Last updated: February 28, 2019

The Top 10 Inline Fans to Use

Published 4:46 am

Top 10 Inline Fan Choices

Inline fans are helpful devices that work to remove odors and heat from your growing space to help it be a comfortable environment for your plants. Finding the right inline fan though can be a little difficult as there are many choices. This article will highlight some of the top inline fans choices you should use in your growing space and some important things to keep in mind before investing in one.

What is an Inline Fan?

An inline fan is a device that works to remove smells and heat out of a certain space. It’s connected to a duct which moves these things up and out of the space and to its opening outside. Inline fans need vents and ducting in order to work which is why it’s important to make sure you have them before using this type of fan.

The Top Inline Fan Product Reviews

Growsun Inline Fan

This 4 inch inline fan comes with a carbon filter to help remove odors and harmful particles from your growing space. It uses a speed controller which you can use with its 190 CFM fan. This will allow you to determine how fast the fan should work. Its switch will let you choose from full speed, slow speed, or off options.

This model also has a 25 ft. duct which can be used in a grow tent and be attached to an exhaust that leads outside of the tent. It features a 5 ft. power cord and also comes in other size options such as 2 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches.




VIVOSUN Inline Fan

This 6 inch inline fan runs on 67W and is made with a durable plastic housing. It has a variable speed controller which works with its 390 CFM fan. This fan runs quietly so you won’t have to worry about it making loud noises when in use. The blades in this fan have 2,500 RPM which is a strong speed. The duct that comes with this model will lock easily to other pieces and is also removable. To help you even more, it comes with an instruction guide so you can install it correctly in your growing space. This model is ideal to use in tents that get no hotter than 113 degrees Fahrenheit.





iPower Inline Fan

This inline fan model measures 6 inches. It is made with a sleek silver design and comes with a carbon filter to help filter out smells and particles from your growing space. The filter works with this inline fan’s exhaust blower which is run by specially designed blades inside this fan.

This model runs quietly with its 442 CFM fan and is very lightweight so you can use it almost anywhere without issues. There are openings on both sides of this fan which will allow you to easily attach different pieces to it. It has a 5 ft. power cord and can be used in growing spaces that don’t exceed 176 degrees Fahrenheit.



Active Air

This model is made with a unique green design and uses an AC motor. This motor runs on 400 CFM which helps it to spin quietly in your growing area. This model measures 6 inches but also comes with 4, 8, 10, and 12 inch options.

Because this fan is made with a strong metal housing, it is a very durable option. If you happen to accidentally bump into it you won’t need to worry about it breaking. This fan comes with mounting brackets you can use when installing this fan.





VenTech VT DF-6

This model is made with a strong steel housing. It measures 6 inches and runs on a quiet 240 CFM fan. This fan also uses 37W to run which means it won’t drastically increase your electric bill. This fan can be used with growing areas that don’t get hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This model is ideal for those who have a small growing space to use.







Hydro Crunch

If you’re looking for an extremely quiet inline fan for your growing space, you’ll definitely want to check this model out. This fan is made with a durable housing and measures 4 inches, but also comes in 6 and 8 inch choices as well. It uses carbon filters to remove odors and particles from your growing area. These filters can also be washed off and reused.

This model has a built-in speed controller. This controller will let you choose how fast the blades run in this fan. This model comes with an 8 ft. power cord.





This model is made with a steel housing that is coated with a black design. It measures 8 inches and runs on a 745 CFM fan. This fan runs quietly so you won’t have to worry about loud noises constantly occurring. This inline fan comes with an 8 ft. power cord and mounting brackets. These brackets can be used for when you install it in your growing space.







Apollo Horticulture

This 6 inch inline fan is made with a sleek black design over its steel construction. It runs on 120W and features a 440 CFM fan. This fan is quiet and is made with strong blades which will ensure this product works well in your growing space. It comes with a built-in speed controller which will let you adjust how fast or slow you want this fan to run.






AC Infinity Cloudline T6

This black inline fan measures 6 inches and comes with quite a bit of helpful features. One feature is its duct booster fan. This fan is quiet and runs on a powerful 351 CFM. This fan will work to remove odors and particles from your growing space instantly. Besides this, this model has a unique thermostat speed control. You can use this controller’s buttons to adjust the air temperature that this inline fan produces to either hot or cold. This controller also has a speed adjuster you can use and an alarm and control lock. The alarm and control lock will secure your growing space and alert you if the fan is turned on without you knowing.

This model also comes with a Plug and Play feature. This is where you can connect two of these devices together. This model runs on 40W and comes with 2 duct clamps you can use. The AC Infinity Cloudline T6 is also safe to use with hydroponic systems.




This model is made with a metal housing covered in a black design and measures 8 inches. It runs on 205W and has a fan that runs at 677 CFM. This model uses a variable speed controller which will allow you to adjust between the different airflow temperatures this model has. The TerraBloom will run quietly when on and will absorb smells and particles into its carbon filter. This model has a 6 ft. power cord and comes with mounting brackets. It’s ideal for those who want a simple inline fan that is easy to

install in their growing space.





Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in an Inline Fan

Inline fans are very beneficial products to have when growing cannabis, but it’s important to remember that all models are different. This means that some might not work very well with your plants because they aren’t designed to be used in a certain grow space type. Below are a few things to keep in mind before buying an inline fan.

The Noise Level

Inline fans will make a little noise, but they shouldn’t be loud. You want to check to see just how loud an inline fan will run. If it’s too loud it could end up making it a little difficult to use because it’s so loud. For this reason, always be sure to check that the inline fan you’re interested in is quiet when running.

Its Size

Before investing in an inline fan you always want to check its size. Models come in various sizes and the right size depends on your growing space. You want to measure your growing space to get a good idea of the correct inline fan size you should be using. This will help to ensure the fan works properly in it.

Its Power

An inline fan should work powerfully at removing odors and particles from your growing space. You want to check the CFM levels of the fan and even the type of motor that it runs on. These factors will determine just how well the inline fan will work to eliminate the smells your cannabis plants produce.

Besides removing smells and particles from the growing area, an inline fan should also work powerfully to cool the growing space down. This is especially true if you have grow lights that tend to get very hot. However, not all inline fans work well in extremely warm spaces. You want to make sure the fan can handle the heat that is in your growing space.


Inline fans are the perfect way to help cool down your growing space while also filtering out the air in it. They are affordable and come with modern technology built into them to allow them to work well with your plants. The models listed above are some great ones you should definitely consider using in your growing space.