How Do You Make A Bong Out Of Household Items?


Did you recently break your bong by accident? Those glass ones do crack quickly, which is the risk you take with them even though they are so popular. Perhaps the new silicone bong you got is not working correctly, so that means you have no bong, which is a problem! Or is it?

Well, you can still have a bong even if yours are broken or defective. All you need to have is some creativity because you can make bongs out of household items! So, let’s go over some household items you can utilize to make bongs out of so you never have to worry about not having a bong with you again! But, first, let’s talk about how you can create a bong out of household items.

Make A Bong Out Of A Plastic Bottle

Chances are you have an empty two-liter Coke or Pepsi bottle lying around somewhere. If not, you can always go to the grocery store or convenience store to get a two-liter bottle of your favorite soft drink, and you will then need to wait until you finish it. Next, look into your recycling bin which will likely hold the empty bottles. You will also need smaller plastic bottles, such as an empty water bottle if you take it with you if you are going for a run because you will need to make a gravity bong by using a plastic bottle.

Yes, you will need a giant two-liter plastic bottle and a smaller plastic bottle. You will also need scissors and aluminum foil. First, of course, you need your marijuana. That is it. Now that you have the apparatus, you need to cut the bottom of the smaller bottle by using your scissors. Next, place the foil on top of the bottle’s mouthpiece, and when you apply it, ensure that you create a little concave so you can have a composition that has the shape of a bowl.

You do not want to wrap the foil too much because you will need to remove it in the future. The next thing to do is to use the tip of the scissors, or you can use a knife tip to poke small holes in the foil. Now that you have your household bong, it is time to start smoking it!

Start Smoking Your Homemade Bong

You have your homemade bong, and it is time to prepare the bowl, the two-liter bottle. You will want to cut the top of it so you can fill it up with water. Don’t fill it up too much to the point that it can spill. You will want to leave a few inches at the top to avoid that from happening.

When you are ready to smoke your cannabis, you will want to put the smaller bottle into the larger one and ensure that the mouthpiece stays above the water. Next, add the weed into the foil mouthpiece. You will want to ensure that you don’t grind it too much to the point that the pot can fall through the holes.

After you pack the bowl, the next thing is to light the weed as you slowly gradually raise the bottle. That will create suction as you fill the bottle chamber with smoke. When the lower part of the bottle is near the water surface, take off the foil part and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

If you want to smoke more at once, you will want to keep pushing the bottle back down into the water while you inhale slowly. It will amaze you that your experience is the same as smoking a natural bong. But does that mean you should not bother getting a replacement for your bong?

That is entirely up to you. However, you will not want to reuse a homemade bong as you have a lot of bacteria and mold taking hold of it. Not to mention, this homemade bong will not last you a long time as there are only so many times you can reuse plastic. You can always buy more two-liter bottles of pop and keep buying smaller bottles as well. However, the cost of that adds up. Therefore, you are better off getting a glass, silicone, or acrylic bong to smoke all of the time. A homemade bong made of household items is ideal for situations where your bong is cracked or does not work.

Are There Other Household Items You Can Use To Make A Bong?

There are so many household items that you can use to make a bong. However, you learned about how to make a bong out of pop or water bottles. So, let’s talk about how to make a bong out of soda cans. What you need to do is create a cannabis pipe out of a soda can.

The first thing to do is clean the can, whether you drink the soda or pour it into a cup. You will want to ensure you clean it thoroughly before you convert it into a pipe. Then take a knife or a thumbtack and poke some small holes at the side of the soda can so the smoke can go through.

The next thing to do is create a concave indentation in the can to have a surface shaped like a bowl for your cannabis. Ensure that the holes are in the middle of that too. Then finally, start smoking by placing some bud on the top of the concaved area. Light the bud, and then start inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece, which is the normal one for the can where you would typically drink the pop. Then you will enjoy the soda-flavored weed as you inhale it!

However, there are many more creative and recent innovations in homemade bong designs. Some of these include:

  • Plastic Bottle Bong: This is a classic and easy method. You’ll need a plastic bottle, a pen, aluminum foil, and water. Make holes for the carb and downstem, use a highlighter and foil to fashion a downstem, and fill the bottle partially with water for filtration.
  • Fruit Bong: Fruits like apples or watermelons can be used. Hollow out the fruit to create a chamber, cut a hole for the bowl and downstem, fill the bottom with water if necessary, and use a piece of carrot or the fruit itself as the downstem.
  • Glass Jar Bong: A more durable option involves using a glass jar with a lid. Drill a hole in the lid for the downstem, use a rubber grommet to create an airtight seal, fill the jar with water, and attach your bowl to the downstem.
  • Soda Can Bong: Clean a soda can, poke small holes on one side for smoke to pass through, and create a concave indentation to hold the cannabis. Light it up and inhale through the can’s drinking opening.
  • Honey Bear Bottle Bong: Use an empty honey bear bottle, make holes for the downstem and carb, and use a small tube for the downstem. The honey residue can add flavor to the smoke.
  • Pumpkin Bong: Hollow out a pumpkin, make holes for the bowl and mouthpiece, and use it as a seasonal bong. The large chamber provides plenty of space for smoke accumulation.


Anything can happen to your bong‘, whether it cracks or becomes defective. When you find that out the hard way, you will have all of this cannabis and not know what you will do with it! That is a difficult thing to face. However, all you need to do is become creative by making a bong out of household items such as soda bottles, water bottles, and soda cans. There are other homemade items you can make a bong out of if you can become creative enough. Once you make your bong using the materials mentioned in this article, you can find other innovative methods for making bongs if you face a problem again!