste and scent out of orange buds, experts advise growing this strain in soil because it gives it a better taste.

Growing Orange weed strains in optimised conditions with the best grow lights, and no extreme temperature is the best way to maximise Limonene content in the buds. Limonene is the terpene found in Orange weed strains; it is also responsible for the taste of citrus fruits, including orange and lemon. Most of these Orange weed strains have green buds covered in white trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance.

If you are looking to blow your mind and taste buds, check out this review on our favorite orange weed strains.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a hybrid strain produced by crossing Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. If you really like oranges and need your weed to taste like one, these strains should definitely be in your bag. It has sticky buds that are beautiful and smell like citrus-heaven. It is known for its spicy, orange flavor and its motivating effects. This sativa-dominant strain delivers a powerful euphoric sensation that uplifts the user’s mood and leaves you almost disconnected from reality. Its happy or ecstatic effect is usually accompanied by a numbing effect that flows through your body. It produces a real trippy feeling that wears off in about 40 minutes, leaving you in the mood to get things done; you should also be prepared for the munchies that follows. Agent Orange is giving to patients going through depression, stress or anxiety because of its mood-enhancing features. It is also recommended for patients living with fatigue and chronic migraine.

Orange Bud

Produced by Dutch Passion, Orange Bud was bred from two unknown Skunk strains. It is a hybrid strain that boasts of incredible citrus flavor, brilliant aroma and a high that leaves the user super creative and focused. With a moderate THC level of about 16%, this strain is very potent and best for new users looking for a stronger high. Its effect can be a bit overpowering; new users have to go easy on it. Orange Buds have light green nugs covered in bright orange hair; it also has white trichomes giving it an almost flaky appearance.

Along with the citrus flavor it gives off, it also has a big hint of cinnamon, spice and skunk. Its effect leaves you happy and very creative; it gives you the energy to attend to difficult daily tasks. Individuals with mood disorders usually use it because of its mood stimulating effects.


Tangie is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain created by crossing Skunk strain with California Orange. It pays tribute to Tangerine Dream, which was a very popular strain back in ’95. This sativa strain has high THC levels ranging from 19% to 20% and a low 0.9% CBD level. Thanks to its citrus heritage, it is popularly known for the refreshing tangerine aroma it provides and its powerful yet relaxing effects. Like mode sativa strains, Tangie delivers a heavy euphoric feeling that uplifts your mood and leaves you energetic. Its cerebral effect leaves the user happy, focused and very creative. Its sedative effect makes it best for users with insomnia, depression or high stress levels. It is also reported to help relieve nausea, digestive problems and loss of appetite.

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a cross between Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies. This sativa-dominant strain produces a burst of flavors that reminds you of sweet tangerine. With an impressive THC level ranging from 15% to 20%, it delivers calming effects that last more than a few minutes. Most users say it leaves you buzzed and in a happy mood. Its buds are medium-sized and have high resin content due to the presence of milky-white trichomes. Originally created by Franchise Genetics, this strain is used to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

These strains are a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs:

  1. The Allure of Orange Strains:
    • Orange strains are not just visually appealing but also offer unique flavor profiles. Their citrusy aroma is often accompanied by a sweet and tangy taste, making them a delightful choice for those who enjoy fruity flavors.
  2. Popular Orange Strains:
    • Agent Orange: A balanced hybrid known for its uplifting effects and sweet, citrus aroma.
    • Orange Bud: A classic strain with a strong orange scent and energizing effects, ideal for daytime use.
    • Tangie: A sativa-dominant strain, famous for its refreshing tangerine aroma and euphoric high.
    • Orange Cookies: A hybrid with a sweet, orange flavor, perfect for relaxation without heavy sedation.
  3. Cultivation and Availability:
    • These strains are cultivated using specialized techniques to enhance their unique characteristics. Availability may vary based on location and legality, so it’s essential to check local laws.
  4. Medical Benefits:
    • Beyond their recreational use, orange strains may offer therapeutic benefits, such as stress relief, mood enhancement, and potential relief from certain physical ailments.
  5. The Future of Orange Strains:
    • With ongoing research and breeding, the variety and quality of orange strains are expected to expand, offering even more options to enthusiasts.


If you are looking for a bit of flavor in your smoke, you should try out any of the citrus-flavored strains in the article.

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