What Size Net Pots To Use For Hydroponics To Grow Cannabis?


If you don’t want to deal with soil when growing cannabis, there is an excellent alternative to growing your weed: the hydroponics system. Using soil can be a messy ordeal, so many cannabis growers and other farmers feel that the hydroponics system is a godsend. However, when it comes to this system, if you don’t know much about it, you have a lot to learn because there is a learning curve with it. One of the things you need to know when you utilize the hydroponic system to grow your cannabis is knowing the correct net pot size to grow your weed. That is because, without these net pots, there is not anywhere you can put your cannabis and let them root within the system. Let’s talk more about net pots and why they are essential.

What Are Net Pots And Why Are They Important?

Net pots are containers with webbed-like features with holes on the bottoms and sides, which come in various sizes and are square or round-shaped. The purpose of these pots is that they anchor the cannabis plants or any other plant into the hydroponic system. The net pots allow the nutrients and water to flow quickly from and to the root system. Therefore, that is why growers require them if they are utilizing hydroponics to grow their cannabis plants.

The majority of net pots feature a plastic mesh frame so that it helps to stimulate excellent water, nutrient, and oxygen circulation. But, of course, you can reuse most pots as well.

How Do You Use Net Pots?

You can submerge net pots in the top of the growing system, or you can also dip them halfway. That means if you wish, you can let the roots hang in the water and let them soak it along with the nutrients. There are other systems such as the ebb and flow one that you can utilize, which works differently. You would keep the net pots in flooded and drained growing pipes to keep the plants in place.

Therefore, the plants can quickly take in nutrients and oxygen when they need to through that method. You would have to speak to a cannabis expert with experience growing weed using hydroponics to help decide which way is best for you. You may want to know what you can put inside of these net pots. Let’s go over that right now.

What Can You Put Into Net Pots?

You can fill any net pot with any growing medium such as clean gravel, clay pebbles, Rockwool, or grow sponges, which are ideal for hydroponics. However, if you are thinking about using peat moss or sand, it is not ideal. Therefore, the best thing to do is not to use it. Likewise, if you think about using soil, that is also not recommended for hydroponics because it will waterlog the net pot and compact it.

Also, if you plant seeds in the soil in net pots, they will be very likely to decompose, which is the last thing you would want. Plant roots can also break if you attempt to remove them from the pot, as the soil will damage them. If you’re going to plant your cannabis plants using soil, you do not need to utilize the hydroponics system. You can plant them the old-fashioned way. Therefore, the hydroponics system is ideal for those who do not want to worry about soil and have the correct type of growing cannabis plants.

One of the reasons that many weed growers prefer the hydroponics system is that they can grow their cannabis without facing the messiness of soil. Before getting into the ideal size of net pots for cannabis plants, let’s talk about the shapes.

Should You Get Round Or Square Net Pots?

Whether you should get a square or round net pot is up to you entirely. Either shape makes functional net pots. However, there are differences between both. For example, if you plan to get square-shaped net pots, you will easily put more seeds in there as they will fit better there. You can remove them without any trouble either. However, some growing systems may not accommodate square-shaped net pots.

In the case of net pots, you can place more pots in a growing tray or hydroponic system if you get the round-shaped pot. The only thing to beware of when it comes to round-shaped pots is that the roots could become tangled as they are at risk of wrapping around the pot. Now, what are the ideal size of net pots for growing cannabis in the hydroponics system? Let’s talk about that now.

What Is The Ideal Size Of Net Posts For Growing Cannabis?

Net pots typically come in two-inch, three-inch, four-inch, five-inch, and six-inch sizes. When you are growing your cannabis plants, you will find that you have to place your plants in different-sized net pots based on the stage of their growth. The three-inch one is the ideal size net pot to grow your cannabis plant in when you begin germinating the seeds. Then, keep it in there for the entire vegetative stage. You do not want to get flowering pots that are of any other sizes.

How Do You Transfer The Plants To Different Net Pots?

However, once the plant reaches the flowering stage, you will want to make the transfer. First, transfer the plant over to the six-inch net pot, so it has all the room to grow as much as possible. When moving the plant from the three-inch to the six-inch net pot at the right time, you have to be incredibly gentle as you do it because you will be handling the roots.

Ensure that you clean your hands well, and you can cut some links in the net pots so you can pull the roots. The hole should be large enough so the roots can slide through but not too large to the point that everything else falls through.

Recent advancements in the technology used for growing cannabis:

  1. Water Purification Systems: High-quality water is crucial in hydroponics, especially for cannabis, which is sensitive to its growing environment. The use of advanced water purification systems can ensure that the water used in hydroponic cannabis cultivation is free from contaminants, leading to healthier plant growth and potentially higher yields.
  2. Pest Detection Technology: Cannabis plants are susceptible to pest infestations. The use of advanced pest detection technologies, such as high-quality cameras and sensors, can help in early detection and management of pests in hydroponic cannabis farms. This can prevent crop loss and maintain the quality of the cannabis plants.
  3. Data Processing Tools: Managing a cannabis hydroponic farm requires careful monitoring of various factors like nutrient levels, humidity, and temperature. Data processing tools can provide real-time insights into these factors, allowing for quick adjustments to maintain optimal growing conditions, thus enhancing the overall health and yield of cannabis plants.
  4. LED Grow Lights: Cannabis requires specific light conditions at different stages of its growth cycle. LED grow lights are energy-efficient and can be customized to provide the right spectrum of light for cannabis plants at different stages, ensuring healthy growth and potentially increasing the potency and quality of the final product.
  5. Heat and CO2 Control: Temperature and CO2 levels are critical in cannabis cultivation. Advanced control systems for managing heat and CO2 can create an ideal environment for cannabis plants, leading to improved growth rates and yields. Proper CO2 enrichment practices can enhance photosynthesis, boosting the growth and potency of cannabis plants.


If you do not want to bother worrying about soil when it comes to growing your cannabis, then there is an excellent solution for you! You can utilize the hydroponic system, and that means you can grow your plants without including soil. However, you need specific apparatus for growing your cannabis plants in the hydroponic system. First, you need to know that you want to get the correct net pots for your plants. When you begin growing your plants, you will need to use a three-inch size net pot. However, once the cannabis plant enters the flowering stage, you must transfer it to the six-inch-sized net pots. That way, it can finish the growth cycle in the best way possible to deliver the goods you want!