VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light Review

There are so many grow lights available for you to use which is why finding the perfect one can be a daunting task. While it might seem that all grow lights are similar, that isn’t always the case. This article will highlight the VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light model. This grow light is perfect to use for indoor growing spaces and can even be used with hydroponics. Below is a little more about this grow light and how it can help you with your cannabis plants.


The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light features a PAR level of 600 and runs on 600W. It features a full spectrum with 12 bands of LED lights all of which feature different LED light colors. For instance, you’ll find white bands, which shine at 7500K, and blue ones, which shine at 460 nm. You’ll even find that this model contains the helpful IR light spectrum needed in order to get a healthy harvest.

The LED lights are built so they have a 90 degree angle. This 90 degree angle helps them to reach all areas on your plants so they are bathed in warm lighting. On the top of this grow light you’ll find special light switches which you can use to help shine certain light spectrums on your plants during their various growth stages. One switch is the vegetative one. You can turn this light on when your plants are just starting to grow and mature. When it comes time for them to bloom, you can turn on the bloom switch. This will shine the appropriate light spectrum on your plants so they can produce large buds and flowers. These LED lights have a total lifespan of 100,000 hours.

This model also has built-in aluminum heat sinks which work to help ensure this grow light doesn’t overheat. It also has a few fans in it which help to also keep this product running at cool temperatures. However, for it to best work, you want to make sure that you place it in a growing space that gets no hotter than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light weighs about 10 lbs. and is best to use in a growing space that measures 3 ft. by 3 ft. It comes with a daisy chain connector, input plug, and a hanging kit you can use.

How High Do I Hang This Grow Light?

Hanging this grow light depends solely on your plants. You want to hang the lights a few inches above the plants as they grow. You’ll need to be sure to watch your plants constantly to ensure they don’t suddenly sprout and end up burning themselves because the grow light is too close to them. The growth stage of your plant will help you to determine how high you need to hang the grow light which is usually just a few inches above the plants as they grow.

The right height also depends on the type of lighting your grow light uses. Because the model in this article is an LED one, it doesn’t get as hot as other types of light. This means that you don’t have to worry as much about it burning your plants unlike if you used a different type of lighting. Because the LED lights aren’t as hot as other types, you don’t always have to hang them high above the plants. They can be a little closer, but not too close. However, this all depends on your plants.

What is a Daisy Chain?

The daisy chain connector this model comes with is a helpful attachment piece. This means you can connect other similar products to it so you have a long row of grow lights in your growing space. The daisy chain can be very helpful because you can just keep connecting these grow lights together so you can have a large amount of plants covered in your growing space.

Why are the LED Lights Angled at 90

The LED lights of this model have a unique 90 degree angle for a reason. This angle will help the lights to reach all areas on your plants so they are covered in light. This is important because if one section of your plants don’t receive an adequate amount of lighting, it could end up growing strangely or even not growing at all. The angle also helps to prevent burns from occurring on your plants.

Why Should I Use LED Lights?

LED lights are the perfect way to help your plants grow quickly and healthy. Unlike other lighting types, LED lighting doesn’t tend to get too hot which means it won’t overheat. This can help to prevent your plants from being burned as they grow. LED lights also have a much longer lifespan compared to other lighting types. The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light will run for up to 100,000 hours! This is a major increase compared to other grow lights which only run for about 50,000 hours. Because the lifespan is so long, you won’t have to worry about having to constantly invest in new bulbs for your grow light.

The last major reason why LED lights are important to use is because they come with a wide color range. The VIPARSPECTRA has up to 12 different bands and a full spectrum that also includes IR lighting. This will help your plants grow healthy and strong, just as if they were being grown outdoors. LED lights are very helpful with mimicking sunlight which is why cannabis plants tend to grow very well with them.


The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light is a terrific grow light model to use in your growing space. Not only does it feature a wide and full spectrum, but it also has many unique features which will help your plants to grow well. If you’re looking for a quiet yet powerful grow light to use in your growing space, the VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light is a model you’ll definitely want to check out.