Viagrow 4×4 Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Systems Review


Indoor cannabis growing can be very tiring and enjoyable at the same time, and indeed it is a very fulfilling task. However, if you are entirely new to the scene, the growing preparation and process can be confusing and challenging.

That is why getting your hands on the right equipment and tools is extremely important. The right amount of knowledge, perseverance, and passion can also effectively raise excellent and healthy cannabis plants.

We all know how many products and different types of equipment have already surfaced today. Tons of them are designed to help growers to make cannabis growing a lot easier. If you choose the right products, growing cannabis indoors will indeed become a breeze.

One of the most significant pieces of equipment when growing indoors is the hydroponic system. With the use of highly-functional hydroponic systems, you will never worry about watering or adding hydroponic nutrients to your plants at all. This review will be about the Viagrow 4 x 4 Complete Ebb and Flow hydroponic system is truly one of the best ones out there. This hydroponic system operates through a pump that circulates the water or nutrient solution from the reservoir to the tray. Many growers and cultivators, and growers love this hydroponic system because of its functionality but at an affordable price.

Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Systems – Buying Guide

These ebb and flow hydroponic systems have grown very popular because of their numerous benefits. It is also essential to understand how this system works, and it will work well for you and your indoor setup.

The ebb and flow hydroponic system are ideal if you have a fairly limited area and have chosen to grow indoors. Since this system is straightforward and easy to use, this will not require too much maintenance, plus installation is very simple also. This type of hydroponic system is super affordable also while remaining very practical.

One important thing to take into consideration is your desired total harvest. You need to take a look at your average yields or planned complete harvest and measure if your hydroponic system will be able to cater to your plants’ needs. There are hydroponic systems that allow linkages or expansions, and that will work for bigger harvests.

When choosing a good ebb and flow hydroponic system, it is always a good idea to consider looking at reputable brands of premium and high quality. The very cheap ones might be tempting to buy. However, they cannot truly help you in the long run. Doing your research and reading tons of trust-worthy reviews will help a lot too.

Viagrow 4 x 4 Hydroponic Systems – Overview

The Viagrow 4 x 4 ebb and flow hydroponic systems are best fit for growers growing in a small space or with a small grow tent, with cannabis plants not exceeding twenty-five pieces. This incredible hydroponic system will make sure that your cannabis plants will be able to have the appropriate amount of water, oxygen, and other essential nutrients needed for healthy growth.

This ebb and flow hydroponic system feature a functional reservoir that contains all the nutrients needed; it also a flood tray and a stable hydroponic stand. This system also comes with a growing medium, 25 pots that hold a gallon of water each, and a pump with a very easy-to-clean filter. This system comes with a programmable timer as well.

Pros and Cons of the Viagrow Hydroponic Systems


This ebb and flow hydroponic system work by flooding the roots of your cannabis plants multiple times a day for them to meet their required nutritional and water intake. Through this system, there will be little no chance for your cannabis plants to wilt or rot. With a programmable timer, this system can become more efficient. Through this, you will be able to set it according to your convenience while meeting the plant requirements at the same time. Generally, this ebb and flow hydroponic system are very easy to install and set up. This is also very effective in helping you develop healthier plants and better plants but with lesser effort.


One notable drawback of an ebb and flow system is the dependency of the components on one other. That means that if one part fails, the whole system will definitely go down. With this system, there can also be a risk of blockages or clogging resulting in obstruction of flow towards the plant. Additionally, the 20-gallon tank on this system might not be enough for some cultivators.

Final thoughts on the Viagrow Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System

The Viagrow 4 x 4 Complete Ebb and Flow system is definitely one of the best hydroponic systems that you can get for your indoor growing. This hydroponic is indeed straightforward, versatile, efficient, and highly reliable. If you choose to work and grow your cannabis plants with this hydroponic system, you can be sure that your cannabis plants will grow to be strong, potent, and healthy.

This hydroponic system has impressive quality components, very easy to install, low maintenance, and very functional, therefore really able to do the job. These remarkable features have made the Viagrow a famous and good choice among the growers and cultivators.

We hope that this review provided you with the knowledge and information you needed from this ebb and flow hydroponic system. Additionally, this review may have helped you decide on whether this hydroponic system will work best for you.