How Do You Use A Bong?


If you want to try smoking a bong and have never had the opportunity to do so, then you are in for a treat because you are going to love it. The first time you smoke a bong, it may seem somewhat confusing. However, the more you do it, the easier it becomes – like anything else in life does for you. In a nutshell, you need to fill the bong up with water, add smoke to the smoke chamber, and then inhale. Once you do that for the first time, you will want to begin slowly. That way, you do not have to worry about overwhelming yourself. So start slow, and then you will become comfortable with it.

Begin To Prepare Your Bong

The first step is to fill your bong with filtered or tap water, and the amount of water you need to fill it up with will depend on the bong’s size. When you fill up the bong, you want to ensure the water does not end up more than one inch above the downstem’s tip. If you add too much water, your smoking experience will not be fun as while you are smoking, you will splash yourself. Next, you must pour the water into the mouthpiece directly.

The next step is to take your cannabis and grind it up using scissors, a grinder, or your fingers. Then, finally, you can break off some bigger pieces of cannabis and pack it at the bong bowl’s base. If you decide to grind it with a grinder, you will want to remove the lid and put two to three buds between the grinder’s teeth. Then put the top back on as you grind the cannabis.

The next step is to pack the giant pieces of marijuana into the bowl of the bong. Those large pieces of cannabis will keep the ground-up marijuana from passing through the bowl when you smoke. After doing that, then take some of the ground-up cannabis and put it between your fingers as you put it into the bowl.

It is essential to remember that when you pack the marijuana, not to do it too tightly. That is because air won’t be able to flow through easily. If the bowl appears too packed, you will want to use something thin like a toothpick to loosen it and stir it a little. Another point to remember is if you smoke by yourself, you do not want to pack too much into the bong. It should not be more than half full. You can always add more later if you feel it is necessary.

However, if you are with your buddies smoking, you will want to pack marijuana to bowl’s rim but not higher than that. If you fill it too high, pieces of cannabis will fall when you smoke, and you do not want that to happen.

The Next Step Is To Light The Bong

You finished the first part of your preparation. Now the next step is to light the bong, and you want to get into a comfortable position before you do that with the bong. If you are brand new to using the bong, you will stand or sit near a table. That is because if you take your first smoke and begin to cough, you will want to set down the bong quickly. Open the window in the room, too, because you do not want your room to have too much smoke.

Another thing to remember is that you will want to sit near an area that has nothing flammable nearby or will end up more disastrous than you can imagine. There have been incidents where newbies unintentionally set their homes on fire for this reason. You do not want that happening to you.

Now that is out of the way, the next thing to do is hold the bong with the hand you don’t use. That means if you are predominantly right-handed, hold it with your left hand or vice versa. If you are ambidextrous, you will want to hold it with the hand that gives you the most comfortable feel. It is crucial to have a firm grip before lighting the bong.

There is one way to help lower your chances of coughing too much, and that is by taking some deep breaths by using your diaphragm to breathe. If your lower stomach is expanding as you inhale, that is the right way as that is how you are filling your body with enough oxygen to help reduce coughing. Of course, that does not guarantee that you won’t cough at all, but it won’t be as much.

Once you take your deep breaths, you will want to put your mouth on the mouthpiece with your lips pressed well. Make sure that your lips are pressed against the mouthpiece rim so that there are no gaps where the smoke could leak out.

The next step is to take your free hand and use the lighter to light the bong. Again, ensure that you light it vertically and keep your fingers wrapped around it, so you do not burn them as you light the bong. You will want to tilt the lighter on the side so that the bowl ends up with flames inside, which will help the cannabis last even longer for you to enjoy.

Now Is The Time To Begin Inhaling

Here comes the part that you anticipate the most, the inhalation. As you light the bowl, begin to inhale very slowly, so you don’t end up with the smoke going into your lungs. You will cough a lot otherwise, which will ruin your experience. So take it slow and as you slowly inhale, watch the smoke end up in the smoke chamber, which should begin to have a cloudy appearance.

Once you are happy with the amount of smoke you are getting, you can stop lighting the bowl. You will want to put the lighter down and stop inhaling, but don’t take your mouth off the mouthpiece, or else the smoke will leak. Instead, take the bowl away from the stem and keep inhaling the smoke from the chamber by using the same hand you used to light the bowl.

Now that you are at this point, you will want to inhale slowly and deeply as it fills your lungs slowly. However, if you are struggling with inhaling the smoke at once, then you will want to take your mouth off of the mouthpiece and immediately place the palm of your hand on it to cover it. Once you are ready to inhale again, then take your hand off of the mouthpiece fast so you can put your mouth on it again without the smoke escaping.

Ensure that you do not hold the smoke in your lungs for more than three seconds. That won’t be good for your health, and you only want enough time for it to make you high. Then exhale the smoke near a window so it does not get to the faces of others. Even if you are alone, it is a good idea so you can air out your home.

After completion of that, you will want to put the bowl back into the stem. If you’re going to start again, light the bowl if you are by yourself. If you are with others, pass it to the person next to you to light it. Once finished for the night or day, then take out the bowl and pour out the water. Rinse the bong well and place it somewhere safe.

New experiences and enhancements to the traditional bong usage:

  1. Percolators: These devices in modern glass bongs filter smoke through water, creating bubbles that cool down and smooth out the smoke. They help remove toxins and tar, making the smoke cleaner and healthier. Various types of percolators offer different balances of smoothness, flavor, and airflow.
  2. Recyclers: Glass bongs with two chambers connected by tubes, allowing for continuous filtration. Recyclers ensure fresh and cool smoke and create a unique visual effect with swirling water and smoke.
  3. Ice Catchers: Indentations in the bong’s neck to hold ice cubes, cooling down the smoke for a more refreshing experience, especially useful for larger hits or higher temperatures.
  4. Ash Catchers: Attached to the bong’s joint, these catch ash or debris before it reaches the main chamber, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and adding an extra layer of filtration.
  5. Multi-Chamber Bongs: Bongs with more than one chamber for multiple filtrations of smoke, providing a smoother and cooler hit and reducing splashback.
  6. Electronic Bongs: Use electricity to heat or vaporize the herb, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional smoking by eliminating combustion and producing vapor instead of smoke.
  7. Customization Options: Modern bongs offer extensive customization options like colors, patterns, engravings, or even custom designs by glass artists. Users can also modify their bongs with different accessories.


Are you ready to smoke a bong for the first time? You are in for an exciting experience as you will want to ensure that you use the bong correctly by following the steps by watering it and using the correct amount of cannabis for packing and grinding. Then you want to make sure you use it in a room where nothing will catch on fire and good ventilation by opening up the window. Next, take deep breaths, light it, and then slowly smoke and inhale it enough to get high, and then exhale, and once you finish, clean it up‘ and pack it away until you use it again.