Acapulco Gold Strain Review

Overview The Acapulco Gold is a famous and legendary sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain is genetically made up of eighty per cent sativa plus twenty per cent indica. The name of strain derives from the physical appearance of the flowers produced by the plant. The Acapulco Gold strain produces flowers with a jewel-like appearance. … Read more

Best Indica Strains

Overview We have already learned more about the differences between indica and sativa strains, but if you still haven’t had the time to read our post about it, you can read it here: Indica vs. Sativa. Indica strains are the type of cannabis that is very much known to produce calming and relaxing effects. A … Read more

Best Weed Strains for Sleep

Overview Having enough sleep, similar to regular exercise and a proper diet, is one of the most crucial components for a person to stay healthy and fit. However, it is regrettable that most adults suffer from sleep disorders, with insomnia being the most common. Insomnia and other sleeping problems can become a problem since lack … Read more

Dark Purple Weed Strains

Overview There is no secret that weed strains that are dark purple colored are one the most popular ones out there. It is true that the green or dark green weed strains are still extremely popular; however, more and more cannabis connoisseurs who have become fascinated with purple cannabis because of its gorgeous color. Various … Read more

California Weed Strains

Overview Cannabis strains may vary, but not incredibly, from one place to another. Fortunately, since the federal legalization of marijuana, it has finally become a lot easier to get the perfect cannabis strain for you. California is one of the many states that carry the most exotic and impressive cannabis strains that you can get. … Read more

Fruity Weed Strains

Overview The different cannabis strains commonly used today are often associated with unique and various flavors and aromas that can differ from one strain to another. For novice cannabis users or people who do not smoke weed at all, they can always associate cannabis with one particular aroma, skunk. However, once you get to know … Read more

Blueberry Weed Strains

Overview Terpenes found in cannabis plants can be found in various concentrations uniquely combined to create their aroma and flavor profiles. One of the most popular and most sought-after flavors by novices and experts is the blueberry ones. Blueberry strains pretty much smell and taste like how you would expect them to be, just like … Read more

Blue Weed Strains

Overview We usually associate cannabis or weed with the color green since they are mostly just plants with leaves. But for someone who has been using cannabis for quite some time and has become familiar with various strains, you can say that cannabis can appear in pretty and bold colors that can catch your attention. … Read more

Best Weed Strains for Focus

Overview With the fast-paced life and tons of technology all around, it is prevalent that many people can have a hard time trying to stay focused. It is truly a common problem, and even though they have not been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, some people will need a little help when it comes to concentrating. In … Read more

Best Weed Strains for Sex

Overview Over the years, cannabis has continued to progress and improve many aspects of our lives. It ranges from cooking, recreational use, therapy, pain management to relief from various symptoms. Many people are in awe of its beneficial effects to manage anxiety and depression; honestly, these cannabis plants can become so many things. And today, … Read more